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Supernatation noun The act of floating on the surface of a fluid. Sir T. Browne.

Supernatural adjective [ Prefix super- + natural : confer Old French supernaturel , French surnaturel .] Being beyond, or exceeding, the power or laws of nature; miraculous.

Syn. -- Preternatural. -- Supernatural , Preternatural . Preternatural signifies beside nature, and supernatural , above or beyond nature. What is very greatly aside from the ordinary course of things is preternatural ; what is above or beyond the established laws of the universe is supernatural . The dark day which terrified all Europe nearly a century ago was preternatural ; the resurrection of the dead is supernatural . "That form which the earth is under at present is preternatural , like a statue made and broken again." T. Burnet. "Cures wrought by medicines are natural operations; but the miraculous ones wrought by Christ and his apostles were supernatural ." Boyle.

That is supernatural , whether it be, that is either not in the chain of natural cause and effect, or which acts on the chain of cause and effect in nature, from without the chain.

We must not view creation as supernatural , but we do look upon it as miraculous.

The supernatural , whatever is above and beyond the scope, or the established course, of the laws of nature. "Nature and the supernatural ." H. Bushnell.

Supernaturalism noun
1. The quality or state of being supernatural; supernaturalness.

2. (Theol.) The doctrine of a divine and supernatural agency in the production of the miracles and revelations recorded in the Bible, and in the grace which renews and sanctifies men, -- in opposition to the doctrine which denies the agency of any other than physical or natural causes in the case. [ Written also supranaturalism .]

Supernaturalist noun One who holds to the principles of supernaturalism.

Supernaturalistic adjective Of or pertaining to supernaturalism.

Supernaturality noun The quality or state of being supernatural.

Supernaturalize transitive verb To treat or regard as supernatural.

Supernaturally adverb In a supernatural manner.

Supernaturalness noun The quality or state of being supernatural.

Supernumerary adjective [ Latin supernumerarius : confer Old French supernuméraire , French surnuméraire . See Super- , and Numerary , Number .]
1. Exceeding the number stated or prescribed; as, a supernumerary officer in a regiment.

2. Exceeding a necessary, usual, or required number or quality; superfluous; as, supernumerary addresses; supernumerary expense. Addison.

Supernumerary noun ; plural Supernumeraries
1. A person or thing beyond the number stated.

2. A person or thing beyond what is necessary or usual; especially, a person employed not for regular service, but only to fill the place of another in case of need; specifically, in theaters, a person who is not a regular actor, but is employed to appear in a stage spectacle.

Superoccipital adjective Supraoccipital.

Superorder noun (Zoology) A group intermediate in importance between an order and a subclass.

Superordination noun [ Prefix super- + ordination : confer Latin superordinatio .] The ordination of a person to fill a station already occupied; especially, the ordination by an ecclesiastical official, during his lifetime, of his successor. Fuller.

Superoxide noun (Chemistry) See Peroxide . [ Obsolete]

Superparticular adjective [ Latin superparticularis . See Super- , and Particular .] (Math.) Of or pertaining to a ratio when the excess of the greater term over the less is a unit, as the ratio of 1 to 2, or of 3 to 4. [ Obsolete] Hutton.

Superpartient adjective [ Latin superpartiens ; super over + partiens , present participle of partire to divide.] (Math.) Of or pertaining to a ratio when the excess of the greater term over the less is more than a unit, as that of 3 to 5, or 7 to 10. [ Obsolete] Hutton.

Superphosphate noun (Chemistry) An acid phosphate.

Superphosphate of lime (Com. Chem.) , a fertilizer obtained by trating bone dust, bone black, or phosphorite with sulphuric acid, whereby the insoluble neutral calcium phosphate, Ca 3 (PO 4 ) 2 , is changed to the primary or acid calcium phosphate Ca(H 2 PO 4 ) 2 , which is soluble and therefore available for the soil.

Superphysical adjective Above or beyond physics; not explainable by physical laws.

Something superphysical and superchemical.
J. Le Conte.

Superplant noun A plant growing on another, as the mistletoe; an epiphyte. [ Obsolete] Bacon.

Superplease transitive verb To please exceedingly. [ Obsolete] B. Jonson.

Superplus noun [ Prefix super- + Latin plus more. See Surplus .] Surplus. [ Obsolete] Goldsmith.

Superplusage noun Surplusage. [ Obsolete] "There yet remained a superplusage ." Bp. Fell.

Superpolitic adjective More than politic; above or exceeding policy. Milton.

Superponderate transitive verb To wiegh over and above. [ Obsolete]

Superposable adjective Capable of being superposed, as one figure upon another.

Superpose transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superposed ; present participle & verbal noun Superposing .] [ French superposer . See Super- , and Pose .]
1. To lay upon, as one kind of rock on another.

2. (Geom.) To lay (a figure) upon another in such a manner that all the parts of the one coincide with the parts of the other; as, to superpose one plane figure on another.

Superposition noun [ Confer French superposition . See Super- , and Position .] The act of superposing, or the state of being superposed; as, the superposition of rocks; the superposition of one plane figure on another, in geometry.

Superpraise transitive verb To praise to excess.

To vow, and swear, and superpraise my parts.

Superproportion noun Overplus or excess of proportion. Sir K. Digby.

Superpurgation noun Excessive purgation. Wiseman.

Superreflection noun The reflection of a reflected image or sound. [ R.] Bacon.

Superregal adjective More than regal; worthy of one greater than a king. Waterland.

Superreward transitive verb To reward to an excessive degree. Bacon.

Superroyal adjective Larger than royal; -- said of a particular size of printing and writing paper. See the Note under Paper , noun

Supersacral adjective (Anat.) Situated over, or on the dorsal side of, the sacrum.

Supersaliency noun The act of leaping on anything. [ Obsolete] Sir T. Browne.

Supersalient adjective [ Prefix super- + Latin saliens present participle of salire to leap.] Leaping upon. [ Obsolete]

Supersalt noun (Chemistry) An acid salt. See Acid salt (a) , under Salt , noun

Supersaturate transitive verb To add to beyond saturation; as, to supersaturate a solution.

Supersaturation noun The operation of supersaturating, or the state of being supersaturated.

Superscribe transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superscribed ; present participle & verbal noun Superscribing .] [ Latin superscribere , superscriptum ; super over + scribere to write. See Super- , and Scribe .] To write or engrave (a name, address, inscription, or the like) on the top or surface; to write a name, address, or the like, on the outside or cover of (anything); as, to superscribe a letter.

Superscript noun Superscription. [ Obsolete] "I will overglance the superscript ." Shak.

Superscription noun [ Latin superscriptio . See Superscribe .]
1. The act of superscribing.

2. That which is written or engraved on the surface, outside, or above something else; specifically, an address on a letter, envelope, or the like. Holland.

The superscription of his accusation was written over, The King of the Jews.
Mark xv. 26.

3. (Pharm.) That part of a prescription which contains the Latin word recipe (Take) or the sign ....

Supersecular adjective Being above the world, or secular things. Bp. Hall.

Supersede transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superseded ; present participle & verbal noun Superseding .] [ Latin supersedere , supersessum , to sit above, be superior to, forbear, omit; super above + sedere to sit: confer French superséder . See Sit , and confer Surcease .]
1. To come, or be placed, in the room of; to replace.

2. To displace, or set aside, and put another in place of; as, to supersede an officer.

3. To make void, inefficacious, or useless, by superior power, or by coming in the place of; to set aside; to render unnecessary; to suspend; to stay.

Nothing is supposed that can supersede the known laws of natural motion.

4. (Old Law) To omit; to forbear.

Supersedeas noun [ Latin , suspend, set aside, stay, 2d pers. sing. present subjunctive of supersedere . See Supersede .] (Law) A writ of command to suspend the powers of an officer in certain cases, or to stay proceedings under another writ. Blackstone.

Supersedure noun The act of superseding, or setting aside; supersession; as, the supersedure of trial by jury. A. Hamilton.

Superseminate transitive verb To sow, as seed, over something previously sown. [ Obsolete]

That can not be done with joy, when it shall be indifferent to any man to superseminate what he please.
Jer. Taylor.

Supersemination noun The sowing of seed over seed previously sown. [ Obsolete] Abp. Bramhall.