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Petronel noun [ Old French petrinal , from peitrine , petrine , the breast, French poitrine ; so called because it was placed against the breast in order to fire. See Poitrel .] A sort of hand cannon, or portable firearm, used in France in the 15th century.

Petrosal adjective [ See Petrous .] (Anat.) (a) Hard; stony; petrous; as, the petrosal bone; petrosal part of the temporal bone. (b) Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the petrous, or petrosal, bone, or the corresponding part of the temporal bone.

Petrosal bone (Anat.) , a bone corresponding to the petrous portion of the temporal bone of man; or one forming more or less of the periotic capsule.

Petrosal noun (Anat.) (a) A petrosal bone. (b) The auditory capsule. Owen.

Petrosilex noun [ Petro + silex .] (Min.) Felsite.

Petrosilicious adjective Containing, or consisting of, petrosilex.

Petrostearine noun [ Petro + stearine .] A solid unctuous material, of which candles are made.

Petrous adjective [ Latin petrosus , from petra a stone.]
1. Like stone; hard; stony; rocky; as, the petrous part of the temporal bone. Hooper.

2. (Anat.) Same as Petrosal .

Pettichaps noun (Zoology) See Pettychaps .

Petticoat noun (Zoology) [ Petty + coat .] A loose under-garment worn by women, and covering the body below the waist.

Petticoat government , government by women, whether in politics or domestic affairs. [ Colloq.] -- Petticoat pipe (Locomotives) , a short, flaring pipe surrounding the blast nozzle in the smoke box, to equalize the draft.

Pettifog intransitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Pettifogged ; present participle & verbal noun Pettifogging .] [ Petty + fog to pettifog.] To do a petty business as a lawyer; also, to do law business in a petty or tricky way. "He takes no money, but pettifogs gratis." S. Butler.

Pettifog transitive verb To advocate like a pettifogger; to argue trickily; as, to pettifog a claim. [ Colloq.]

Pettifogger noun A lawyer who deals in petty cases; an attorney whose methods are mean and tricky; an inferior lawyer.

A pettifogger was lord chancellor.

Pettifoggery noun ; plural - ies The practice or arts of a pettifogger; disreputable tricks; quibbles.

Quirks of law, and pettifoggeries .

Pettifogging adjective Paltry; quibbling; mean.

Pettifogging noun Pettifoggery.

Pettifogulize intransitive verb To act as a pettifogger; to use contemptible tricks. De Quincey.

Pettily adverb In a petty manner; frivolously.

Pettiness noun The quality or state of being petty or paltry; littleness; meanness.

Pettish adjective [ From Pet .] Fretful; peevish; moody; capricious; inclined to ill temper. "A pettish kind of humor." Sterne. -- Pet"tish*ly , adverb -- Pet"tish*ness , noun

Pettitoes noun plural [ Petty + toes .] The toes or feet of a pig, -- often used as food; sometimes, in contempt, the human feet. Shak.

Petto noun [ Italian , from Latin pectus .] The breast.

In petto , in the breast; hence, in secrecy; in reserve.

Petty adjective [ Compar. Pettier ; superl. Pettiest .] [ Middle English petit , French petit ; probably of Celtic origin, and akin to English piece . Confer Petit .] Little; trifling; inconsiderable; also, inferior; subordinate; as, a petty fault; a petty prince. Denham.

Like a petty god
I walked about, admired of all.

Petty averages . See under Average . -- Petty cash , money expended or received in small items or amounts. -- Petty officer , a subofficer in the navy, as a gunner, etc., corresponding to a noncommissionned officer in the army.

» For petty constable , petty jury , petty larceny , petty treason , See Petit .

Syn. -- Little; diminutive; inconsiderable; inferior; trifling; trivial; unimportant; frivolous.

Pettychaps noun (Zoology) Any one of several species of small European singing birds of the subfamily Sylviinæ , as the willow warbler, the chiff- chaff, and the golden warbler ( Sylvia hortensis ).

Pettywhin noun [ Petty + whin .] (Botany) The needle furze. See under Needle .

Petulance, Petulancy noun [ Latin petulania : confer French pétulance . See Petulant .] The quality or state of being petulant; temporary peevishness; pettishness; capricious ill humor. "The petulancy of our words." B. Jonson.

Like pride in some, and like petulance in others.

The lowering eye, the petulance , the frown.

Syn. -- Petulance , Peevishness . -- Peevishness implies the permanence of a sour, fretful temper; petulance implies temporary or capricious irritation.

Petulant adjective [ Latin petulans , -antis , prop., making slight attacks upon, from a lost dim. of petere to fall upon, to attack: confer French pétulant . See Petition .]
1. Forward; pert; insolent; wanton. [ Obsolete] Burton.

2. Capriciously fretful; characterized by ill- natured freakishness; irritable. " Petulant moods." Macaulay.

Syn. -- Irritable; ill-humored; peevish; cross; fretful; querulous.

Petulantly adverb In a petulant manner.

Petulcity noun [ See Petulcous .] Wantonness; friskiness. [ Obsolete] Bp. Hall.

Petulcous adjective [ Latin petulcus . Confer Petulant .] Wanton; frisky; lustful. [ Obsolete] J. V. Cane.

Petune transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Petuned ; present participle & verbal noun Petuning .] [ See Petunia .] (Agriculture) To spray (tobacco) with a liquid intended to produce flavor or aroma.

Petunia noun [ New Latin , from Braz. petun tobacco.] (Botany) A genus of solanaceous herbs with funnelform or salver-shaped corollas. Two species are common in cultivation, Petunia violacera , with reddish purple flowers, and P. nyctaginiflora , with white flowers. There are also many hybrid forms with variegated corollas.

Petunse, Petuntse Pe*tuntze" noun [ From Chinese.] Powdered fledspar, kaolin, or quartz, used in the manufacture of porcelain.

Petworth marble A kind of shell marble occurring in the Wealden clay at Petworth, in Sussex, England; -- called also Sussex marble .

Petzite noun [ From Petz , who analyzed it.] (Min.) A telluride of silver and gold, related to hessite.

Peucedanin noun (Chemistry) A tasteless white crystalline substance, extracted from the roots of the sulphurwort ( Peucedanum ), masterwort ( Imperatoria ), and other related plants; -- called also imperatorin .

Peucil noun [ Greek ... pine tree.] (Chemistry) A liquid resembling camphene, obtained by treating turpentine hydrochloride with lime. [ Written also peucyl .]

Pew noun [ Middle English pewe , Old French puie parapet, balustrade, balcony, from Latin podium an elevated place, a jutty, balcony, a parapet or balcony in the circus, where the emperor and other distinguished persons sat, Greek ..., dim. of ..., ..., foot; -- hence the Latin sense of a raised place (orig. as a rest or support for the foot). See Foot , and confer Podium , Poy .]
1. One of the compartments in a church which are separated by low partitions, and have long seats upon which several persons may sit; -- sometimes called slip . Pews were originally made square, but are now usually long and narrow.

2. Any structure shaped like a church pew, as a stall, formerly used by money lenders, etc.; a box in theater; a pen; a sheepfold. [ Obsolete] Pepys. Milton.

Pew opener , an usher in a church. [ Eng.] Dickens.

Pew transitive verb To furnish with pews. [ R.] Ash.

Pewee noun [ So called from its note.]
1. (Zoology) A common American tyrant flycatcher ( Sayornis phœbe , or S. fuscus ). Called also pewit , and phœbe .

2. The woodcock. [ Local, U.S.]

Wood pewee (Zoology) , a bird ( Contopus virens ) similar to the pewee (See Pewee , 1), but of smaller size.

Pewet noun (Zoology) Same as Pewit .

Pewfellow noun
1. One who occupies the same pew with another.

2. An intimate associate; a companion. Shak.

Pewit noun [ Prob. of imitative origin; confer OD. piewit , Dutch kievit , German kibitz .] (Zoology) (a) The lapwing. (b) The European black-headed, or laughing, gull ( Xema ridibundus ). See under Laughing . (c) The pewee. [ Written also peevit , peewit , pewet .]

Pewter noun [ Middle English pewtyr , Old French peutre , peautre , piautre : confer Dutch peauter , piauter , Italian peltro , Spanish & Portuguese peltre , Late Latin peutreum , pestrum . Confer Spelter .]
1. A hard, tough, but easily fusible, alloy, originally consisting of tin with a little lead, but afterwards modified by the addition of copper, antimony, or bismuth.

2. Utensils or vessels made of pewter, as dishes, porringers, drinking vessels, tankards, pots.

» Pewter was formerly much used for domestic utensils. Inferior sorts contain a large proportion of lead.

Pewterer noun One whose occupation is to make utensils of pewter; a pewtersmith. Shak.

Pewtery adjective Belonging to, or resembling, pewter; as, a pewtery taste.

Pexity noun [ Latin pexitas , from pexus woolly, nappy, past participle of pectere to comb.] Nap of cloth. [ Obsolete]

Peyer's glands [ So called from J. K. Peyer , who described them in 1677.] (Anat.) Patches of lymphoid nodules, in the walls of the small intestiness; agminated glands; -- called also Peyer's patches . In typhoid fever they become the seat of ulcers which are regarded as the characteristic organic lesion of that disease.

Peytrel noun [ Old French peitral . See Poitrel .] (Anc. Armor) The breastplate of a horse's armor or harness. [ Spelt also peitrel .] See Poitrel . [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Peziza noun [ New Latin , corrupt. from Latin pezica a sessile mushroom, from Greek ..., from ..., ..., a foot.] (Botany) A genus of fungi embracing a great number of species, some of which are remarkable for their regular cuplike form and deep colors.

Pezizoid adjective [ Peziza + - oid .] (Botany) Resembling a fungus of the genus Peziza; having a cuplike form.