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Mispassion noun Wrong passion or feeling. [ Obsolete]

Mispay transitive verb [ Confer Appay .] To dissatisfy. [ Obsolete]

Mispell transitive verb , Mis*pend" transitive verb , etc. See Misspell , Misspend , etc.

Mispense noun See Misspense . Bp. Hall.

Misperception noun Erroneous perception.

Mispersuade transitive verb To persuade amiss.

Mispersuasion noun A false persuasion; wrong notion or opinion. Dr. H. More.

Mispickel noun [ G.] (Min.) Arsenical iron pyrites; arsenopyrite.

Misplace transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Misplaced ; present participle & verbal noun Misplacing .] To put in a wrong place; to set or place on an improper or unworthy object; as, he misplaced his confidence.

Misplacement noun The act of misplacing, or the state of being misplaced.

Misplead intransitive verb To err in pleading.

Mispleading noun (Law) An error in pleading.

Mispoint transitive verb To point improperly; to punctuate wrongly.

Mispolicy noun Wrong policy; impolicy.

Mispractice noun Wrong practice.

Mispraise transitive verb To praise amiss.

Misprint transitive verb To print wrong.

Misprint noun A mistake in printing; a deviation from the copy; as, a book full of misprints .

Misprise transitive verb See Misprize . [ Obsolete] Shak.

Misprise transitive verb [ Old French mesprise mistake, French méprise , from mespris , masc., mesprise , fem., past participle of mesprendre to mistake; French méprendre ; prefix mes- amiss + prendre to take, Latin prehendere .] To mistake. [ Obsolete] Shak.

Misprision noun [ Late Latin misprisio , or Old French mesprison , prop., a mistaking, but confused with Old French mespris contempt, French mépris . See 2d Misprise , Misprize , Prison .]

1. The act of misprising; misapprehension; misconception; mistake. [ Archaic] Fuller.

The misprision of this passage has aided in fostering the delusive notion.

2. Neglect; undervaluing; contempt. [ Obsolete] Shak.

3. (Law) A neglect, negligence, or contempt.

» In its larger and older sense it was used to signify "every considerable misdemeanor which has not a certain name given to it in the law." Russell.

In a more modern sense it is applied exclusively to two offenses: - -
1. Misprision of treason, which is omission to notify the authorities of an act of treason by a person cognizant thereof. Stephen. 2. Misprision of felony, which is a concealment of a felony by a person cognizant thereof. Stephen.

Misprize (mĭs*prīz") transitive verb [ Old French mesprisier to deprise, French mépriser ; prefix amiss, wrong (L. minus less + Late Latin pretium price. See price , Prize , v. ] To slight or undervalue.

O, for those vanished hours, so much misprized !

I do not blame them, madam, nor misprize .
Mrs. Browning.

Misproceeding noun Wrong or irregular proceding.

Misprofess intransitive verb To make a false profession; to make pretensions to skill which is not possessed.

Misprofess transitive verb To make a false profession of.

Mispronounce transitive verb & i. [ imperfect & past participle Mispronounced ; present participle & verbal noun Mispronouncing .] To pronounce incorrectly.

Mispronunciation noun Wrong or improper pronunciation.

Misproportion transitive verb To give wrong proportions to; to join without due proportion.

Misproud adjective Viciously proud. [ Obsolete] Shak.

Mispunctuate transitive verb To punctuate wrongly or incorrectly.

Misquotation noun Erroneous or inaccurate quotation.

Misquote transitive verb & i. To quote erroneously or incorrectly. Shak.

Misraise transitive verb To raise or excite unreasonable. " Misraised fury." Bp. Hall.

Misrate transitive verb To rate erroneously.

Misread transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Misread ; present participle & verbal noun Misreading .] To read amiss; to misunderstand in reading.

Misreceive transitive verb To receive wrongly.

Misrecital noun An inaccurate recital.

Misrecite transitive verb & i. To recite erroneously.

Misreckon transitive verb & i. To reckon wrongly; to miscalculate. Swift.

Misreckoning noun An erroneous computation.

Misrecollect transitive verb & i. To have an erroneous remembrance of; to suppose erroneously that one recollects. Hitchcock.

Misrecollection noun Erroneous or inaccurate recollection.

Misreform transitive verb To reform wrongly or imperfectly.

Misregard noun Wrong understanding; misconstruction. [ Obsolete] Spenser.

Misregulate transitive verb To regulate wrongly or imperfectly; to fail to regulate.

Misrehearse transitive verb To rehearse or quote incorrectly. Sir T. More.

Misrelate transitive verb To relate inaccurately.

Misrelation noun Erroneous relation or narration. Abp. Bramhall.

Misreligion noun False religion. [ R.]

Misremember transitive verb & i. To mistake in remembering; not to remember correctly. Sir T. More.