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Superfoliation noun Excess of foliation. Sir T. Browne.

Superfrontal noun (Eccl.) A cloth which is placed over the top of an altar, and often hangs down a few inches over the frontal.

Superfuse adjective To pour (something) over or on something else. [ Obsolete] Evelyn.

Superheat transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superheated ; present participle & verbal noun Superheating .]
1. To heat too much, to overheat; as, to superheat an oven.

2. (Steam Engine) To heat, as steam, apart from contact with water, until it resembles a perfect gas.

Superheat noun The increase of temperature communicated to steam by superheating it.

Superheat transitive verb To heat a liquid above its boiling point without converting it into vapor.

Superheater noun (Steam Engine) An apparatus for superheating steam.

Superhive noun A removable upper part of a hive. The word is sometimes contracted to super .

Superhuman adjective Above or beyond what is human; sometimes, divine; as, superhuman strength; superhuman wisdom.

Superimpose transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superimposed ; present participle & verbal noun Superimposing .] To lay or impose on something else; as, a stratum of earth superimposed on another stratum. -- Su`per*im`po*si"tion noun

Superimpregnation noun The act of impregnating, or the state of being impregnated, in addition to a prior impregnation; superfetation.

Superincumbence, Superincumbency noun The quality or state of being superincumbent.

Superincumbent adjective [ Latin superincumbens , present participle of superincumbere . See Super- , and Incumbent .] Lying or resting on something else.

Superinduce transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superinduced ; present participle & verbal noun Superinducing .] [ Prefix super- + induce : confer Latin superinducere to draw over.] To bring in, or upon, as an addition to something.

Long custom of sinning superinduces upon the soul new and absurd desires.

Superinducement noun Superinduction.

Superinduction noun The act of superinducing, or the state of being superinduced. South.

Superinfuse transitive verb [ Prefix super- + infuse : confer Latin superinfundere , superinfusum , to pour over.] To infuse over. [ R.]

Superinjection noun An injection succeeding another.

Superinspect transitive verb [ Prefix super- + inspect : confer Latin superinspicere , superinspectum .] To over see; to superintend by inspection. [ R.] Maydman.

Superinstitution noun One institution upon another, as when A is instituted and admitted to a benefice upon a title, and B instituted and admitted upon the presentation of another. Bailey.

Superintellectual adjective Being above intellect.

Superintend transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superintended ; present participle & verbal noun Superintending .] [ Latin superintendere . See Super- , and Intend .] To have or exercise the charge and oversight of; to oversee with the power of direction; to take care of with authority; to supervise; as, an officer superintends the building of a ship or the construction of a fort.

The king may appoint a council, who may superintend the works of this nature.

Syn. -- Superintend , Supervise . These words in general use are the synonymous. As sometimes used, supervise implies the more general, and superintend , the more particular and constant, inspection or direction. Among architects there is a disposition to use the word supervise in the sense of a general oversight of the main points of construction with reference to the design, etc., and to employ the word superintend to signify a constant, careful attention to all the details of construction. But this technical distinction is not firmly established.

Superintendence noun [ Confer French superintendance .] The act of superintending; care and oversight for the purpose of direction; supervision. Barrow.

Syn. -- Inspection; oversight; care; direction; control; guidance.

Superintendency noun ; plural -cies The act of superintending; superintendence. Boyle.

Superintendent adjective [ Latin superintendens , present participle See Superintend .] Overseeing; superintending.

Superintendent noun [ Confer Old French superintendant , French surintendant . Confer Surintendant .] One who has the oversight and charge of some place, institution, or organization, affairs, etc., with the power of direction; as, the superintendent of an almshouse; the superintendent of public works.

Syn. -- Inspector; overseer; manager; director; curator; supervisor.

Superintender noun A superintendent. [ R.]

Superinvestiture noun An outer vestment or garment. [ R.] Bp. Horne.

Superior adjective [ Latin , compar. of superus being above, from super above, over: confer French supérieur . See Super- , and confer Supreme .]
1. More elevated in place or position; higher; upper; as, the superior limb of the sun; the superior part of an image.

2. Higher in rank or office; more exalted in dignity; as, a superior officer; a superior degree of nobility.

3. Higher or greater in excellence; surpassing others in the greatness, or value of any quality; greater in quality or degree; as, a man of superior merit; or of superior bravery.

4. Beyond the power or influence of; too great or firm to be subdued or affected by; -- with to .

There is not in earth a spectacle more worthy than a great man superior to his sufferings.

5. More comprehensive; as a term in classification; as, a genus is superior to a species.

6. (Botany) (a) Above the ovary; -- said of parts of the flower which, although normally below the ovary, adhere to it, and so appear to originate from its upper part; also of an ovary when the other floral organs are plainly below it in position, and free from it. (b) Belonging to the part of an axillary flower which is toward the main stem; posterior. (c) Pointing toward the apex of the fruit; ascending; -- said of the radicle.

Superior conjunction , Superior planets , etc. See Conjunction , Planet , etc. -- Superior figure , Superior letter (Print.) , a figure or letter printed above the line, as a reference to a note or an index of a power, etc; as, in x 2 + y n , 2 is a superior figure , n a superior letter . Confer Inferior figure , under Inferior .

Superior noun
1. One who is above, or surpasses, another in rank, station, office, age, ability, or merit; one who surpasses in what is desirable; as, Addison has no superior as a writer of pure English.

2. (Eccl.) The head of a monastery, convent, abbey, or the like.

Superioress noun (Eccl.) A woman who acts as chief in a convent, abbey, or nunnery; a lady superior.

Superiority noun [ Confer French supériorité , Late Latin superioritas .] The quality, state, or condition of being superior; as, superiority of rank; superiority in merit.

Syn. -- Preëminence; excellence; predominancy; prevalence; ascendency; odds; advantage.

Superiorly adverb In a superior position or manner.

Superjacent adjective [ Latin superjacens , present participle of superjacere ; super above + jacere to lie.] Situated immediately above; as, superjacent rocks.

Superlation noun [ Latin superlatio . See Superlative .] Exaltation of anything beyond truth or propriety. [ Obsolete] B. Jonson.

Superlative adjective [ Latin superlativus , from superlatus excessive, used as past participle of superiorferre , but from a different root: confer French superlatif . See Elate , Tolerate .]
1. Lifted up to the highest degree; most eminent; surpassing all other; supreme; as, superlative wisdom or prudence; a woman of superlative beauty; the superlative glory of the divine character.

2. (Gram.) Expressing the highest or lowest degree of the quality, manner, etc., denoted by an adjective or an adverb. The superlative degree is formed from the positive by the use of -est , most , or least ; as, high est , most pleasant, least bright.

-- Su`per*la"tive*ly , adverb -- Su`per*la"tive*ness , noun

Superlative noun
1. That which is highest or most eminent; the utmost degree.

2. (Gram.) (a) The superlative degree of adjectives and adverbs; also, a form or word by which the superlative degree is expressed; as, strongest , wisest , most stormy , least windy , are all superlatives .

Absolute superlative , a superlative in an absolute rather than in a comparative or exclusive sense. See Elative .

Superlucration noun [ Prefix super- + Latin lucratio gain.] Excessive or extraordinary gain. [ Obsolete] Davenant.

Superlunar, Superlunary adjective Being above the moon; not belonging to this world; -- opposed to sublunary .

The head that turns at superlunar things.

Superman noun = Overman , above.

Supermaterial adjective Being above, or superior to, matter.

Supermaxilla noun [ New Latin See Super- , and Maxilla .] (Anat.) The supermaxilla.

Supermaxillary adjective (Anat.) Supermaxillary.

Supermedial adjective Above the middle.

Supermundane adjective Being above the world; -- opposed to inframundane . Cudworth.

Supermundial adjective Supermundane. [ Obsolete]

Supernacular adjective Like supernaculum; first-rate; as, a supernacular wine. [ R.] Thackeray.

Supernaculum adverb & noun [ New Latin , from Latin super over + German nagel , a nail, as of the finger, or a corruption of Latin super and ungulam claw.]
1. A kind of mock Latin term intended to mean, upon the nail; -- used formerly by topers. Nares.

Drinking super nagulum [ supernaculum ], a device of drinking, new come out of France, which is, after a man hath turned up the bottom of the cup, to drop it on his nail and make a pearl with that is left; which if it slide, and he can not make it stand on by reason there is too much, he must drink again for his penance.

2. Good liquor, of which not enough is left to wet one's nail. Grose.

Supernal adjective [ Latin supernus , from super above: confer French supernel . See Super- .]
1. Being in a higher place or region; locally higher; as, the supernal orbs; supernal regions. "That supernal judge." Shak.

2. Relating or belonging to things above; celestial; heavenly; as, supernal grace.

Not by the sufferance of supernal power.

Supernatant adjective [ Latin supernatanus , present participle of supernatare to swim above; super above + natare to swim.] Swimming above; floating on the surface; as, oil supernatant on water.