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Semiformed adjective Half formed; imperfectly formed; as, semiformed crystals.

Semiglutin noun (Physiol. Chem.) A peptonelike body, insoluble in alcohol, formed by boiling collagen or gelatin for a long time in water. Hemicollin , a like body, is also formed at the same time, and differs from semiglutin by being partly soluble in alcohol.

Semihistorical adjective Half or party historical. Sir G. C. Lewis.

Semihoral adjective Half- hourly.

Semiindurated adjective Imperfectly indurated or hardened.

Semilapidified adjective Imperfectly changed into stone. Kirwan.

Semilens noun (Opt.) The half of a lens divided along a plane passing through its axis.

Semilenticular adjective Half lenticular or convex; imperfectly resembling a lens. Kirwan.

Semiligneous adjective Half or partially ligneous, as a stem partly woody and partly herbaceous.

Semiliquid adjective Half liquid; semifluid.

Semiliquidity noun The quality or state of being semiliquid; partial liquidity.

Semilogical adjective Half logical; partly logical; said of fallacies. Whately.

Semilor noun [ Confer German similor , semilor .] A yellowish alloy of copper and zinc. See Simplor .

Semilunar adjective Shaped like a half moon.

Semilunar bone (Anat.) , a bone of the carpus; the lunar. See Lunar , noun -- Semilunar , or Sigmoid , valves (Anat.) , the valves at the beginning of the aorta and of the pulmonary artery which prevent the blood from flowing back into the ventricle.

Semilunar noun (Anat.) The semilunar bone.

Semilunary adjective Semilunar.

Semilunate adjective Semilunar.

Semilune noun (Geom.) The half of a lune.

Semimetal noun (Chemistry) An element possessing metallic properties in an inferior degree and not malleable, as arsenic, antimony, bismuth, molybdenum, uranium, etc. [ Obsolete]

Semimetallic adjective (Chemistry) Of or pertaining to a semimetal; possessing metallic properties in an inferior degree; resembling metal.

Semimonthly adjective Coming or made twice in a month; as, semimonthly magazine; a semimonthly payment. -- noun Something done or made every half month; esp., a semimonthly periodical. -- adverb In a semimonthly manner; at intervals of half a month.

Semimute adjective Having the faculty of speech but imperfectly developed or partially lost.

Semimute noun A semimute person.

Seminal adjective [ Latin seminalis , from semen , seminis , seed, akin to serere to sow: confer French seminal . See Sow to scatter seed.]
1. Pertaining to, containing, or consisting of, seed or semen; as, the seminal fluid.

2. Contained in seed; holding the relation of seed, source, or first principle; holding the first place in a series of developed results or consequents; germinal; radical; primary; original; as, seminal principles of generation; seminal virtue.

The idea of God is, beyond all question or comparison, the one great seminal principle.

Seminal leaf (Botany) , a seed leaf, or cotyleden. -- Seminal receptacle . (Zoology) Same as Spermatheca .

Seminal noun A seed. [ Obsolete] Sir T. Browne.

Seminality noun The quality or state of being seminal. Sir T. Browne.

Seminar noun [ G. See Seminary , noun ] A group of students engaged, under the guidance of an instructor, in original research in a particular line of study, and in the exposition of the results by theses, lectures, etc.; -- called also seminary .

Seminarian, Seminarist noun [ Confer French séminariste .] A member of, or one educated in, a seminary; specifically, an ecclesiastic educated for the priesthood in a seminary.

Seminary noun ; plural Seminaries . [ Latin seminarium , from seminarius belonging to seed, from semon , seminis , seed. See Seminal .]
1. A piece of ground where seed is sown for producing plants for transplantation; a nursery; a seed plat. [ Obsolete] Mortimer.

But if you draw them [ seedling] only for the thinning of your seminary , prick them into some empty beds.

2. Hence, the place or original stock whence anything is brought or produced. [ Obsolete] Woodward.

3. A place of education, as a scool of a high grade, an academy, college, or university.

4. Seminal state. [ Obsolete] Sir T. Browne.

5. Fig.: A seed bed; a source. [ Obsolete] Harvey.

6. A Roman Catholic priest educated in a foreign seminary; a seminarist. [ Obsolete] Jer. Taylor.

Seminary adjective [ Latin seminarius .] Belonging to seed; seminal. [ R.]

Seminate transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Seminated ; present participle & verbal noun Seminating .] [ Latin seminatus , past participle of seminare to sow, from semen , seminis , seed.] To sow; to spread; to propagate. [ R.] Waterhouse.

Semination noun [ Latin seminatio : confer French sémination .]
1. The act of sowing or spreading. [ R.]

2. (Botany) Natural dispersion of seeds. Martyn.

Semined adjective [ See Semen .] Thickly covered or sown, as with seeds. [ Obsolete] B. Jonson.

Seminiferous adjective [ Latin semen , semenis , seed -ferous .] (Biol.) Seed-bearing; producing seed; pertaining to, or connected with, the formation of semen; as, seminiferous cells or vesicles.

Seminific, Seminifical adjective [ Latin semen , seminis , seed + facere to make.] (Biol.) Forming or producing seed, or the male generative product of animals or of plants.

Seminification noun Propagation from seed. [ R.] Sir M. Hale.

Seminist noun (Biol.) A believer in the old theory that the newly created being is formed by the admixture of the seed of the male with the supposed seed of the female.

Seminoles noun plural ; sing. Seminole (Ethnol.) A tribe of Indians who formerly occupied Florida, where some of them still remain. They belonged to the Creek Confideration.

Seminose noun [ Latin semen seed + glucose .] (Chemistry) A carbohydrate of the glucose group found in the thickened endosperm of certain seeds, and extracted as yellow sirup having a sweetish-bitter taste.

Seminude adjective Partially nude; half naked.

Seminymph noun (Zoology) The pupa of insects which undergo only a slight change in passing to the imago state.

Semioccasionally adverb Once in a while; on rare occasions. [ Colloq. U. S.]

Semiofficial adjective Half official; having some official authority or importance; as, a semiofficial statement. -- Sem`i*of*fi"cial*ly , adverb

Semiography, Semiology Se`mi*o*log"ic*al Same as Semeiography , Semeiology , Semeiological .

Semiopacous adjective Semiopaque.

Semiopal noun (Min.) A variety of opal not possessing opalescence.

Semiopaque adjective Half opaque; only half transparent.

Semiorbicular adjective Having the shape of a half orb or sphere.

Semiotic adjective Same as Semeiotic .

Semiotics noun Same as Semeiotics .