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Sub-base noun (Architecture) The lowest member of a base when divided horizontally, or of a baseboard, pedestal, or the like.

Sub-bass noun (Mus.) The deepest pedal stop, or the lowest tones of an organ; the fundamental or ground bass. [ Written also sub-base .] Ayliffe.

Subatom noun (Chemistry) A hypothetical component of a chemical atom, on the theory that the elements themselves are complex substances; -- called also atomicule .

Subaud transitive verb [ Latin subaudire , subauditum ; sub under + audire to hear.] To understand or supply in an ellipsis. [ R.]

Subaudition noun [ Latin subauditio .] The act of understanding, or supplying, something not expressed; also, that which is so understood or supplied. Trench.

Subaxillary adjective
1. (Anat.) Situated under the axilla, or armpit.

2. (Botany) Placed under the axil, or angle formed by the branch of a plant with the stem, or a leaf with the branch.

Subbasal adjective (Zoology) Near the base.

Subbeadle noun An under beadle.

Subbrachial adjective Of or pertaining to the subbrachians.

Subbrachiales noun plural [ New Latin See Sub- , and Brachial .] (Zoology) A division of soft-finned fishes in which the ventral fins are situated beneath the pectorial fins, or nearly so.

Subbrachian noun [ Prefix sub- + brachium .] (Zoology) One of the Subbrachiales.

Subbreed noun (Zoology) A race or strain differing in certain characters from the parent breed; an incipient breed.

Subbronchial adjective (Anat.) Situated under, or on the ventral side of, the bronchi; as, the subbronchial air sacs of birds.

Subcaliber adjective Smaller than the caliber of a firearm. [ Written also subcalibre .]

Subcaliber projectile , a projectile having a smaller diameter than the caliber of the arm from which it is fired, and to which it is fitted by means of a sabot. Knight.

Subcarbonate noun (Chemistry) A carbonate containing an excess of the basic constituent.

Subcarboniferous adjective (Geol.) Of or pertaining to the lowest division of the Carboniferous formations underlying the proper coal measures. It was a marine formation characterized in general by beds of limestone. -- noun The Subcarboniferous period or formation.

Subcarbureted adjective (Chemistry) United with, or containing, carbon in less than the normal proportion. [ Written also subcarburetted .] [ Obsoles.]

Subcartilaginous adjective (Anat.) (a) Situated under or beneath a cartilage or cartilages. (b) Partially cartilaginous.

Subcaudal adjective (Anat.) Situated under, or on the ventral side of, the tail; as, the subcaudal , or chevron, bones.

Subcelestial adjective Being beneath the heavens; as, subcelestial glories. Barrow.

Subcellar noun A cellar beneath another story wholly or partly underground; usually, a cellar under a cellar.

Subcentral adjective
1. Under the center.

2. Nearly central; not quite central.

Subchanter noun (Eccl.) An underchanter; a precentor's deputy in a cathedral; a succentor.

Subcircular adjective Nearly circular.

Subclass noun One of the natural groups, more important than an order, into which some classes are divided; as, the angiospermous subclass of exogens.

Subclavian adjective [ Prefix sub- + Latin clavis a key. See Clavicle .] (Anat.) Situated under the clavicle, or collar bone; as, the subclavian arteries.

Subcolumnar adjective (Geol.) Having an imperfect or interrupted columnar structure.

Subcommittee noun An under committee; a part or division of a committee.

Yet by their sequestrators and subcommittees abroad . . . those orders were commonly disobeyed.

Subcompressed adjective Not fully compressed; partially or somewhat compressed.

Subconcave adjective Slightly concave. Owen.

Subconformable adjective Partially conformable.

Subconical adjective Slightly conical.

Subconjunctival adjective (Anat.) Situated under the conjunctiva.

Subconscious adjective
1. Occurring without the possibility or the fact of an attendant consciousness; -- said of states of the soul.

2. Partially conscious; feebly conscious.

Subconsciousness noun The state or quality of being subconscious; a state of mind in which perception and other mental processes occur without distinct consciousness.

Subconstellation noun (Astron.) A subordinate constellation. Sir T. Browne.

Subcontract noun A contract under, or subordinate to, a previous contract.

Subcontracted adjective
1. Contracted after a former contract.

2. Betrothed for the second time. [ Obsolete] Shak.

Subcontractor noun One who takes a portion of a contract, as for work, from the principal contractor.

Subcontrary adjective
1. Contrary in an inferior degree.

2. (Geom.) Having, or being in, a contrary order; -- said of a section of an oblique cone having a circular base made by a plane not parallel to the base, but so inclined to the axis that the section is a circle; applied also to two similar triangles when so placed as to have a common angle at the vertex, the opposite sides not being parallel. Brande & C.

3. (Logic) Denoting the relation of opposition between the particular affirmative and particular negative . Of these both may be true and only one can be false.

Subcontrary noun ; plural Subcontraries (Logic) A subcontrary proposition; a proposition inferior or contrary in a lower degree.

Subcoracoid adjective (Anat.) Situated under the coracoid process of the scapula; as, the subcoracoid dislocation of the humerus.

Subcordate adjective Somewhat cordate; somewhat like a heart in shape.

Subcorneous adjective (Anat.) (a) Situated under a horny part or layer. (b) Partially horny.

Subcostal adjective (Anat. & Zoology) Situated below the costas, or ribs; as, the subcostal muscles.

» The subcostal muscles are distinct from, and within, the intercostal .

Subcostal noun
1. (Anat.) A subcostal muscle.

2. (Zoology) One of the principal nervures of the wings of an insect. It is situated next beneath or behind the costal. See Nervure .

Subcranial adjective (Anat.) Situated under, or on the ventral side of, the cranium; facial.

Subcrustaceous adjective Occurring beneath a crust or scab; as, a subcrustaceous cicatrization.

Subcrystalline adjective Imperfectly crystallized.

Subcultrate, Subcultrated adjective (Zoology) Having a form resembling that of a colter, or straight on one side and curved on the other.