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Cross-bun (-bŭn`) noun A bun or cake marked with a cross, and intended to be eaten on Good Friday.

Cross-buttock noun (Wrestling) A throw in which the wrestler turns his left side to his opponent, places his left leg across both legs of his opponent, and pulls him forward over his hip; hence, an unexpected defeat or repulse.

Cross-crosslet noun (Her.) A cross having the three upper ends crossed, so as to from three small crosses.

Cross-days noun plural (Eccl.) The three days preceding the Feast of the Ascension.

Cross-examination noun (Law) The interrogating or questioning of a witness by the party against whom he has been called and examined. See Examination .

Cross-examine transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Cross-examined (-?nd); present participle & verbal noun Cross-examining .] (Law) To examine or question, as a witness who has been called and examined by the opposite party. "The opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses." Kent.

Cross-examiner noun One who cross-examines or conducts a crosse- examination.

Cross-eye noun See Strabismus .

Cross-eyed adjective Affected with strabismus; squint-eyed; squinting.

Cross-fertilize transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Cross-fertilized ; present participle & verbal noun Cross-fertilizing .] (Botany) To fertilize, as the stigmas of a flower or plant, with the pollen from another individual of the same species.

Cross-garnet noun A hinge having one strap perpendicular and the other strap horizontal giving it the form of an Egyptian or T cross.

Cross-pawl noun (Shipbuilding) Same as Cross-spale .

Cross-purpose noun
1. A counter or opposing purpose; hence, that which is inconsistent or contradictory. Shaftesbury.

2. plural A conversational game, in which questions and answers are made so as to involve ludicrous combinations of ideas. Pepys.

To be at cross-purposes , to misunderstand or to act counter to one another without intending it; -- said of persons.

Cross-question transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Cross- questioned (-ch?nd) present participle & verbal noun Cross-questioning .] To cross-examine; to subject to close questioning.

Cross-reading noun The reading of the lines of a newspaper directly across the page, instead of down the columns, thus producing a ludicrous combination of ideas.

Cross-spale noun [ See Spale & Spall .] (Shipbuilding) One of the temporary wooden braces, placed horizontally across a frame to hold it in position until the deck beams are in; a cross-pawl.

Cross-springer noun (Architecture) One of the ribs in a groined arch, springing from the corners in a diagonal direction. [ See Illustr . of Groined vault .]

Cross-staff noun
1. An instrument formerly used at sea for taking the altitudes of celestial bodies.

2. A surveyor's instrument for measuring offsets.

Cross-stitch noun A form of stitch, where the stitches are diagonal and in pairs, the thread of one stitch crossing that of the other. "Tent and cross-stitch ." Sir W. Scott. -- Cross"-stitch` , transitive verb & i.

Cross-stone noun (Min.) See Harmotome , and Staurotide .

Cross-tail noun (Steam Engine) A bar connecting the ends of the side rods or levers of a backaction or side-lever engine.

Cross-tie noun (Railroad) A sleeper supporting and connecting the rails, and holding them in place.

Crossbower noun A crossbowman. [ Obsolete]

Crossbowman (-m a n) noun One who shoots with a crossbow. See Arbalest .

Crossbred adjective (Stock Breeding) Produced by mixing distinct breeds; mongrel.

Crossbreed (-brēd`) noun
1. A breed or an animal produced from parents of different breeds; a new variety, as of plants, combining the qualities of two parent varieties or stocks.

2. Anything partaking of the natures of two different things; a hybrid.

Crosscut (-kŭt`) transitive verb To cut across or through; to intersect.

Crosscut noun
1. A short cut across; a path shorter than by the high road.

2. (Mining) A level driven across the course of a vein, or across the main workings, as from one gangway to another.

Crosscut saw . (a) A saw, the teeth of which are so set as to adapt it for sawing wood crosswise of the grain rather than lengthwise. (b) A saw managed by two men, one at each end, for cutting large logs crosswise.

Crosse noun [ French, crosier , hooked stick.] The implement with which the ball is thrown and caught in the game of lacrosse.

Crossette noun [ French, dim. of crosse . See Crosier .] (Architecture) (a) A return in one of the corners of the architrave of a door or window; -- called also ancon , ear , elbow . (b) The shoulder of a joggled keystone.

Crossfish noun (Zoology) A starfish.

Crossflow intransitive verb To flow across, or in a contrary direction. "His crossflowing course." Milton.

Crossgrained adjective
1. Having the grain or fibers run diagonally, or more or less transversely and irregularly, so as to interfere with splitting or planing.

If the stuff proves crossgrained , . . . then you must turn your stuff to plane it the contrary way.

2. Perverse; untractable; contrary.

She was none of your crossgrained , termagant, scolding jades.

Crosshatch transitive verb To shade by means of crosshatching.

Crosshatching noun In drawing and line engraving, shading with lines that cross one another at an angle.

Crosshead noun (Machinery) A beam or bar across the head or end of a rod, etc., or a block attached to it and carrying a knuckle pin; as the solid crosspiece running between parallel slides, which receives motion from the piston of a steam engine and imparts it to the connecting rod, which is hinged to the crosshead.

Crossing noun [ See Cross , transitive verb ]
1. The act by which anything is crossed; as, the crossing of the ocean.

2. The act of making the sign of the cross. Bp. Hall.

3. The act of interbreeding; a mixing of breeds.

4. Intersection, as of two paths or roads.

5. A place where anything (as a stream) is crossed; a paved walk across a street.

6. Contradiction; thwarting; obstruction.

I do not bear these crossings .

Crossjack noun (Nautical) The lowest square sail, or the lower yard of the mizzenmast.

CRosslegged adjective Having the legs crossed.

Crosslet (-lEt) noun [ Dim. of cross .]
1. A small cross. Spenser.

2. [ Confer Old French croisel crucible, and E . Cresset .] A crucible. [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Crosslet adjective (Her.) Crossed again; -- said of a cross the arms of which are crossed. See Cross-crosslet .

Crossly adverb Athwart; adversely; unfortunately; peevishly; fretfully; with ill humor.

Crossness noun The quality or state of being cross; peevishness; fretfulness; ill humor.

Crossopterygian adjective (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Crossopterygii. -- noun One of the Crossopterygii.

Crossopterygii noun plural [ New Latin , from Greek ......... tassels, a fringe + ..............., dim. of ............ wing, fin.] (Zoology) An order of ganoid fishes including among living species the bichir ( Polypterus ). See Brachioganoidei .

Crosspatch noun An ill-natured person. [ Colloq.] " Crosspatch , draw the latch." Mother Goose.

Crosspiece noun
1. A piece of any structure which is fitted or framed crosswise.

2. (Nautical) A bar or timber connecting two knightheads or two bitts.

Crossroad noun A road that crosses another; an obscure road intersecting or avoiding the main road.

Crossrow noun
1. The alphabet; -- called also Christcross-row .

And from the crossrow plucks the letter G.

2. A row that crosses others.

Crossruff noun (Whist) The play in whist where partners trump each a different suit, and lead to each other for that purpose; -- called also seesaw .