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Semi-Christianized adjective Half Christianized.

Semi-Diesel adjective Designating an internal-combustion engine of a type resembling the Diesel engine in using as fuel heavy oil which is injected in a spray just before the end of the compression stroke and is fired without electrical ignition. The fuel is sprayed into an iron box (called a hot bulb or hot pot ) opening into the combustion chamber, and heated for ignition by a blast-lamp until the engine is running, when it is, ordinarily, kept red hot by the heat of combustion.

Semibarbarism noun The quality or state of being half barbarous or uncivilized.

Semibarbarous adjective Half barbarous.

Semibreve noun [ Prefix semi- + breve : confer French semi-breve , Italian semibreve .] [ Formerly written semibref .] (Mus.) A note of half the time or duration of the breve; -- now usually called a whole note . It is the longest note in general use.

Semibrief noun (Mus.) A semibreve. [ R.]

Semibull noun (R.C.Ch.) A bull issued by a pope in the period between his election and coronation.

Semicalcareous adjective Half or partially calcareous; as, a semicalcareous plant.

Semicalcined adjective Half calcined; as, semicalcined iron.

Semicastrate transitive verb To deprive of one testicle. -- Sem`i*cas*tra"tion , noun

Semicentennial adjective Of or pertaining to half of a century, or a period of fifty years; as, a semicentennial commemoration.

Semicentennial noun A fiftieth anniversary.

Semichaotic adjective Partially chaotic.

Semichorus noun (Mus.) A half chorus; a passage to be sung by a selected portion of the voices, as the female voices only, in contrast with the full choir.

Semicircle noun
1. (a) The half of a circle; the part of a circle bounded by its diameter and half of its circumference. (b) A semicircumference.

2. A body in the form of half of a circle, or half of a circumference.

3. An instrument for measuring angles.

Semicircled adjective Semicircular. Shak.

Semicircular adjective Having the form of half of a circle. Addison.

Semicircular canals (Anat.) , certain canals of the inner ear. See under Ear .

Semicirque noun A semicircular hollow or opening among trees or hills. Wordsworth.

Semicolon noun The punctuation mark [ ;] indicating a separation between parts or members of a sentence more distinct than that marked by a comma.

Semicolumn noun A half column; a column bisected longitudinally, or along its axis.

Semicolumnar adjective Like a semicolumn; flat on one side and round on the other; imperfectly columnar.

Semicompact adjective Half compact; imperfectly indurated.

Semiconscious adjective Half conscious; imperfectly conscious. De Quincey.

Semicope noun A short cope, or an inferier kind of cope. [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Semicrystalline adjective (Min.) Half crystalline; -- said of certain cruptive rocks composed partly of crystalline, partly of amorphous matter.

Semicubical adjective (Math.) Of or pertaining to the square root of the cube of a quantity.

Semicubical parabola , a curve in which the ordinates are proportional to the square roots of the cubes of the abscissas.

Semicubium, Semicupium noun [ Late Latin , from Latin semi half + cupa tub, cask.] A half bath, or one that covers only the lewer extremities and the hips; a sitz-bath; a half bath, or hip bath.

Semicylindric, Semicylyndrical adjective Half cylindrical.

Semideistical adjective Half deisticsl; bordering on deism. S. Miller.

Semidemiquaver noun (Mus.) A demisemiquaver; a thirty-second note.

Semidetached adjective Half detached; partly distinct or separate.

Semidetached house , one of two tenements under a single roof, but separated by a party wall. [ Eng.]

Semidiameter noun (Math.) Half of a diameter; a right line, or the length of a right line, drawn from the center of a circle, a sphere, or other curved figure, to its circumference or periphery; a radius.

Semidiapason noun (Mus.) An imperfect octave.

Semidiapente noun (Mus.) An imperfect or diminished fifth. Busby.

Semidiaphaneity noun Half or imperfect transparency; translucency. [ R.] Boyle.

Semidiaphanous adjective Half or imperfectly transparent; translucent. Woodward.

Semidiatessaron noun (Mus.) An imperfect or diminished fourth. [ R.]

Semiditone noun [ Prefix semi- + ditone : confer Italian semiditono . Confer Hemiditone .] (Gr. Mus.) A lesser third, having its terms as 6 to 5; a hemiditone. [ R.]

Semidiurnal adjective
1. Pertaining to, or accomplished in, half a day, or twelve hours; occurring twice every day.

2. Pertaining to, or traversed in, six hours, or in half the time between the rising and setting of a heavenly body; as, a semidiurnal arc.

Semidome noun (Architecture) A roof or ceiling covering a semicircular room or recess, or one of nearly that shape, as the apse of a church, a niche, or the like. It is approximately the quarter of a hollow sphere.

Semidouble noun (Eccl.) An office or feast celebrated with less solemnity than the double ones. See Double , noun , 8.

Semidouble adjective (Botany) Having the outermost stamens converted into petals, while the inner ones remain perfect; -- said of a flower.

Semifable noun That which is part fable and part truth; a mixture of truth and fable. De Quincey.

Semiflexed adjective Half bent.

Semifloret noun (Botany) See Semifloscule .

Semifloscular adjective Semiflosculous.

Semifloscule noun (Botany) A floscule, or florest, with its corolla prolonged into a strap- shaped petal; -- called also semifloret .

Semiflosculous adjective (Botany) Having all the florets ligulate, as in the dandelion.

Semifluid adjective Imperfectly fluid. -- noun A semifluid substance.

Semiform noun A half form; an imperfect form.