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Septate adjective [ Latin septum , saeptum , partition.] Divided by partition or partitions; having septa; as, a septate pod or shell.

September noun [ Latin , from septem seven, as being the seventh month of the Roman year, which began with March: confer French septembre . See Seven .] The ninth month of the year, containing thurty days.

Septemberer noun A Setembrist. Carlyle.

Septembrist noun [ French septembriste .] An agent in the massacres in Paris, committed in patriotic frenzy, on the 22d of September, 1792.

Septemfluous adjective [ Latin septemfluus ; septem seven + fluere to flow.] Flowing sevenfold; divided into seven streams or currents. [ R.] Fuller.

Septempartite adjective [ Latin septem seven + English partite .] Divided nearly to the base into seven parts; as, a septempartite leaf.

Septemtrioun noun Septentrion. [ Obsolete]

Septemvir noun ; plural English Septemvirs , Latin Septemviri . [ Latin septemviri , plural; septem seven + viri , plural of vir man.] (Rom. Hist.) One of a board of seven men associated in some office.

Septemvirate noun [ Latin septemviratus .] The office of septemvir; a government by septimvirs.

Septenary adjective [ Latin septenairus , from septeni seven each, septem seven: confer French septénaire . See Seven . ]
1. Consisting of, or relating to, seven; as, a septenary number. I. Watts.

2. Lasting seven years; continuing seven years. " Septenary penance." Fuller.

Septenary noun The number seven. [ R.] Holinshed.

Septenate adjective [ Latin septeni seven each.] (Botany) Having parts in sevens; heptamerous.

Septennate noun [ French septennat .] A period of seven years; as, the septennate during which the President of the French Republic holds office.

Septennial adjective [ Latin septennium a period of seven years; septem seven + annus year. See Seven , and Annual .]
1. Lasting or continuing seven years; as, septennial parliaments.

2. Happening or returning once in every seven years; as, septennial elections in England.

Septennially adverb Once in seven years.

Septentrial adjective Septentrional. Drayton.

Septentrio noun [ Latin See Septentrion .] (Astron.) The constellation Ursa Major.

Septentrion noun [ Latin septentrio the northern regions, the north, from septentriones the seven stars near the north pole, called Charles's Wain, or the Great Bear, also those called the Little Bear; properly, the seven plow oxen; septem seven + trio , orig., a plow ox: confer French septentrion .] The north or northern regions. Shak.

Both East West, South and Septentrioun .

Septentrion, Septentrional adjective [ Latin septentrionalis : confer French septentrional .] Of or pertaining to the north; northern. "From cold septentrion blasts." Milton.

Septentrionality noun Northerliness.

Septentrionally adverb Northerly.

Septentrionate intransitive verb To tend or point toward the north; to north. Sir T. Browne.

Septet, Septette noun [ From Latin septem seven, like duet , from Latin duo .]
1. A set of seven persons or objects; as, a septet of singers.

2. (Mus.) A musical composition for seven instruments or seven voices; -- called also septuor .

Septfoil noun [ French sept seven (L. septem ) + English foil leaf: confer Latin septifolium .]
1. (Botany) A European herb, the tormentil. See Tormentil .

2. (Architecture) An ornamental foliation having seven lobes. Confer Cinquefoil , Quarterfoil , and Trefoil .

3. (Eccl.Art.) A typical figure, consisting of seven equal segments of a circle, used to denote the gifts of the Holy Chost, the seven sacraments as recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, etc. [ R.]

Septi- [ Latin septem seven.] A combining form meaning seven ; as, septi folious, seven-leaved; septi -lateral, seven-sided.

Septic adjective [ Septi- + - ic .] (Math.) Of the seventh degree or order. -- noun (Alg.) A quantic of the seventh degree.

Septic noun A substance that promotes putrefaction.

Septic, Septical adjective [ Latin septicus , Greek ............, from ............ to make putrid: confer French septique .] Having power to promote putrefaction.

Septically adverb In a septic manner; in a manner tending to promote putrefaction.

Septicidal adjective [ Septum + Latin caedere to cut: confer French septicide .] (Botany) Dividing the partitions; -- said of a method of dehiscence in which a pod splits through the partitions and is divided into its component carpels.

Septicity noun [ See Septic .] Tendency to putrefaction; septic quality.

Septicæmia noun [ New Latin , from Greek ......... putrefactive + ......... blood.] (Medicine) A poisoned condition of the blood produced by the absorption into it of septic or putrescent material; blood poisoning. It is marked by chills, fever, prostration, and inflammation of the different serous membranes and of the lungs, kidneys, and other organs.

Septifarious adjective [ Latin septifariam sevenfold. Confer Bifarious .] (Botany) Turned in seven different ways.

Septiferous adjective [ Septum + -ferous : confer French septifère .] (Botany) Bearing a partition; -- said of the valves of a capsule.

Septiferous adjective [ Greek ......... putrefied + -ferous .] Conveying putrid poison; as, the virulence of septiferous matter.

Septifluous adjective [ CF. Septemfluous .] Flowing in seven streams; septemfluous.

Septifolious adjective [ Septi- + Latin folium leaf.] (Botany) Having seven leaves.

Septiform adjective [ Septum + -form .] Having the form of a septum.

Septifragal adjective [ Septum + Latin frangere , fractum , to break.] (Botany) Breaking from the partitions; -- said of a method of dehiscence in which the valves of a pod break away from the partitions, and these remain attached to the common axis.

Septilateral adjective [ Septi- + lateral .] Having seven sides; as, a septilateral figure.

Septillion noun [ French septilion , formed from Latin septem seven, in imitation of million .] According to the French method of numeration (which is followed also in the United States), the number expressed by a unit with twenty-four ciphers annexed. According to the English method, the number expressed by a unit with forty-two ciphers annexed. See Numeration .

Septimole noun [ Latin septem seven.] (Mus.) A group of seven notes to be played in the time of four or six.

Septinsular adjective [ Sept i- + insular .] Consisting of seven islands; as, the septinsular republic of the Ionian Isles.

Septisyllable noun [ Septi- + syllable .] A word of seven syllables.

Septoic adjective [ Latin septem seven.] (Chemistry) See Heptoic . [ R.]

Septomaxillary adjective (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the nasal septum and the maxilla; situated in the region of these parts. -- noun A small bone between the nasal septum and the maxilla in many reptiles and amphibians.

Septuagenarian noun A person who is seventy years of age; a septuagenary.

Septuagenary adjective [ Latin septuagenarius , from septuageny seventy each; akin to septuaginta seventy, septem seven. See Seven .] Consisting of seventy; also, seventy years old. -- noun A septuagenarian.

Septuagesima noun [ New Latin , from Latin septuagesimus the seventieth, from septuaginta seventy.] (Eccl.) The third Sunday before Lent; -- so called because it is about seventy days before Easter.

Septuagesimal adjective Consisting of seventy days, years, etc.; reckoned by seventies.

Our abridged and septuagesimal age.
Sir T. Browne.