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Misle intransitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Misled ; present participle & verbal noun Misling .] [ Prop. mistle , from mist . Confer Mistle , Mizzle .] To rain in very fine drops, like a thick mist; to mizzle.

Misle noun A fine rain; a thick mist; mizzle.

Mislead (mĭs*lēd") transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Misled (- lĕd"); present participle & verbal noun Misleading .] [ Anglo-Saxon mislǣdan . See Mis- , and Lead to conduct.] To lead into a wrong way or path; to lead astray; to guide into error; to cause to mistake; to deceive.

Trust not servants who mislead or misinform you.

To give due light
To the mislead and lonely traveler.

Syn. -- To delude; deceive. See Deceive .

Misleader noun One who leads into error.

Misleading adjective Leading astray; delusive.

Mislearn transitive verb To learn wrongly.

Misled imperfect & past participle of Mislead .

Mislen noun See Maslin .

Misletoe noun See Mistletoe .

Mislight transitive verb To deceive or lead astray with a false light. Herrick.

Mislike (-līk") transitive verb & i. [ imperfect & past participle Misliked (līkt"); present participle & verbal noun Misliking .] [ Anglo-Saxon mislīcian to displease. See Like , v. ] To dislike; to disapprove of; to have aversion to; as, to mislike a man.

Who may like or mislike what he says.
I. Taylor.

Mislike noun Dislike; disapprobation; aversion.

Misliker noun One who dislikes.

Misliking noun Dislike; aversion.

Mislin noun & adjective See Maslin .

Mislive intransitive verb To live amiss.

Mislodge transitive verb To lodge amiss. [ Obsolete]

Misluck noun Ill luck; misfortune.

Misly adjective Raining in very small drops.

Mismake (mĭs*māk") transitive verb To make or form amiss; to spoil in making. "Limping possibilities of mismade human nature." Mrs. Browning.

Mismanage transitive verb & i. To manage ill or improperly; as, to mismanage public affairs.

Mismanagement noun Wrong or bad management; as, he failed through mismagement .

Mismanager noun One who manages ill.

Mismark transitive verb To mark wrongly.

Mismatch transitive verb To match unsuitably.

Mismate transitive verb To mate wrongly or unsuitably; as, to mismate gloves or shoes; a mismated couple.

Mismeasure transitive verb To measure or estimate incorrectly.

Mismeasurement noun Wrong measurement.

Mismeter transitive verb To give the wrong meter to, as to a line of verse. [ R.] Chaucer.

Misname transitive verb To call by the wrong name; to give a wrong or inappropriate name to.

Misnomer noun [ Old French prefix mes- amiss, wrong (L. minus less) + French nommer to name, Latin nominare , from nomen name. See Name .] The misnaming of a person in a legal instrument, as in a complaint or indictment; any misnaming of a person or thing; a wrong or inapplicable name or title.

Many of the changes, by a great misnomer , called parliamentary "reforms".

The word "synonym" is fact a misnomer .

Misnomer transitive verb To misname. [ R.]

Misnumber transitive verb To number wrongly.

Misnurture transitive verb To nurture or train wrongly; as, to misnurture children. Bp. Hall.

Misobedience noun Mistaken obedience; disobedience. [ Obsolete] Milton.

Misobserve transitive verb To observe inaccurately; to mistake in observing. Locke.

Misobserver noun One who misobserves; one who fails to observe properly.

Misogamist noun [ Greek misei^n to hate + ... marriage.] A hater of marriage.

Misogamy noun [ Confer French misogamie .] Hatre... of marriage.

Misogynist (mĭ*sŏj"ĭ*nĭst) noun [ Greek misogy`nhs , misogy`naios ; misei^n to hate + gynh` : confer French misogyne .] A woman hater. Fuller.

Misogynous adjective Hating women.

Misogyny noun [ Greek misogyni`a : confer French misogynie .] Hatred of women. Johnson.

Misology (mĭ*sŏl"o*jȳ) noun [ Greek misologi`a ; misei^n to hate + lo`gos discourse.] Hatred of argument or discussion; hatred of enlightenment. G. H. Lewes.

Misopinion noun Wrong opinion. [ Obsolete]

Misorder transitive verb To order ill; to manage erroneously; to conduct badly. [ Obsolete] Shak.

Misorder noun Irregularity; disorder. [ Obsolete] Camden.

Misorderly adjective Irregular; disorderly. [ Obsolete]

Misordination noun Wrong ordination.

Misotheism noun [ Greek misei^n to hate + qeo`s god.] Hatred of God. De Quincey.

Mispaint transitive verb To paint ill, or wrongly.