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Sea dragon (Zoology) (a) A dragonet, or sculpin. (b) The pegasus.

Sea drake (Zoology) The pewit gull.

Sea duck (Zoology) Any one of numerous species of ducks which frequent the seacoasts and feed mainly on fishes and mollusks. The scoters, eiders, old squaw, and ruddy duck are examples. They may be distinguished by the lobate hind toe.

Sea eagle
1. (Zoology) Any one of several species of fish-eating eagles of the genus Haliæetus and allied genera, as the North Pacific sea eagle ( H. pelagicus ), which has white shoulders, head, rump, and tail; the European white-tailed eagle ( H. albicilla ); and the Indian white-tailed sea eagle, or fishing eagle ( Polioaëtus ichthyaëtus ). The bald eagle and the osprey are also sometimes classed as sea eagles .

2. (Zoology) The eagle ray. See under Ray .

Sea eel (sē" ēl`). (Zoology) The conger eel.

Sea egg (sē" ĕg`). (Zoology) A sea urchin.

Sea elephant (sē" ē"e*f a nt). (Zoology) A very large seal ( Macrorhinus proboscideus ) of the Antarctic seas, much hunted for its oil. It sometimes attains a length of thirty feet, and is remarkable for the prolongation of the nose of the adult male into an erectile elastic proboscis, about a foot in length. Another species of smaller size ( M. angustirostris ) occurs on the coast of Lower California, but is now nearly extinct.

Sea fan (sē" făn`). (Zoology) Any gorgonian which branches in a fanlike form, especially Gorgonia flabellum of Florida and the West Indies.

Sea feather (Zoology) Any gorgonian which branches in a plumelike form.

Sea fennel (Botany) Samphire.

Sea fern (Zoology) Any gorgonian which branches like a fern.

Sea fight An engagement between ships at sea; a naval battle.

Sea fir (Zoology) A sertularian hydroid, especially Sertularia abietina , which branches like a miniature fir tree.

Sea flower (Zoology) A sea anemone, or any related anthozoan.

Sea foam
1. Foam of sea water.

2. (Min.) Meerschaum; -- called also sea froth .

Sea fowl (Zoology) Any bird which habitually frequents the sea, as an auk, gannet, gull, tern, or petrel; also, all such birds, collectively.

Sea fox (Zoology) The thrasher shark. See Thrasher .

Sea froth (?; 115). See Sea foam , 2.

Sea gauge See under Gauge , noun

Sea gherkin, Sea girkin (Zoology) Any small holothurian resembling in form a gherkin.

Sea ginger (Zoology) A hydroid coral of the genus Millepora, especially M. alcicornis , of the West Indies and Florida. So called because it stings the tongue like ginger. See Illust. under Millepore .

Sea girdles (Botany) A kind of kelp ( Laminaria digitata ) with palmately cleft fronds; -- called also sea wand , seaware , and tangle .

Sea god A marine deity; a fabulous being supposed to live in, or have dominion over, the sea, or some particular sea or part of the sea, as Neptune.

Sea goddess A goddess supposed to live in or reign over the sea, or some part of the sea.

Sea goose (Zoology) A phalarope.

Sea gown A gown or frock with short sleeves, formerly worn by mariners. Shak.

Sea grape
1. (Botany) (a) The gulf weed. See under Gulf . (b) A shrubby plant ( Coccoloba uvifera ) growing on the sandy shores of tropical America, somewhat resembling the grapevine.

2. plural (Zoology) The clusters of gelatinous egg capsules of a squid ( Loligo ).

Sea grass (Botany) Eelgrass.

Sea green The green color of sea water.

Sea gudgeon (Zoology) The European black goby ( Gobius niger ).

Sea gull (Zoology) Any gull living on the seacoast.

Sea hare (Zoology) Any tectibranchiate mollusk of the genus Aplysia. See Aplysia .

Sea hawk (Zoology) A jager gull.

Sea heath (Botany) A low perennial plant ( Frankenia lævis ) resembling heath, growing along the seashore in Europe.

Sea hedgehog (Zoology) A sea urchin.

Sea hen (Zoology) The common guillemot; -- applied also to various other sea birds.

Sea hog (Zoology) The porpoise.

Sea holly (Botany) An evergeen seashore plant ( Eryngium maritimum ). See Eryngium .

Sea holm A small uninhabited island.

Sea holm (Botany) Sea holly.

Sea horse
1. A fabulous creature, half horse and half fish, represented in classic mythology as driven by sea dogs or ridden by the Nereids. It is also depicted in heraldry. See Hippocampus .

2. (Zoology) (a) The walrus. (b) Any fish of the genus Hippocampus.

» In a passage of Dryden's, the word is supposed to refer to the hippopotamus.

Sea hulver (Botany) Sea holly.

Sea jelly (Zoology) A medusa, or jellyfish.

Sea kale (Botany) See under Kale .

Sea king One of the leaders among the Norsemen who passed their lives in roving the seas in search of plunder and adventures; a Norse pirate chief. See the Note under Viking .

Sea laces (Botany) A kind of seaweed ( Chorda Filum ) having blackish cordlike fronds, often many feet long.

Sea lamprey (Zoology) The common lamprey.

Sea language The peculiar language or phraseology of seamen; sailor's cant.

Sea lark (Zoology) (a) The rock pipit ( Anthus obscurus ). (b) Any one of several small sandpipers and plovers, as the ringed plover, the turnstone, the dunlin, and the sanderling.

Sea lavender (Botany) See Marsh rosemary , under Marsh .