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Semi-Pelagian noun (Eccl. Hist.) A follower of John Cassianus, a French monk (died about 448), who modified the doctrines of Pelagius, by denying human merit, and maintaining the necessity of the Spirit's influence, while, on the other hand, he rejected the Augustinian doctrines of election, the inability of man to do good, and the certain perseverance of the saints.

Semi-Pelagian adjective Of or pertaining to the Semi-Pelagians, or their tenets.

Semi-Pelagianism (sĕm`ĭ*pe*lā"jĭ* a n*ĭz'm) noun The doctrines or tenets of the Semi- Pelagians.

Semi-Saxon adjective Half Saxon; -- specifically applied to the language intermediate between Saxon and English, belonging to the period 1150-1250.

Semioval adjective Half oval.

Semiovate adjective Half ovate.

Semioxygenated adjective Combined with oxygen only in part. Kirwan.

Semipagan adjective Half pagan.

Semipalmate, Semipalmated adjective (Zoology) Having the anterior toes joined only part way down with a web; half-webbed; as, a semipalmate bird or foot. See Illust. k under Aves .

Semiparabola noun (Geom.) One branch of a parabola, being terminated at the principal vertex of the curve.

Semiped noun [ Latin semipes , semipedis ; prefix semi- half + pes , pedis , a foot.] (Pros.) A half foot in poetry.

Semipedal adjective (Pres.) Containing a half foot.

Semipellucid (-pĕl*lū"sĭd) adjective Half clear, or imperfectly transparent; as, a semipellucid gem.

Semipellucidity (- pĕl`lu*sĭd"ĭ*tȳ) noun The quality or state of being imperfectly transparent.

Semipenniform (-pĕn"nĭ*fôrm) adjective (Anat.) Half or partially penniform; as, a semipenniform muscle.

Semipermanent noun Half or partly permanent.

Semiperspicuous (- pẽr*spĭk"u*ŭs) adjective Half transparent; imperfectly clear; semipellucid.

Semiphlogisticated (- flo*jĭs"tĭ*kā`tĕd) adjective (Old Chem.) Partially impregnated with phlogiston.

Semiplume (sĕm`ĭ*plūm) noun (Zoology) A feather which has a plumelike web, with the shaft of an ordinary feather.

Semiprecious (-prĕsh"ŭs) adjective Somewhat precious; as, semiprecious stones or metals.

Semiproof noun Half proof; evidence from the testimony of a single witness. [ Obsolete] Bailey.

Semiquadrate, Semiquartile noun (Astrol.) An aspect of the planets when distant from each other the half of a quadrant, or forty-five degrees, or one sign and a half. Hutton.

Semiquaver noun (Mus.) A note of half the duration of the quaver; -- now usually called a sixsteenth note .

Semiquintile noun (Astrol.) An aspect of the planets when distant from each other half of the quintile, or thirty-six degrees.

Semiradial adjective Half radial.

Semiradial engine (Machinery) See Radial engine , above.

Semirecondite adjective (Zool.) Half hidden or half covered; said of the head of an insect when half covered by the shield of the thorax.

Semiring noun (Anat.) One of the incomplete rings of the upper part of the bronchial tubes of most birds. The semerings form an essential part of the syrinx, or musical organ, of singing birds.

Semisavage adjective Half savage.

Semisavage noun One who is half savage.

Semisextile noun (Astrol.) An aspect of the planets when they are distant from each other the twelfth part of a circle, or thirty degrees. Hutton.

Semisolid adjective Partially solid.

Semisoun (-sōn) noun A half sound; a low tone. [ Obsolete] "Soft he cougheth with a semisoun ." Chaucer.

Semispheric, Semispherical adjective Having the figure of a half sphere. Kirwan.

Semispheroidal adjective Formed like a half spheroid.

Semisteel noun Puddled steel. [ U. S. ]

Semita noun ; plural Semitæ . [ Latin , a path.] (Zoology) A fasciole of a spatangoid sea urchin.

Semitangent noun (Geom.) The tangent of half an arc.

Semite noun One belonging to the Semitic race. Also used adjectively. [ Written also Shemite .]

Semiterete adjective (Nat. Hist.) Half terete.

Semitertian adjective (Medicine) Having the characteristics of both a tertian and a quotidian intermittent. -- noun An intermittent combining the characteristics of a tertian and a quotidian.

Semitic adjective Of or pertaining to Shem or his descendants; belonging to that division of the Caucasian race which includes the Arabs, Jews, and related races. [ Written also Shemitic .]

Semitic language , a name used to designate a group of Asiatic and African languages, some living and some dead, namely: Hebrew and Phœnician, Aramaic, Assyrian, Arabic, Ethiopic (Geez and Ampharic). Encyc. Brit.

Semitism noun A Semitic idiom; a word of Semitic origin. [ Written also Shemitism .]

Semitone noun [ Prefix semi- + tone . CF. Hemitone .] (Mus.) Half a tone; -- the name commonly applied to the smaller intervals of the diatonic scale.

» There is an impropriety in the use of this word, and half step is now preferred. See Tone . J. S. Dwight.

Semitonic adjective Of or pertaining to a semitone; consisting of a semitone, or of semitones.

Semitontine adjective (LIfe Insurance) Lit., half-tontine; -- used to designate a form of tontine life insurance. See Tontine insurance . -- Sem`i*ton*tine" , noun

Semitransept noun (Architecture) The half of a transept; as, the north semitransept of a church.

Semitranslucent adjective Slightly clear; transmitting light in a slight degree.

Semitransparency noun Imperfect or partial transparency.

Semitransparent adjective Half or imperfectly transparent.