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Sulphanilic adjective [ From sulph uric + ani lene.] (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an anilene sulphonic acid which is obtained as a white crystalline substance.

Sulphantimonate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphantimonic acid.

Sulphantimonic adjective [ Sulph o- + antimonic .] (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical sulphacid of antimony (called also thioantimonic acid ) analogous to sulpharsenic acid.

Sulphantimonious adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical sulphacid of antimony (called also thioantimonious acid ) analogous to sulpharsenious acid.

Sulphantimonite noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphantimonious acid.

Sulpharsenate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulpharsenic acid.

Sulpharsenic adjective [ Sulph o- + arsenic .] (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical sulphacid (called also thioarsenic acid ) analogous to arsenic acid, and known only in its salts.

Sulpharsenious adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical sulphacid (called also thioarsenious acid ) analogous to arsenious acid, and known only in its salts.

Sulpharsenite noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulpharsenious acid.

Sulphate noun [ New Latin sulphas , sulphatis , from Latin sulphur , sulfur , brimstone, sulphur: confer French sulfate .] (Chemistry) A salt of sulphuric acid.

Sulphatic adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, resembling, or containing, a sulphate or sulphates.

Sulphato- (Chemistry) A combining form (also used adjectively) denoting a sulphate as an ingredient in certain double salts; as, sulphato -carbonate. [ R.]

Sulphaurate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphauric acid.

Sulphauric adjective [ Sulph o- + aurum .] (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical sulphacid of gold ( aurum ), known only in its salts.

Sulphide noun (Chemistry) A binary compound of sulphur, or one so regarded; -- formerly called sulphuret .

Double sulphide (Chemistry) , a compound of two sulphides. -- Hydrogen sulphide . (Chemistry) See under Hydrogen . -- Metallic sulphide , a binary compound of sulphur with a metal.

Sulphinate noun (Chemistry) A salt of a sulphinic acid.

Sulphindigotic adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a sulphonic acid obtained, as a blue solution, by dissolving indigo in sulphuric acid; -- formerly called also cerulic sulphuric acid, but properly called indigo-disulphonic acid .

Sulphine noun (Chemistry) Any one of a series of basic compounds which consist essentially of sulphur united with hydrocarbon radicals. In general they are oily or crystalline deliquescent substances having a peculiar odor; as, trimethyl sulphine , (CH 3 ) 3 S.OH. Confer Sulphonium .

Sulphinic adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, any one of a series of acids regarded as acid ethereal salts of hyposulphurous acid; as, methyl sulphinic acid, CH 3 .SO.OH, a thick unstable liquid.

Sulphinide noun [ Sulph o- + am in e + anhydr ide .] (Chemistry) A white or yellowish crystalline substance, C 6 H 4 .(SO 2 .CO).NH, produced artificially by the oxidation of a sulphamic derivative of toluene. It is the sweetest substance known, having over two hundred times the sweetening power of sugar, and is known in commerce under the name of saccharine . It has acid properties and forms salts (which are inaccurately called saccharinates ). I. Remsen.

Sulphion noun [ Sulph o- + ion .] (Chemistry) A hypothetical radical, SO 4 , regarded as forming the acid or negative constituent of sulphuric acid and the sulphates in electrolytic decomposition; -- so called in accordance with the binary theory of salts. [ Written also sulphione .]

Sulphionide noun (Chemistry) A binary compound of sulphion, or one so regarded; thus, sulphuric acid, H...SO..., is a sulphionide .

Sulphite noun [ Confer French sulfite . See Sulphur .] (Chemistry) A salt of sulphurous acid.

Sulphite noun A person who is spontaneous and original in his habits of thought and conversation. [ Slang] -- Sul*phit"ic adjective [ Slang]

A sulphite is a person who does his own thinking, he is a person who has surprises up his sleeve. He is explosive.
Gelett Burgess.

Sulpho- (Chemistry) A prefix (also used adjectively) designating sulphur as an ingredient in certain compounds. Confer Thio- .

Sulphoarsenic adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or containing, sulphur and arsenic; -- said of an acid which is the same as arsenic acid with the substitution of sulphur for oxygen.

Sulphocarbonate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphocarbonic acid; a thiocarbonate.

Sulphocarbonic adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a sulphacid, H 2 CSO 2 (called also thiocarbonic acid ), or an acid, H 2 CS 3 , analogous to carbonic acid, obtained as a yellow oily liquid of a pungent odor, and forming salts.

Sulphocyanate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphocyanic acid; -- also called thiocyanate , and formerly inaccurately sulphocyanide .

Ferric sulphocyanate (Chemistry) , a dark red crystalline substance usually obtained in a blood-red solution, and recognized as a test for ferric iron.

Sulphocyanic adjective [ See Sulphur , Cyanic .] (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, derived from, or designating, a sulphacid, HSCN, analogous to cyanic acid, and obtained as a colorless deliquescent crystalline substance, having a bitter saline taste, and not poisonous.

Sulphocyanide noun (Chemistry) See Sulphocyanate .

Sulphocyanogen noun (Chemistry) See Persulphocyanogen . [ Obsolete]

Sulphonal noun (Medicine) A substance employed as a hypnotic, produced by the union of mercaptan and acetone.

Sulphonate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphonic acid.

Sulphone noun (Chemistry) Any one of a series of compounds analogous to the ketones, and consisting of the sulphuryl group united with two hydrocarbon radicals; as, dimethyl sulphone , (CH...)....SO....

Sulphonic adjective (Chemistry) Pertaining to, or derived from, a sulphone; -- used specifically to designate any one of a series of acids (regarded as acid ethereal salts of sulphurous acid) obtained by the oxidation of the mercaptans, or by treating sulphuric acid with certain aromatic bases (as benzene); as, phenyl sulphonic acid, C 6 H 5 .SO 2 .OH, a stable colorless crystalline substance.

Sulphonic group (Chemistry) , the hypothetical radical, SO 2 .OH, the characteristic residue of sulphonic acids.

Sulphonium noun [ Sulph ur + amm onium .] (Chemistry) A hypothetical radical, SH 3 , regarded as the type and nucleus of the sulphines.

Sulphophosphate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphophosphoric acid.

Sulphophosphite noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphophosphorous acid.

Sulphophosphoric adjective Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical sulphacid of phosphorus, analogous to phosphoric acid, and known in its salts.

Sulphophosphorous adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical acid of phosphorus, analogous to phosphorous acid, and known in its salts.

Sulphosalt noun (Chemistry) A salt of a sulphacid.

Sulphostannate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphostannic acid.

Sulphostannic adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a sulphacid of tin (more exactly called metasulphostannic acid ), which is obtained as a dark brown amorphous substance, H...SnS..., forming a well-known series of salts.

Sulphotungstate noun (Chemistry) A salt of sulphotungstic acid.

Sulphotungstic adjective (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or designating, hypothetical sulphacid of tungsten (called also sulphowolframic acid ), analogous to sulphuric acid, and known in its salts.

Sulphovinic adjective [ Sulpho- + vinum wine: confer French sulfovinique .] (Chemistry) Of, pertaining to, and formerly designating, ethylsulphuric acid.

Sulphur noun [ Latin , better sulfur : confer French soufre .]
1. (Chemistry) A nonmetallic element occurring naturally in large quantities, either combined as in the sulphides (as pyrites ) and sulphates (as gypsum ), or native in volcanic regions, in vast beds mixed with gypsum and various earthy materials, from which it is melted out. Symbol S. Atomic weight 32. The specific gravity of ordinary octohedral sulphur is 2.05; of prismatic sulphur, 1.96.

» It is purified by distillation, and is obtained as a lemon- yellow powder (by sublimation), called flour , or flowers , of sulphur , or in cast sticks called roll sulphur , or brimstone . It burns with a blue flame and a peculiar suffocating odor. It is an ingredient of gunpowder, is used on friction matches, and in medicine (as a laxative and insecticide), but its chief use is in the manufacture of sulphuric acid. Sulphur can be obtained in two crystalline modifications, in orthorhombic octahedra, or in monoclinic prisms, the former of which is the more stable at ordinary temperatures. Sulphur is the type, in its chemical relations, of a group of elements, including selenium and tellurium , called collectively the sulphur group , or family . In many respects sulphur resembles oxygen.

2. (Zoology) Any one of numerous species of yellow or orange butterflies of the subfamily Pierinæ ; as, the clouded sulphur ( Eurymus, or Colias, philodice ), which is the common yellow butterfly of the Eastern United States.

Amorphous sulphur (Chemistry) , an elastic variety of sulphur of a resinous appearance, obtained by pouring melted sulphur into water. On standing, it passes back into a brittle crystalline modification. -- Liver of sulphur . (Old Chem.) See Hepar . -- Sulphur acid . (Chemistry) See Sulphacid . -- Sulphur alcohol . (Chemistry) See Mercaptan . -- Sulphur auratum [ Latin ] (Old Chem.) , a golden yellow powder, consisting of antimonic sulphide, Sb 2 S 5 , -- formerly a famous nostrum. -- Sulphur base (Chemistry) , an alkaline sulphide capable of acting as a base in the formation of sulphur salts according to the old dual theory of salts. [ Archaic] -- Sulphur dioxide (Chemistry) , a colorless gas, SO 2 , of a pungent, suffocating odor, produced by the burning of sulphur. It is employed chiefly in the production of sulphuric acid, and as a reagent in bleaching; -- called also sulphurous anhydride , and formerly sulphurous acid . -- Sulphur ether (Chemistry) , a sulphide of hydrocarbon radicals, formed like the ordinary ethers, which are oxides, but with sulphur in the place of oxygen. -- Sulphur salt (Chemistry) , a salt of a sulphacid; a sulphosalt. -- Sulphur showers , showers of yellow pollen, resembling sulphur in appearance, often carried from pine forests by the wind to a great distance. -- Sulphur trioxide (Chemistry) , a white crystalline solid, SO 3 , obtained by oxidation of sulphur dioxide. It dissolves in water with a hissing noise and the production of heat, forming sulphuric acid, and is employed as a dehydrating agent. Called also sulphuric anhydride , and formerly sulphuric acid . -- Sulphur whale . (Zoology) See Sulphur- bottom . -- Vegetable sulphur (Botany) , lycopodium powder. See under Lycopodium .

Sulphurate adjective [ Latin sulphuratus , sulfuratus .] Sulphureous. [ Poetic & R.] Dr. H. More.

Sulphurate transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Sulphurated ; present participle & verbal noun Sulphurating .] (Chemistry) To sulphurize. [ Archaic]