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Sup transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Supped ; present participle & verbal noun Supping .] [ Middle English soupen to drink, Anglo-Saxon s...pan ; akin to Dutch zuipen , German saufen , Old High German s...fan , Icelandic s...pa , Swedish supa , Danish söbe . Confer Sip , Sop , Soup , Supper .] To take into the mouth with the lips, as a liquid; to take or drink by a little at a time; to sip.

There I'll sup
Balm and nectar in my cup.

Sup noun A small mouthful, as of liquor or broth; a little taken with the lips; a sip.

Tom Thumb had got a little sup .

Sup intransitive verb [ See Supper .] To eat the evening meal; to take supper.

I do entreat that we may sup together.

Sup transitive verb To treat with supper. [ Obsolete]

Sup them well and look unto them all.

Supawn noun [ Of American Indian origin.] Boiled Indian meal; hasty pudding; mush. [ Written also sepawn , sepon , and suppawn .] [ Local, U.S.]

Supe noun A super. [ Theatrical Cant]

Super noun A contraction of Supernumerary , in sense 2. [ Theatrical Cant]

Super- [ Latin super over, above; akin to Greek ..., Latin sub under, and English over . See Over , and confer Hyper- , Sub- , Supra- , Sur- .]
1. A prefix signifying above , over , beyond , and hence often denoting in a superior position , in excess , over and above , in addition , exceedingly ; as in super impose, super sede, super natural, super abundance.

2. (Chemistry) A prefix formerly much used to denote that the ingredient to the name of which it was prefixed was present in a large , or unusually large , proportion as compared with the other ingredients; as in calcium super phosphate. It has been superseded by per- , bi- , di- , acid , etc. (as per oxide, bi carbonate, di sulphide, and acid sulphate), which retain the old meanings of super- , but with sharper definition. Confer Acid , adjective , Bi- , Di- , and Per- .

Superable adjective [ Latin superabilis , from superare to go over, to surmount, from super above, over.] Capable of being overcome or conquered; surmountable.

Antipathies are generally superable by a single effort.

-- Su"per*a*ble*ness , noun -- Su"per*a*bly , adverb

Superabound intransitive verb [ Latin superabundare : confer Old French superabonder . See Super- , and Abound .] To be very abundant or exuberant; to be more than sufficient; as, the country superabounds with corn.

Superabundance noun [ Latin superabundantia : confer Old French superabondance .] The quality or state of being superabundant; a superabundant quantity; redundancy; excess.

Superabundant adjective [ Latin superabundans , present participle of superabundare . See Superabound .] Abounding to excess; being more than is sufficient; redundant; as, superabundant zeal. -- Su`per*a*bun"dant*ly , adverb

Superacidulated adjective Acidulated to excess. [ R.]

Superadd transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superadded ; present participle & verbal noun Superadding .] [ Latin superaddere . See Super- , and Add .] To add over and above; to add to what has been added; to annex, as something extrinsic.

The strength of any living creature, in those external motion, is something distinct from, and superadded unto, its natural gravity.
Bp. Wilkins.

The peacock laid it extremely to heart that he had not the nightingale's voice superadded to the beauty of his plumes.

Superaddition noun The act of adding something in excess or something extraneous; also, something which is added in excess or extraneously.

This superaddition is nothing but fat.

Superadvenient adjective Coming upon; coming in addition to, or in assistance of, something. [ R.]

He has done bravely by the superadvenient assistance of his God.
Dr. H. More.

Superalimentation noun The act of overfeeding, or making one take food in excess of the natural appetite for it.

Superaltar noun (Architecture) A raised shelf or stand on the back of an altar, on which different objects can be placed; a predella or gradino.

Superangelic adjective Superior to the angels in nature or rank. [ R.] Milman.

Superannuate transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Superannuated ; present participle & verbal noun Superannuating .] [ Prefix super- + Latin annus a year.]
1. To impair or disquality on account of age or infirmity. Sir T. Browne.

2. To give a pension to, on account of old age or other infirmity; to cause to retire from service on a pension.

Superannuate intransitive verb To last beyond the year; -- said of annual plants. [ Obsolete] Bacon.

Superannuation noun The state of being superannuated, or too old for office or business; the state of being disqualified by old age; decrepitude.

The world itself is in a state of superannuation .

Slyness blinking through the watery eye of superannuation .

Superb adjective [ French superbe , Latin superbus , from super over. See Super- .]
1. Grand; magnificent; august; stately; as, a superb edifice; a superb colonnade.

2. Rich; elegant; as, superb furniture or decorations.

3. Showy; excellent; grand; as, a superb exhibition.

Superb paradise bird (Zoology) , a bird of paradise ( Paradisæa, or Lophorina, superba ) having the scapulars erectile, and forming a large ornamental tuft on each shoulder, and a large gorget of brilliant feathers on the breast. The color is deep violet, or nearly black, with brilliant green reflections. The gorget is bright metallic green. -- Superb warber . (Zoology) See Blue wren , under Wren .

-- Su*perb"ly , adverb -- Su*perb"ness , noun

Superbiate transitive verb [ Confer Latin superbiare .] To make (a person) haughty. [ Obsolete & R.] Feltham.

Supercarbonate noun (Chemistry) A bicarbonate. [ Obsoles.]

Supercarbureted adjective (Chemistry) Bicarbureted. [ Written also supercarburetted .] [ Obsoles.]

Supercargo noun [ Super- + cargo : confer Spanish sobrecargo. Confer Surcharge .] An officer or person in a merchant ship, whose duty is to manage the sales, and superintend the commercial concerns, of the voyage.

Supercarpal adjective (Anat.) Situated above, or in the upper part of, the carpus.

Supercelestial adjective [ Prefix super- + celestial : confer Latin supercaelestis .]
1. Situated above the firmament, or great vault of heaven. Waterland.

2. Higher than celestial; superangelic.

Supercharge transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Supercharged ; present participle & verbal noun Supercharging .] [ Prefix super- + charge . Confer Surcharge .] (Her.) To charge (a bearing) upon another bearing; as, to supercharge a rose upon a fess.

Supercharge noun (Her.) A bearing charged upon another bearing. [ R.]

Superchemical adjective Above or beyond chemistry; inexplicable by chemical laws. J. Le Conte.

Superchery noun [ French supercherie .] Deceit; fraud; imposition. [ Obsolete & R.]

Superciliary adjective [ Latin supercilium an eyebrow. See Supercilious .]
1. Of or pertaining to the eyebrows; supraorbital.

2. (Zoology) Having a distinct streak of color above the eyes; as, the superciliary woodpecker.