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Nimiety noun [ Latin nimietas , from nimius , adjective , nimis , adverb , too much.] State of being in excess. [ R.]

There is a nimiety , a too-muchess, in all Germans.

Nimious adjective [ Latin nimius .] Excessive; extravagant; inordinate. [ Obsolete]

Nimmer noun [ From Nim .] A thief. [ Obsolete]

Nin [ Fr. ne in .] Not in. [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Nincompoop noun [ A corruption of non compos .] A fool; a silly or stupid person. [ Law]

An old ninnyhammer, a dotard, a nincompoop , is the best language she can afford me.

Nine adjective [ Middle English nine , nihen , Anglo-Saxon nigon , nigan ; akin to D. & LG. negen , Old Saxon & OFries. nigun , Old High German niun , German neun , Icelandic nīu , sw. nio , Danish ni , Goth. niun , Ir. & Gael. naoi , W. naw , Latin novem , Greek ..., Sanskrit navan ; of unknown origin. √307. Confer Novembeer .] Eight and one more; one less than ten; as, nine miles.

Nine men's morris . See Morris . - - Nine points circle (Geom.) , a circle so related to any given triangle as to pass through the three points in which the perpendiculars from the angles of the triangle upon the opposite sides (or the sides produced) meet the sides. It also passes through the three middle points of the sides of the triangle and through the three middle points of those parts of the perpendiculars that are between their common point of meeting and the angles of the triangle. The circle is hence called the nine points or six points circle .

Nine noun
1. The number greater than eight by a unit; nine units or objects.

2. A symbol representing nine units, as 9 or ix.

The Nine , the nine Muses.

Nine-bark noun (Botany) A white-flowered rosaceous shrub ( Neillia, or Spiræa, opulifolia ), common in the Northern United States. The bark separates into many thin layers, whence the name.

Nine-eyes noun (Zoology) The lamprey.

Nine-killer noun [ So called because it is believed to kill and impale on thorns nine birds, etc., in succession.] (Zoology) The northern butcher bird.

Ninefold adjective Nine times repeated.

Nineholes noun plural A game in which nine holes are made in the ground, into which a ball is bowled.

Ninepence noun ; plural Ninepences
1. An old English silver coin, worth nine pence.

2. A New England name for the Spanish real, a coin formerly current in the United States, as valued at twelve and a half cents.

Ninepins noun plural A game played with nine pins, or pieces of wood, set on end, at which a wooden ball is bowled to knock them down; bowling.

» In the United States, ten pins are used for this game, which is therefore often called tenpins .

Ninescore adjective Nine times twenty, or one hundred and eighty. -- noun The product of nine times twenty; ninescore units or objects.

Nineteen adjective [ Anglo-Saxon nigont...ne , nigont...ne . See Nine , and Ten .] Nine and ten; eighteen and one more; one less than twenty; as, nineteen months.

Nineteen noun
1. The number greater than eighteen by a unit; the sum of ten and nine; nineteen units or objects.

2. A symbol for nineteen units, as 19 or xix.

Nineteenth adjective [ Confer Anglo-Saxon nigonteó...a .]
1. Following the eighteenth and preceding the twentieth; coming after eighteen others.

2. Constituting or being one of nineteen equal parts into which anything is divided.

Nineteenth noun
1. The quotient of a unit divided by nineteen; one of nineteen equal parts of anything.

2. The next in order after the eighteenth.

3. (Mus.) An interval of two octaves and a fifth.

Ninetieth adjective
1. Next in order after the eighty-ninth.

2. Constituting or being one of ninety equal parts.

Ninetieth noun
1. The quotient of a unit divided by ninety; one of ninety equal parts of anything.

2. The next in order after the eighty- ninth.

Ninety adjective [ See Nine , and confer Forty .] Nine times ten; eighty-nine and one more; as, ninety men.

Ninety noun ; plural Nineties
1. The sum of nine times ten; the number greater by a unit than eighty-nine; ninety units or objects.

2. A symbol representing ninety units, as 90 or xc.

Ninny noun ; plural Ninnies . [ Confer Italian ninno , ninna , a baby, Spanish niño , niña , child, infant, Italian ninna , ninna nanna , lullably, probably from ni , na , as used in singing a child to sleep.] A fool; a simpleton. Shak.

Ninnyhammer noun A simpleton; a silly person. [ Colloq.] Addison.

Ninth adjective [ From Nine ; confer Anglo-Saxon nigoða .]
1. Following the eight and preceding the tenth; coming after eight others.

2. Constituting or being one of nine equal parts into which anything is divided.

Ninth noun
1. The quotient of one divided by nine; one of nine equal parts of a thing; the next after the eighth.

2. (Mus.) (a) An interval containing an octave and a second. (b) A chord of the dominant seventh with the ninth added.

Ninthly adverb In the ninth place.

Ninut noun (Zoology) The magpie. [ Prov. Eng.]

Niobate noun [ See Niobium .] (Chemistry) Same as Columbate .

Niobe noun [ Latin Nioba , Niobe , Greek ....] (Class, Myth.) The daughter of Tantalus, and wife of Amphion, king of Thebes. Her pride in her children provoked Apollo and Diana, who slew them all. Niobe herself was changed by the gods into stone.

Niobic adjective (Chemistry) Same as Columbic .

Niobite noun (Min.) Same as Columbite .

Niobium noun [ New Latin , from Latin & English Niobe .] (Chemistry) A later name of columbium. See Columbium .

Niopo noun A kind of snuff prepared by the natives of Venezuela from the roasted seeds of a leguminous tree ( Piptadenia peregrina ), thence called niopo tree .

Nip noun [ LG. & Dutch nippen to sip; akin to Danish nippe , German nippen .] A sip or small draught; esp., a draught of intoxicating liquor; a dram.

Nip transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Nipped , less properly Nipt ; present participle & verbal noun Nipping .] [ Middle English nipen ; confer Dutch niipen to pinch, also knippen to nip, clip, pinch, snap, knijpen to pinch, LG. knipen , German kneipen , kneifen , to pinch, cut off, nip, Lithuanian knebti .]
1. To catch and inclose or compress tightly between two surfaces, or points which are brought together or closed; to pinch; to close in upon.

May this hard earth cleave to the Nadir hell,
Down, down, and close again, and nip me flat,
If I be such a traitress.

2. To remove by pinching, biting, or cutting with two meeting edges of anything; to clip.

The small shoots . . . must be nipped off.

3. Hence: To blast, as by frost; to check the growth or vigor of; to destroy.

4. To vex or pain, as by nipping; hence, to taunt.

And sharp remorse his heart did prick and nip .

To nip in the bud , to cut off at the verycommencement of growth; to kill in the incipient stage.

Nip noun
1. A seizing or closing in upon; a pinching; as, in the northern seas, the nip of masses of ice.

2. A pinch with the nails or teeth.

3. A small cut, or a cutting off the end.

4. A blast; a killing of the ends of plants by frost.

5. A biting sarcasm; a taunt. Latimer.

6. (Nautical) A short turn in a rope.

Nip and tuck , a phrase signifying equality in a contest. [ Low, U.S.]

Nipper noun
1. One who, or that which, nips.

2. A fore tooth of a horse. The nippers are four in number.

3. A satirist. [ Obsolete] Ascham.

4. A pickpocket; a young or petty thief. [ Old Cant]

5. (Zoology) (a) The cunner. (b) A European crab ( Polybius Henslowii ).

Nipperkin noun [ See 1st Nip .] A small cup. [ Obsolete]

Nippers noun plural [ From 2d Nip .]
1. Small pinchers for holding, breaking, or cutting.

2. (Machinery) A device with fingers or jaws for seizing an object and holding or conveying it; as, in a printing press, a clasp for catching a sheet and conveying it to the form.

3. (Nautical) A number of rope-yarns wound together, used to secure a cable to the messenger.

Nipping adjective Biting; pinching; painful; destructive; as, a nipping frost; a nipping wind.

Nippingly adverb In a nipping manner.

Nippitate adjective [ Confer 1st Nip .] Peculiary strong and good; -- said of ale or liquor. [ Old Cant]

'T will make a cup of wine taste nippitate .

Nippitato noun Strong liquor. [ Old Cant] Beau. & Fl.

Nipple noun [ Formerly neble , a dim. of neb . See Neb , Nib .]
1. (Anat.) The protuberance through which milk is drawn from the breast or mamma; the mammilla; a teat; a pap.

2. The orifice at which any animal liquid, as the oil from an oil bag, is discharged. [ R.] Derham.

3. Any small projection or article in which there is an orifice for discharging a fluid, or for other purposes; as, the nipple of a nursing bottle; the nipple of a percussion lock, or that part on which the cap is put and through which the fire passes to the charge.

4. (Mech.) A pipe fitting, consisting of a short piece of pipe, usually provided with a screw thread at each end, for connecting two other fittings.

Solder nipple , a short pipe, usually of brass, one end of which is tapered and adapted for attachment to the end of a lead pipe by soldering.

Nipplewort noun (Botany) A yellow-flowered composite herb ( Lampsana communis ), formerly used as an external application to the nipples of women; -- called also dock-cress .

Nirvana noun [ Sanskrit nirvāna .] In the Buddhist system of religion, the final emancipation of the soul from transmigration, and consequently a beatific enfrachisement from the evils of worldly existence, as by annihilation or absorption into the divine. See Buddhism .

Nis [ From ne is .] Is not. [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Nisan noun [ Hebrew nīsān .] The first month of the Jewish ecclesiastical year, formerly answering nearly to the month of April, now to March, of the Christian calendar. See Abib .