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Misspeak intransitive verb To err in speaking.

Misspeak transitive verb To utter wrongly.

Misspeech noun Wrong speech. [ Obsolete]

Misspell transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Misspelled , or Misspelt ; present participle & verbal noun Misspelling .] To spell incorrectly.

Misspelling noun A wrong spelling.

Misspend transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Misspent ; present participle & verbal noun Misspending .] To spend amiss or for wrong purposes; to squander; to waste; as, to misspend time or money. J. Philips.

Misspender noun One who misspends.

Misspense noun A spending improperly; a wasting. [ Obsolete] Barrow.

Misspent imperfect & past participle of Misspend .

Misstate transitive verb To state wrongly; as, to misstate a question in debate. Bp. Sanderson.

Misstatement noun An incorrect statement.

Misstayed adjective (Nautical) Having missed stays; -- said of a ship.

Misstep noun A wrong step; an error of conduct.

Misstep intransitive verb To take a wrong step; to go astray.

Missuccess noun Failure. [ Obsolete]

Missuggestion noun Wrong or evil suggestion. [ Obsolete] Bp. Hall.

Missummation noun Wrong summation.

Misswear intransitive verb To swear falsely.

Missy noun (Min.) See Misy .

Missy noun An affectionate, or contemptuous, form of miss ; a young girl; a miss. -- adjective Like a miss, or girl.

Mist (mĭst) noun [ Anglo-Saxon mist ; akin to D. & Swedish mist , Icelandic mistr , German mist dung, Goth. maíhstus , Anglo-Saxon mīgan to make water, Icelandic mīga , Lithuanian migla mist, Russian mgla , Latin mingere , meiere , to make water, Greek ... to make water, ... mist, Sanskrit mih to make water, noun , a mist m»gha cloud. √102. Confer Misle , Mizzle , Mixen .]
1. Visible watery vapor suspended in the atmosphere, at or near the surface of the earth; fog.

2. Coarse, watery vapor, floating or falling in visible particles, approaching the form of rain; as, Scotch mist .

3. Hence, anything which dims or darkens, and obscures or intercepts vision.

His passion cast a mist before his sense.

Mist flower (Botany) , a composite plant ( Eupatorium cœlestinum ), having heart-shaped leaves, and corymbs of lavender-blue flowers. It is found in the Western and Southern United States.

Mist transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Misted ; present participle & verbal noun Misting .] To cloud; to cover with mist; to dim. Shak.

Mist intransitive verb To rain in very fine drops; as, it mists .

Mistakable adjective Liable to be mistaken; capable of being misconceived. Sir T. Browne.

Mistake (mĭs*tāk") transitive verb [ imperfect & obsolete past participle Mistook (- tok"); past participle Mistaken (-tāk"'n); present participle & verbal noun Mistaking .] [ Prefix mis- + take : confer Icelandic mistaka .]
1. To take or choose wrongly. [ Obsolete or R.] Shak.

2. To take in a wrong sense; to misunderstand misapprehend, or misconceive; as, to mistake a remark; to mistake one's meaning. Locke.

My father's purposes have been mistook .

3. To substitute in thought or perception; as, to mistake one person for another.

A man may mistake the love of virtue for the practice of it.

4. To have a wrong idea of in respect of character, qualities, etc.; to misjudge.

Mistake me not so much,
To think my poverty is treacherous.

Mistake intransitive verb To err in knowledge, perception, opinion, or judgment; to commit an unintentional error.

Servants mistake , and sometimes occasion misunderstanding among friends.

Mistake (mĭs*tāk") noun
1. An apprehending wrongly; a misconception; a misunderstanding; a fault in opinion or judgment; an unintentional error of conduct.

Infallibility is an absolute security of the understanding from all possibility of mistake .

2. (Law) Misconception, error, which when non-negligent may be ground for rescinding a contract, or for refusing to perform it.

No mistake , surely; without fail; as, it will happen at the appointed time, and no mistake . [ Low]

Syn. -- Blunder; error; bull. See Blunder .

Mistaken p. adjective
1. Being in error; judging wrongly; having a wrong opinion or a misconception; as, a mistaken man; he is mistaken .

2. Erroneous; wrong; as, a mistaken notion.

Mistakenly adverb By mistake. Goldsmith.

Mistakenness noun Erroneousness.

Mistaker noun One who mistakes.

Well meaning ignorance of some mistakers .
Bp. Hall.

Mistaking noun An error; a mistake. Shak.

Mistakingly adverb Erroneously.

Mistaught (mĭs*tat") adjective [ See Misteach .] Wrongly taught; as, a mistaught youth. L'Estrange.

Misteach transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Mistaught ; present participle & verbal noun Misteaching .] [ Anglo-Saxon mistǣcan .] To teach wrongly; to instruct erroneously.

Mistell transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Mistold ; present participle & verbal noun Mistelling .] To tell erroneously.

Mistemper transitive verb To temper ill; to disorder; as, to mistemper one's head. Warner.

This inundation of mistempered humor.

Mister noun [ See Master , and confer Mistress .] A title of courtesy prefixed to the name of a man or youth. It is usually written in the abbreviated form Mr .

To call your name, inquire your where,
Or what you think of Mister Some-one's book,
Or Mister Other's marriage or decease.
Mrs. Browning.

Mister transitive verb To address or mention by the title Mr.; as, he mistered me in a formal way. [ Colloq.]

Mister noun [ Old French mistier trade, office, ministry, need, French métier trade, from Latin ministerium service, office, ministry. See Ministry , Mystery trade.] [ Written also mester .]
1. A trade, art, or occupation. [ Obsolete]

In youth he learned had a good mester .

2. Manner; kind; sort. [ Obsolete] Spenser.

But telleth me what mester men ye be.

3. Need; necessity. [ Obsolete] Rom. of R.

Mister intransitive verb To be needful or of use. [ Obsolete]

As for my name, it mistereth not to tell.

Misterm transitive verb To call by a wrong name; to miscall.

Mistery noun See Mystery , a trade.

Mistful adjective Clouded with, or as with, mist.

Misthink intransitive verb [ See Think .] To think wrongly. [ Obsolete] "Adam misthought of her." Milton.

Misthink transitive verb To have erroneous thoughts or judgment of; to think ill of. [ Obsolete] Shak.

Misthought noun Erroneous thought; mistaken opinion; error. [ Obsolete] Spenser.

Misthrive intransitive verb To thrive poorly; to be not thrifty or prosperous. [ Obsolete]

Misthrow transitive verb To throw wrongly.

Mistic, Mistico noun [ Spanish místico .] A kind of small sailing vessel used in the Mediterranean. It is rigged partly like a xebec, and partly like a felucca.