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Sea lawyer (Zoology) The gray snapper. See under Snapper .

Sea legs Legs able to maintain their possessor upright in stormy weather at sea, that is, ability to stand or walk steadily on deck when a vessel is rolling or pitching in a rough sea. [ Sailor's Cant] Totten.

Sea lemon (Zoology) Any one of several species of nudibranchiate mollusks of the genus Doris and allied genera, having a smooth, thick, convex yellow body.

Sea leopard (Zoology) Any one of several species of spotted seals, especially Ogmorhinus leptonyx , and Leptonychotes Weddelli , of the Antarctic Ocean. The North Pacific sea leopard is the harbor seal.

Sea letter (Mar. Law.) The customary certificate of national character which neutral merchant vessels are bound to carry in time of war; a passport for a vessel and cargo. Burrill.

Sea lettuce (Botany) The green papery fronds of several seaweeds of the genus Ulva , sometimes used as food.

Sea level The level of the surface of the sea; any surface on the same level with the sea.

Sea lily (Zoology) A crinoid.

Sea lion (Zoology) Any one of several large species of seals of the family Otariidæ native of the Pacific Ocean, especially the southern sea lion ( Otaria jubata ) of the South American coast; the northern sea lion ( Eumetopias Stelleri ) found from California to Japan; and the black, or California, sea lion ( Zalophus Californianus ), which is common on the rocks near San Francisco.

Sea loach (Zoology) The three- bearded rockling. See Rockling .

Sea louse (Zoology) Any one of numerous species of isopod crustaceans of Cymothoa , Livoneca , and allied genera, mostly parasites on fishes.

Sea mantis (Zoology) A squilla.

Sea marge Land which borders on the sea; the seashore. Shak.

You are near the sea marge of a land teeming with life.
J. Burroughs.

Sea mat (Zoology) Any bryozoan of the genus Flustra or allied genera which form frondlike corals.

Sea maw (Zoology) The sea mew.

Sea mew (Zoology) A gull; the mew.

Sea mile A geographical mile. See Mile .

Sea milkwort (Botany) A low, fleshy perennial herb ( Glaux maritima ) found along northern seashores.

Sea monk (Zoology) See Monk seal , under Monk .

Sea monster (Zoology) Any large sea animal.

Sea moss (?; 115). (Zoology) Any branched marine bryozoan resembling moss.

Sea mouse (Zoology) (a) A dorsibranchiate annelid, belonging to Aphrodite and allied genera, having long, slender, hairlike setæ on the sides. (b) The dunlin.

Sea mud A rich slimy deposit in salt marshes and along the seashore, sometimes used as a manure; -- called also sea ooze .

Sea needle (Zoology) See Garfish (a) .

Sea nettle A jellyfish, or medusa.

Sea onion (Botany) The officinal squill. See Squill .

Sea ooze Same as Sea mud . Mortimer.

Sea orange (Zoology) A large American holothurian ( Lophothuria Fabricii ) having a bright orange convex body covered with finely granulated scales. Its expanded tentacles are bright red.

Sea otter (Zoology) An aquatic carnivore ( Enhydris lutris, or marina ) found in the North Pacific Ocean. Its fur is highly valued, especially by the Chinese. It is allied to the common otter, but is larger, with feet more decidedly webbed.

Sea-otter's cabbage (Botany) , a gigantic kelp of the Pacific Ocean ( Nereocystis Lutkeana ). See Nereocystis .

Sea owl (sē" oul`). (Zoology) The lumpfish.

Sea pad (sē" păd`). (Zoology) A starfish.

Sea parrot (sē" păr"rŭt). (Zoology) The puffin.

Sea partridge (Zoology) The gilthead ( Crenilabrus melops ), a fish of the British coasts.

Sea pass A document carried by neutral merchant vessels in time of war, to show their nationality; a sea letter or passport. See Passport .

Sea peach (Zoology) A beautiful American ascidian ( Cynthia, or Halocynthia, pyriformis ) having the size, form, velvety surface, and color of a ripe peach.

Sea pear (sē" pâr`). (Zoology) A pedunculated ascidian of the genus Boltonia .

Sea perch (Zoology) (a) The European bass ( Roccus, or Labrax, lupus ); -- called also sea dace . (b) The cunner. (c) The sea bass. (d) The name is applied also to other species of fishes.

Sea pheasant (Zoology) The pintail duck.

Sea pie (sē" pī`). (Zoology) The oyster catcher, a limicoline bird of the genus Hæmatopus .

Sea pie A dish of crust or pastry and meat or fish, etc., cooked together in alternate layers, -- a common food of sailors; as, a three-decker sea pie .

Sea piet (Zoology) See 1st Sea pie .

Sea pig (Zoology) (a) A porpoise or dolphin. (b) A dugong.

Sea pigeon The common guillemot.

Sea pike (Zoology) (a) The garfish. (b) A large serranoid food fish ( Centropomus undecimalis ) found on both coasts of America; -- called also robalo . (c) The merluce.

Sea pincushion (Zoology) (a) A sea purse. (b) A pentagonal starfish.

Sea pink (Botany) See Thrift .

Sea plover The black-bellied plover.

Sea poacher (sē" pōch"ẽr). Sea" pok"er (sē" pōk"ẽr). (Zoology) The lyrie.

Sea pool A pool of salt water. Spenser.

Sea poppy (Botany) The horn poppy. See under Horn .