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June 26, 2019

According to legend on this day in 1284, the town of Hamelin is suffering from a terrible plague of rats. At last, the Mayor promises 1000 florins to the one who can put an end to the plague. A stranger shows up and says he can rid Hamelin of the rats. The stranger starts to play a soft tune on a flute, luring all the rats out of the houses and barns towards the river Weser, where they drown. The Mayor refuses to pay the piper. But the piper returns on a Sunday morning, when all the grown-ups are at church. This time, all the children follow him, as he walks out of the gate to the mountains. Acave opens in the mountain. The piper walks into the mountain, followed by the children, and the cave closes. The children were never seen again in Hamelin. Read more

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