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Phosphoryl noun [ Phosphor us + -yl .] (Chemistry) The radical PO, regarded as the typical nucleus of certain compounds.

Phosphuret noun (Chemistry) A phosphide. [ Obsoles.]

Phosphureted adjective (Chemistry) Impregnated, or combined, with phosphorus. [ Obsoles.] [ Written also phosphuretted .]

Phosphureted hydrogen . (Chemistry) See Phosphine .

Photic adjective [ Greek fw^s , fwto`s , light.] (Physiol.) Relating to the production of light by the lower animals.

Photic adjective [ Greek ..., ..., light.] Of or pert. to light; specif., relating to the production of light by the lower animals.

Photic region (Phytogeography) The uppermost zone of the sea, which receives the most light.

Photics noun (Physics) The science of light; -- a general term sometimes employed when optics is restricted to light as a producing vision. Knight.

Photism noun [ Greek ... illumination.] (Psycol.) A luminous image or appearance of a hallucinatory character.

Photo noun ; plural Photos A contraction of Photograph . [ Colloq.]

Photo- A combining form from Greek fw^s , fwto`s , light ; as, photo graphy, photo type, photo meter.

Photo-electric adjective [ Photo- + electric .] Acting by the operation of both light and electricity; -- said of apparatus for producing pictures by electric light.

Photo-electric cell A cell (as one of two electrodes embedded in selenium) which by exposure to light generates an electric current.

Photo-electric, Photo-electrical adjective Pert. to, or capable of developing, photo- electricity.

Photo-electricity noun [ Photo- + electricity .] Electricity produced by light.

Photo-electrograph noun [ See Photo- ; Electrograph .] (Meteor.) An electrometer registering by photography.

Photo-electrotype noun (Print.) An electrotype plate formed in a mold made by photographing on prepared gelatine, etc.

Photo-engrave transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Photo-engraved ; present participle & verbal noun Photo-engraving .] [ Photo- + engrave .] To engrave by a photomechanical process; to make a photo-engraving of. -- Pho`to-en*grav"er noun

Photo-engraving noun [ Photo- + engraving .] The process of obtaining an etched or engraved plate from the photographic image, to be used in printing; also, a picture produced by such a process.

Photo-epinasty noun [ See Photo- , and Epinastic .] (Botany) A disproportionately rapid growth of the upper surface of dorsiventral organs, such as leaves, through the stimulus of exposure to light. Encyc. Brit.

Photo-etch transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Photo-etched ; present participle & verbal noun Photo-etching .] [ Photo- + etch .] To engrave, or make an engraving of, by any photomechanical process involving etching of the plate.

Photo-etching noun A photo- engraving produced by any process involving the etching of the plate.

Photobacterium noun [ New Latin See Photo- , and Bacterium .] (Bacteriol.) A genus including certain comma-shaped marine bacteria which emit bluish or greenish phosphorescence. Also, any microörganism of this group.

Photobiotic adjective [ Photo- + biotic .] (Biol.) Requiring light to live; incapable of living without light; as, photobiotic plant cells.

Photoceramics noun Art or process of decorating pottery with photographically prepared designs. -- Pho`to*ce*ram"ic adjective

Photochemical adjective [ Photo- + chemical .] (Chemistry) Of or pertaining to chemical action of light, or produced by it; as, the photochemical changes of the visual purple of the retina.

Photochemistry noun [ Photo- + chemistry .] (Chemistry) The branch of chemistry which relates to the effect of light in producing chemical changes, as in photography.

Photochromic, Photochromatic adjective Of or pertaining to photochromy; produced by photochromy.

Photochromography noun [ Photo- + Greek ... color + -graphy .] Art or process of printing colored photographs.

Photochromoscope noun [ Photo- + Greek ... color + -scope .]
1. A device for giving shifting effects of color to a photograph. The unmounted print, made translucent, is illuminated from behind with colored light.

2. A combination of three optical lanterns for projecting objects on a screen in the colors of nature. The images of three partial photographs taken through color screens (red, green, and blue, respectively) are superimposed. Each image is given its own primary color, and these colors blend and reproduce the colors of the object.

Photochromotype noun [ Photo- + Greek ... color + -type .] A colored print made photomechanically.

Photochromotype transitive verb To represent by a colored print made by any photomechanical process.

Photochromotypy noun The art of making photochromotypes.

Photochromy noun [ Photo- + Greek ... color.] The art or process of reproducing colors by photography.

Photochronograph noun [ Photo- + chronograph .]
1. (Physics) An instrument for recording minute intervals of time. The record is made by the power of a magnetic field, due to an electric signaling current, to turn the plane of polarization of light. A flash, coinciding in time and duration with the signal, is thus produced and is photographed on a moving plate.

2. (Astron.) An instrument for the photographic recording of star transits.

Photochronography noun Art of recording or measuring intervals of time by the photochronograph. -- Pho`to*chron`o*graph"ic , - graph"ic*al adjective -- - graph"ic*al*ly , adverb

Photodrome noun [ Photo- + Greek ... to run.] (Physics) An apparatus consisting of a large wheel with spokes, which when turning very rapidly is illuminated by momentary flashes of light passing through slits in a rotating disk. By properly timing the succession of flashes the wheel is made to appear to be motionless, or to rotate more or less slowly in either direction.

Photodynamics noun [ Photo- + dynamics .] (Plant Physiol.) The relation of light to the movements of plants and their organs; the study of the phenomena of curvatures induced by the stimulus of light. -- Pho`to*dy*nam"ic , Pho`to*dy*nam"ic*al adjective

Photogalvanography noun [ Photo- + galvanography .] The art or process of making photo-electrotypes. Sir D. Brewster.

Photogen noun [ Photo- + - gen .] (Chemistry) A light hydrocarbon oil resembling kerosene. It is obtained by distilling coal, paraffin, etc., and is used as a lubricant, illuminant, etc. [ Written also photogene .]

Photogene noun [ See Photogen .]
1. A photograph. [ Obsoles.]

2. A more or less continued impression or image on the retina. H. Spencer.

Photogenic adjective Of or pertaining to photogeny; producing or generating light.

Photogeny noun [ See Photogen .] See Photography . [ Obsoles.]

Photoglyphic adjective [ Photo- + Greek ... to engrave.] Pertaining to the art of engraving by the action of light. [ Written also photoglyptic .]

Photoglyphic engraving , a process of etching on copper, steel, or zinc, by means of the action of light and certain chemicals, so that from the plate impressions may be taken. Sir D. Brewster.

Photoglyphy noun Photoglyphic engraving. See under Photoglyphic .

Photoglyptic adjective Same as Photoglyphic .

Photogram noun [ Photo- + -gram .] A photograph. [ R.]

Photogrammeter noun [ See Photogram ; -meter .] A phototheodolite, or a camera designed for use in photogrammetry. -- Pho`to*gram*met"ric , Pho`to*gram*met"ric*al adjective

Photogrammetry noun [ Photogram + metry .] A method of surveying or map making by photography, used also in determining the height and motions of clouds, sea waves, and the like.