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Cervicide noun [ Latin cervus deer + caedere to kill.] The act of killing deer; deer-slaying. [ R.]

Cervine adjective [ Latin cervinus , from cervus deer: confer French cervin .] (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the deer, or to the family Cervidæ .

Cervix noun ; plural English Cervixes , Latin Cervices . [ Latin ] (Anat.) The neck; also, the necklike portion of any part, as of the womb. See Illust. of Bird .

Cervus noun [ Latin , a deer.] (Zoology) A genus of ruminants, including the red deer and other allied species.

» Formerly all species of deer were included in the genus Cervus .

Ceryl noun [ Latin cera wax + -yl .] (Chemistry) A radical, C 27 H 55 supposed to exist in several compounds obtained from Chinese wax, beeswax, etc.

Cesarean, Cesarian adjective Same as Cæsarean , Cæsarian .

Cesarism noun See Cæsarism .

Cespitine noun [ Latin caespes , caespitis , a turf.] An oil obtained by distillation of peat, and containing various members of the pyridine series.

Cespititious adjective [ Latin caespiticius , from caespes turf.] Same as Cespitious . [ R.] Gough.

Cespitose adjective [ Latin caespes turf.] (Botany) Having the form a piece of turf, i. e. , many stems from one rootstock or from many entangled rootstocks or roots. [ Written also cæspitose .]

Cespitous adjective [ See Cespitose .] Pertaining to, consisting, of resembling, turf; turfy.

A cespitous or turfy plant has many stems from the same root, usually forming a close, thick carpet of matting.

Cess noun [ For sess , conts. from Assess .]
1. A rate or tax. [ Obsolete or Prof. Eng. & Scot.] Spenser.

2. Bound; measure. [ Obsolete]

The poor jade is wrung in the withers out of all cess .

Cess transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Cessed ; present participle & verbal noun Cessing .] To rate; to tax; to assess. Spenser.

Cess intransitive verb [ French cesser . See Cease .] To cease; to neglect. [ Obsolete] Spenser.

Cessant adjective [ Latin cessans , present participle of cessare . See Cease .] Inactive; dormant [ Obsolete] W. Montagu.

Cessation (sĕs*sā"shŭn) noun [ French cessation , Latin cessatio , from cessare . See Cease .] A ceasing or discontinuance, as of action, whether temporary or final; a stop; as, a cessation of the war.

The temporary cessation of the papal iniquities.

The day was yearly observed for a festival by cessation from labor.
Sir J. Hayward.

Cessation of arms (Mil.) , an armistice, or truce, agreed to by the commanders of armies, to give time for a capitulation, or for other purposes.

Syn. -- Stop; rest; stay; pause; discontinuance; intermission; interval; respite; interruption; recess; remission.

Cessavit noun [ Latin , he has ceased.] [ O. Eng. Law] A writ given by statute to recover lands when the tenant has for two years failed to perform the conditions of his tenure.

Cesser noun [ From Cess , intransitive verb ] (Law) a neglect of a tenant to perform services, or make payment, for two years.

Cessible adjective [ Confer French cessible . See Cession .] Giving way; yielding. [ Obsolete] -- Ces`si*bil"i*ty noun [ Obsolete] Sir K. Digby.

Cession noun [ Latin cessio , from cedere to give way: confer French Cession . See Cede .]
1. A yielding to physical force. [ Obsolete] Bacon.

2. Concession; compliance. [ Obsolete]

3. A yielding, or surrender, as of property or rights, to another person; the act of ceding.

A cession of the island of New Orleans.

4. (Eccl. Law) The giving up or vacating a benefice by accepting another without a proper dispensation.

5. (Civil Law) The voluntary surrender of a person's effects to his creditors to avoid imprisonment.

Cessionary adjective [ Late Latin cessionarius , from cessionare to cede, from Latin cessio : confer French cessionnaire . See Cession .] Having surrendered the effects; as, a cessionary bankrupt. Martin.

Cessment noun [ From Cess , transitive verb ] An assessment or tax. [ Obsolete] Johnson.

Cessor noun [ From Cess , intransitive verb Confer Cesser .] (Law) One who neglects, for two years, to perform the service by which he holds lands, so that he incurs the danger of the writ of cessavit. See Cessavit . Cowell.

Cesspipe (sĕs"pīp`) noun A pipe for carrying off waste water, etc., from a sink or cesspool. Knight.

Cesspool (-pōl`) noun [ See Sesspol .] A cistern in the course, or the termination, of a drain, to collect sedimentary or superfluous matter; a privy vault; any receptacle of filth. [ Written also sesspool .]

Cest (sĕst) noun [ Latin cestus : confer Old French ceste .] A woman's girdle; a cestus. [ R.] Collins.

Cestode (sĕs"tōd) adjective (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Cestoidea. -- noun One of the Cestoidea.

Cestoid (sĕs"toid) adjective (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Cestoidea. -- noun One of the Cestoidea.

Cestoidea (sĕs*toid"e*ȧ) noun plural [ New Latin , gr. Greek kesto`s girdle + -oid .] (Zoology) A class of parasitic worms ( Platelminthes ) of which the tapeworms are the most common examples. The body is flattened, and usually but not always long, and composed of numerous joints or segments, each of which may contain a complete set of male and female reproductive organs. They have neither mouth nor intestine. See Tapeworm . [ Written also Cestoda .]

Cestoldean noun (Zoology) One of the Cestoidea.

Cestraciont noun [ Greek ... a kind of fish.] (Zoology) A shark of the genus Cestracion , and of related genera. The posterior teeth form a pavement of bony plates for crushing shellfish. Most of the species are extinct. The Port Jackson shark and a similar one found in California are living examples.

Cestraciont adjective (Zoology) Pertaining to, or characteristic of, the genus Cestracion .

Cestus noun [ Latin cestus girdle, Greek ..., lit., stitched, embroidered.]
1. (Antiq.) A girdle; particularly that of Aphrodite (or Venus) which gave the wearer the power of exciting love.

2. (Zoology) A genus of Ctenophora. The typical species ( Cestus Veneris ) is remarkable for its brilliant iridescent colors, and its long, girdlelike form.

Cestus noun [ Latin caestus , and cestus .] (Antiq.) A covering for the hands of boxers, made of leather bands, and often loaded with lead or iron.

Cestuy or Ces"tui pron. [ Norm. French] (Law) He; the one.

Cestuy que trust [ norm. French], a person who has the equitable and beneficial interest in property, the legal interest in which is vested in a trustee. Wharton. -- Cestuy que use [ Norm. French], a person for whose use land, etc., is granted to another.

Cesura noun See Cæsura .

Cesural adjective See Cæsural .

Cetacea noun plural [ New Latin , from Latin cetus whale, Greek ....] (Zoology) An order of marine mammals, including the whales. Like ordinary mammals they breathe by means of lungs, and bring forth living young which they suckle for some time. The anterior limbs are changed to paddles; the tail flukes are horizontal. There are two living suborders: (a) The Mysticete or whalebone whales, having no true teeth after birth, but with a series of plates of whalebone [ see Baleen .] hanging down from the upper jaw on each side, thus making a strainer, through which they receive the small animals upon which they feed. (b) The Denticete, including the dolphins and sperm whale, which have teeth. Another suborder (Zeuglodontia) is extinct. The Sirenia were formerly included in the Cetacea, but are now made a separate order.

Cetacean noun (Zoology) One of the Cetacea.

Cetaceous adjective (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Cetacea.

Cete noun [ Latin , pl .] (Zoology) One of the Cetacea, or collectively, the Cetacea.

Cetene noun [ See Cete .] (Chemistry) An oily hydrocarbon, C 16 H 32 , of the ethylene series, obtained from spermaceti.

Ceterach noun [ French cétérac , from Arabic shetrak .] (Botany) A species of fern with fronds ( Asplenium Ceterach ).

Cetewale noun [ Old French citoal , French zedoaire . See Zedoary .] Same as Zedoary . [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Cetic adjective Of or pertaining to a whale.

Cetin noun [ Latin cetus whale.] (Chemistry) A white, waxy substance, forming the essential part of spermaceti.

Cetological adjective Of or pertaining to cetology.

Cetologist adjective One versed in cetology.

Cetology noun [ Greek ... whale + -logy : confer French cétologie .] The description or natural history of cetaceous animals.