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Bed-molding, Bed-moulding (bĕd"mōld`ĭng) noun (Architecture) The molding of a cornice immediately below the corona. Oxf. Gloss.

Bedehouse noun Same as Beadhouse .

Bedel, Bedell noun Same as Beadle .

Bedelry noun Beadleship. [ Obsolete] Blount.

Beden noun (Zoology) The Abyssinian or Arabian ibex ( Capra Nubiana ). It is probably the wild goat of the Bible.

Bedesman noun Same as Beadsman . [ Obsolete]

Bedevil transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Bedevilled ; present participle & verbal noun Bedeviling or Bedevilling .]
1. To throw into utter disorder and confusion, as if by the agency of evil spirits; to bring under diabolical influence; to torment.

Bedeviled and used worse than St. Bartholomew.

2. To spoil; to corrupt. Wright.

Bedevilment noun The state of being bedeviled; bewildering confusion; vexatious trouble. [ Colloq.]

Bedew transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Bedewed ; present participle & verbal noun Bedewing .] To moisten with dew, or as with dew. "Falling tears his face bedew ." Dryden.

Bedewer noun One who, or that which, bedews.

Bedewy adjective Moist with dew; dewy. [ Obsolete]

Night with her bedewy wings.
A. Brewer.

Bedfellow noun One who lies with another in the same bed; a person who shares one's couch.

Bedfere Bedphere noun [ Bed + Anglo-Saxon fera a companion.] A bedfellow. [ Obsolete] Chapman.

Bedgown noun A nightgown.

Bedight transitive verb [ past participle Bedight , Bedighted .] To bedeck; to array or equip; to adorn. [ Archaic] Milton.

Bedim transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Bedimmed ; present participle & verbal noun Bedimming .] To make dim; to obscure or darken. Shak.

Bedizen transitive verb To dress or adorn tawdrily or with false taste.

Remnants of tapestried hangings, . . . and shreds of pictures with which he had bedizened his tatters.
Sir W. Scott.

Bedizenment noun That which bedizens; the act of dressing, or the state of being dressed, tawdrily.

Bedkey noun An instrument for tightening the parts of a bedstead.

Bedlam noun [ See Bethlehem .]
1. A place appropriated to the confinement and care of the insane; a madhouse. Abp. Tillotson.

2. An insane person; a lunatic; a madman. [ Obsolete]

Let's get the bedlam to lead him.

3. Any place where uproar and confusion prevail.

Bedlam adjective Belonging to, or fit for, a madhouse. "The bedlam , brainsick duchess." Shak.

Bedlamite noun An inhabitant of a madhouse; a madman. "Raving bedlamites ." Beattie.

Bedmaker noun One who makes beds.

Bedote (be*dōt") transitive verb To cause to dote; to deceive. [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Bedouin noun [ French bédouin , Old French béduin , from Arabic bedawī rural, living in the desert, from badw desert, from badā to live in the desert, to lead a nomadic life.] One of the nomadic Arabs who live in tents, and are scattered over Arabia, Syria, and northern Africa, esp. in the deserts. -- Bed"ou*in*ism noun

Bedouin adjective Pertaining to the Bedouins; nomad.

Bedpan noun
1. A pan for warming beds. Nares.

2. A shallow chamber vessel, so constructed that it can be used by a sick person in bed.

Bedphere noun See Bedfere . [ Obsolete] B. Jonson.

Bedpiece, Bedplate noun (Machinery) The foundation framing or piece, by which the other parts are supported and held in place; the bed; -- called also baseplate and soleplate .

Bedpost noun
1. One of the four standards that support a bedstead or the canopy over a bedstead.

2. Anciently, a post or pin on each side of the bed to keep the clothes from falling off. See Bedstaff . Brewer.

Bedquilt noun A quilt for a bed; a coverlet.

Bedrabble transitive verb To befoul with rain and mud; to drabble.

Bedraggle transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Bedraggled ; present participle & verbal noun Bedraggling ] To draggle; to soil, as garments which, in walking, are suffered to drag in dust, mud, etc. Swift.

Bedrench transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Bedrenched ; present participle & verbal noun Bedrenching .] To drench; to saturate with moisture; to soak. Shak.

Bedribble transitive verb To dribble upon.

Bedrid, Bedridden adjective [ Middle English bedrede , Anglo-Saxon bedreda , bedrida ; from bed , bedd , a bed or couch + ridda a rider; confer Old High German pettiriso , German bettrise . See Bed , noun , and Ride , intransitive verb ] Confined to the bed by sickness or infirmity. "Her decrepit, sick, and bedrid father." Shak. "The estate of a bedridden old gentleman." Macaulay.

Bedright Bedrite noun [ Bed + right , rite .] The duty or privilege of the marriage bed. Shak.

Bedrizzle transitive verb To drizzle upon.

Bedroom noun
1. A room or apartment intended or used for a bed; a lodging room.

2. Room in a bed. [ In this sense preferably bed room .]

Then by your side no bed room me deny.

Bedrop transitive verb To sprinkle, as with drops.

The yellow carp, in scales bedropped with gold.

Bedrug transitive verb To drug abundantly or excessively.

Bedside noun The side of a bed.

Bedsite noun A recess in a room for a bed.

Of the three bedrooms, two have fireplaces, and all are of fair size, with windows and bedsite well placed.
Quart. Rev.

Bedsore noun (Medicine) A sore on the back or hips caused by lying for a long time in bed.

Bedspread noun A bedquilt; a counterpane; a coverlet. [ U. S.]

Bedstaff noun ; plural Bedstaves "A wooden pin stuck anciently on the sides of the bedstead, to hold the clothes from slipping on either side." Johnson.

Hostess, accommodate us with a bedstaff .
B. Jonson.

Say there is no virtue in cudgels and bedstaves .

Bedstead noun [ Bed + stead a frame.] A framework for supporting a bed.

Bedstock noun The front or the back part of the frame of a bedstead. [ Obsolete or Dial. Eng.]

Bedstraw noun
1. Straw put into a bed. Bacon.

2. (Botany) A genus of slender herbs, usually with square stems, whorled leaves, and small white flowers.

Our Lady's bedstraw , which has yellow flowers, is Galium verum . -- White bedstraw is G. mollugo .

Bedswerver noun One who swerves from and is unfaithful to the marriage vow. [ Poetic] Shak.