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Supra-esophagal, Supra-esophageal adjective (Bot. & Zoology) Situated above, or on the dorsal side of, the esophagus; as, the supra- esophageal ganglion of Crustacea. [ Written also supra- œsophagal , and supra-œsophageal .]

Supra-ethmoid adjective (Anat.) Above, or on the dorsal side of, the ethmoid bone or cartilage.

Supra-ilium noun (Anat.) The cartilaginous cap at the sacral end of the ilium of some animals.

Supraclavicular adjective (Anat.) (a) Situated above the clavicle. (b) Of or pertaining to the supraclavicle.

Supracondylar, Supracondyloid adjective (Anat.) Situated above a condyle or condyles.

Supracostal adjective (Anat.) Situated above, or on the outside of, the ribs.

Supracranial adjective (Anat.) Situated above, or in the roof of, the cranium.

Supracretaceous adjective (Geol.) Lying above the chalk; Supercretaceous.

Supradecompound adjective (Botany) More than decompound; divided many times.

Suprafoliaceous adjective (Botany) Inserted into the stem above the leaf, petiole, or axil, as a peduncle or flower.

Supraglotic adjective (Anat.) Situated above the glottis; -- applied to that part of the cavity of the larynx above the true vocal cords.

Suprahepatic adjective (Anat.) Situated over, or on the dorsal side of, the liver; -- applied to the branches of the hepatic veins.

Suprahyoid adjective (Anat.) Hyomental.

Supralapsarian noun [ Supra- + lapse : confer French supralapsaire .] (Eccl. Hist.) One of that class of Calvinists who believed that God's decree of election determined that man should fall, in order that the opportunity might be furnished of securing the redemption of a part of the race, the decree of salvation being conceived of as formed before or beyond , and not after or following , the lapse, or fall. Confer Infralapsarian .

Supralapsarian adjective Of or pertaining to the Supralapsarians, or their doctrine.

Supralapsarianism noun The doctrine, belief, or principles of the Supralapsarians.

Supralapsary adjective Supralapsarian.

Supralapsary noun A Supralapsarian.

Supraloral adjective (Zoology) Situated above the lores; as, the supraloral feathers of a bird. -- noun A supraloral feather.

Supralunar, Supralunary adjective Beyond the moon; hence, very lofty.

Supramaxilla noun ; plural Supramaxillæ (Anat.) The upper jaw or maxilla.

Supramaxillary adjective (Anat.) (a) Situated over the lower jaw; as, the supramaxillary nerve. (b) Of or pertaining to the upper jaw.

Supramundane adjective Being or situated above the world or above our system; celestial.

Supranaturalism noun The state of being supernatural; belief in supernatural agency or revelation; supernaturalism.

Supranaturalist noun A supernaturalist.

Supranaturalist, Supranaturalistic adjective Of or pertaining to supernaturalism; supernaturalistic.

Supraoccipital adjective (Anat.) Situated over, or in the upper part of, the occiput; of or pertaining to the supraoccipital bone. -- noun The supraoccipital bone.

Supraoccipital bone (Anat.) , a bone on the dorsal side of the great foramen of the skull, usually forming a part of the occipital in the adult, but distinct in the young.

Supraocular adjective (Zoology) Above the eyes; -- said of certain scales of fishes and reptiles.

Supraorbital, Supraorbitar adjective (Anat.) Situated above the orbit of the eye.

Supraorbital point (Anat.) , the middle point of the supraorbital line, which is a line drawn across the narrowest part of the forehead, separating the face from the cranium; the ophryon.

Suprapedal adjective (Zoology) Situated above the foot of a mollusk; as, the suprapedal gland.

Supraprotest noun (Mercantile Law) An acceptance of a bill by a third person after protest for nonacceptance by the drawee. Burrill.

Suprapubian, Suprapubic adjective (Anat.) Situated above, or anterior to, the pubic bone.