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Orthodoxy noun [ Greek ...: confer French orthodoxie . See Orthodox .]
1. Soundness of faith; a belief in the doctrines taught in the Scriptures, or in some established standard of faith; -- opposed to heterodoxy or to heresy .

Basil himself bears full and clear testimony to Gregory's orthodoxy .

2. Consonance to genuine Scriptural doctrines; -- said of moral doctrines and beliefs; as, the orthodoxy of a creed.

3. By extension, said of any correct doctrine or belief.

Orthodromic adjective [ Ortho- + Greek ... to run.] Of or pertaining to orthodromy.

Orthodromics noun The art of sailing in a direct course, or on the arc of a great circle, which is the shortest distance between any two points on the surface of the globe; great-circle sailing; orthodromy.

Orthodromy noun [ Confer French orthodromie .] The act or art of sailing on a great circle.

Orthoëpic, Orthoëpical adjective Of or pertaining to orthoëpy, or correct pronunciation. -- Or`tho*ëp"ic*al*ly , adverb

Orthoëpist noun One who is skilled in orthoëpy.

Orthoëpy noun [ Greek ...; 'orqo`s right + ... a word: confer French orthoépie . See Ortho- , and Epic .] The art of uttering words correctly; a correct pronunciation of words; also, mode of pronunciation.

Orthogamy noun [ Ortho- + Greek ... marriage.] (Botany) Direct fertilization in plants, as when the pollen fertilizing the ovules comes from the stamens of the same blossom; -- opposed to heterogamy .

Orthognathic adjective Orthognathous.

Orthognathism noun (Anat.) The quality or state of being orthognathous. Huxley.

Orthognathous adjective [ Ortho- + Greek ... the jaw.] (Anat.) Having the front of the head, or the skull, nearly perpendicular, not retreating backwards above the jaws; -- opposed to prognathous . See Gnathic index , under Gnathic .

Orthogon noun [ Ortho- + Greek ... angle: confer French orthogone , adjective ] (Geom.) A rectangular figure.

Orthogonal adjective [ Confer French orthogonal .] Right-angled; rectangular; as, an orthogonal intersection of one curve with another.

Orthogonal projection . See under Orthographic .

Orthogonally adverb Perpendicularly; at right angles; as, a curve cuts a set of curves orthogonally .

Orthograph noun [ Ortho- + -graph .] (Architecture) An orthographic projection, sometimes partly in section, esp. of a building.

Orthographer noun One versed in orthography; one who spells words correctly.

Orthographic, Orthographical adjective [ Confer French orthographique , Latin orthographus , Greek ....]

1. Of or pertaining to orthography, or right spelling; also, correct in spelling; as, orthographical rules; the letter was orthographic .

2. (Geom.) Of or pertaining to right lines or angles.

Orthographic or Orthogonal , projection , that projection which is made by drawing lines, from every point to be projected, perpendicular to the plane of projection. Such a projection of the sphere represents its circles as seen in perspective by an eye supposed to be placed at an infinite distance, the plane of projection passing through the center of the sphere perpendicularly to the line of sight.

Orthographically adverb In an orthographical manner : (a) according to the rules of proper spelling ; (b) according to orthographic projection.

Orthographist noun One who spells words correctly; an orthographer.

Orthographize transitive verb To spell correctly or according to usage; to correct in regard to spelling.

In the coalesced into ith , which modern reaction has orthographized to i' th' .

Orthography noun [ Middle English ortographie , Old French orthographie , Latin orthographia , Greek ..., from ... writing correctly; 'orqo`s right + gra`fein to write. See Ortho- , and Graphic .]

1. The art or practice of writing words with the proper letters, according to standard usage; conventionally correct spelling; also, mode of spelling; as, his orthography is vicious.

When spelling no longer follows the pronunciation, but is hardened into orthography .

2. The part of grammar which treats of the letters, and of the art of spelling words correctly.

3. A drawing in correct projection, especially an elevation or a vertical section.

Orthology noun [ Greek ...; 'orqo`s right + ... speech, description: confer French orthologie .] The right description of things. [ R.] Fotherby.

Orthometric adjective [ See Orthometry .] (Crystallog.) Having the axes at right angles to one another; -- said of crystals or crystalline forms.

Orthometry noun [ Ortho- + -metry .] The art or practice of constructing verses correctly; the laws of correct versification.

Orthomorphic adjective [ Ortho- + morphic .] (Geom.) Having the right form.

Orthomorphic projection , a projection in which the angles in the figure to be projected are equal to the corresponding angles in the projected figure.

Orthopedic, Orthopedical adjective (Medicine) Pertaining to, or employed in, orthopedy; relating to the prevention or cure of deformities of children, or, in general, of the human body at any age; as, orthopedic surgery; an orthopedic hospital.

Orthopedist noun (Medicine) One who prevents, cures, or remedies deformities, esp. in children.

Orthopedy noun [ Ortho- + Greek ..., ..., a child.] (Medicine) The art or practice of curing the deformities of children, or, by extension, any deformities of the human body.

Orthophony noun [ Ortho- + Greek ... voice.] The art of correct articulation; voice training.

Orthopinacoid noun [ Ortho- + pinacoid .] (Crystallog.) A name given to the two planes in the monoclinic system which are parallel to the vertical and orthodiagonal axes.

Orthopnœa, Orthopny noun [ Latin orthopnoea , Greek ...; 'orqo`s straight, right + pnei^n to breathe: confer French orthopnée .] (Medicine) Specifically, a morbid condition in which respiration can be performed only in an erect posture; by extension, any difficulty of breathing.

Orthopoda noun plural [ New Latin See Ortho- , and -poda .] (Zoology) An extinct order of reptiles which stood erect on the hind legs, and resembled birds in the structure of the feet, pelvis, and other parts.

Orthopraxy noun [ Greek 'orqo`s straight + ... a doing.] (Medicine) The treatment of deformities in the human body by mechanical appliances.

Orthoptera noun plural [ New Latin , from Greek 'orqo`s straight + ... feather, wing.] (Zoology) An order of mandibulate insects including grasshoppers, locusts, cockroaches, etc. See Illust. under Insect .

» The anterior wings are usually thickened and protect the posterior wings, which are larger and fold longitudinally like a fan. The Orthoptera undergo no metamorphosis.

Orthopteran noun (Zoology) One of the Orthoptera.

Orthopterous adjective (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Orthoptera.

Orthorhombic adjective [ Ortho- + rhombic .] (Crystallog.) Noting the system of crystallization which has three unequal axes at right angles to each other; trimetric. See Crystallization .

Orthoscope noun [ Ortho- + -scope .] (Physyol.) An instrument designed to show the condition of the superficial portions of the eye.

Orthoscopic adjective (Opt.) Giving an image in correct or normal proportions; giving a flat field of view; as, an orthoscopic eyepiece.

Orthosilicic adjective [ Ortho- + silicic .] (Chemistry) Designating the form of silicic acid having the normal or highest number of hydroxyl groups.

Orthospermous adjective [ Ortho- + Greek ... seed.] (Botany) Having the seeds straight, as in the fruits of some umbelliferous plants; -- opposed to cœlospermous . Darwin.

Orthostade noun [ Greek ...; 'orqo`s straight + ... to place.] (Anc. Costume) A chiton, or loose, ungirded tunic, falling in straight folds.

Orthostichy noun ; plural Orthostichies . [ Ortho- + Greek ... row.] (Botany) A longitudinal rank, or row, of leaves along a stem.

Orthotomic adjective [ Ortho- + Greek ... to cleave.] (Geom.) Cutting at right angles.

Orthotomic circle (Geom.) , that circle which cuts three given circles at right angles.

Orthotomous adjective (Crystallog.) Having two cleavages at right angles with one another.

Orthotomy noun (Geom.) The property of cutting at right angles.

Orthotone adjective [ Ortho- + Greek ... tone, accent.] (Gr. Gram.) Retaining the accent; not enclitic; -- said of certain indefinite pronouns and adverbs when used interrogatively, which, when not so used, are ordinarilly enclitic.

Orthotropal, Orthotropous adjective [ Ortho- + Greek ... to turn: confer French orthotrope .] (Botany) Having the axis of an ovule or seed straight from the hilum and chalaza to the orifice or the micropyle; atropous.

» This word has also been used (but improperly) to describe any embryo whose radicle points towards, or is next to, the hilum.

Orthotropic adjective [ See Orthotropal .] (Botany) Having the longer axis vertical; -- said of erect stems. Encyc. Brit.

Orthoxylene noun [ Ortho- + xylene .] (Chemistry) That variety of xylene in which the two methyl groups are in the ortho position; a colorless, liquid, combustible hydrocarbon resembling benzene.