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Menstrue noun [ Confer French menstrues . See Menstruous .] The menstrual flux; menses. [ Obsolete]

Menstruous adjective [ Latin menstruus , from mensis month. Confer Menstruum .]
1. Having the monthly flow or discharge; menstruating.

2. Of or pertaining to the monthly flow; catamenial.

Menstruum noun ; plural English Menstruums , Latin Menstrua . [ Latin menstruus . See Menstruous .] Any substance which dissolves a solid body; a solvent.

The proper menstruum to dissolve metal.

All liquors are called menstruums which are used as dissolvents, or to extract the virtues of ingredients by infusion or decoction.

» The use is supposed to have originated in some notion of the old chemists about the influence of the moon in the preparation of dissolvents. Johnson.

Mensurability noun [ Confer French mensurabilité .] The quality of being mensurable.

Mensurable adjective [ Latin mensurabilis , from mensurare to measure, from mensura measure: confer French mensurable . See Measurable , Measure .] Capable of being measured; measurable.

Mensurableness noun The quality or state of being mensurable; measurableness.

Mensural adjective [ Latin mensuralis .] Of or pertaining to measure.

Mensurate transitive verb [ Latin mensuratus , past participle of mensurare . See Measure , v. ] To measure. [ Obsolete]

Mensuration noun [ Latin mensuratio : confer French mensuration .]
1. The act, process, or art, of measuring.

2. That branch of applied geometry which gives rules for finding the length of lines, the areas of surfaces, or the volumes of solids, from certain simple data of lines and angles.

Ment past participle of Menge .

Mentagra noun [ New Latin , from Latin mentum chin + Greek ... a catching.] (Medicine) Sycosis.

Mental adjective [ Latin mentum the chin.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the chin; genian; as, the mental nerve; the mental region.

Mental noun (Zoology) A plate or scale covering the mentum or chin of a fish or reptile.

Mental adjective [ French, from Latin mentalis , from mens , mentis , the mind; akin to English mind . See Mind .] Of or pertaining to the mind; intellectual; as, mental faculties; mental operations, conditions, or exercise.

What a mental power
This eye shoots forth!

Mental alienation , insanity. -- Mental arithmetic , the art or practice of solving arithmetical problems by mental processes, unassisted by written figures.

Mentality noun Quality or state of mind. "The same hard mentality ." Emerson.

Mentally adverb In the mind; in thought or meditation; intellectually; in idea.

Mentha noun [ Latin See Mint the plant.] (Botany) A widely distributed genus of fragrant herbs, including the peppermint, spearmint, etc. The plants have small flowers, usually arranged in dense axillary clusters.

Menthene noun [ Menth ol + terp ene .] (Chemistry) A colorless liquid hydrocarbon resembling oil of turpentine, obtained by dehydrating menthol. It has an agreeable odor and a cooling taste.

Menthol noun [ Mentha + - ol .] (Chemistry) A white, crystalline, aromatic substance resembling camphor, extracted from oil of peppermint ( Mentha ); -- called also mint camphor or peppermint camphor .

Menthyl noun [ Mentha + - yl .] (Chemistry) A compound radical forming the base of menthol.

Menticultural adjective Of or pertaining to mental culture; serving to improve or strengthen the mind. [ R.]

Mention noun [ Middle English mencioun , French mention , Latin mentio , from the root of meminisse to remember. See Mind .] A speaking or notice of anything, -- usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to make mention of .

I will make mention of thy righteousness.
Ps. lxxi. 16.

And sleep in dull, cold marble, where no mention
Of me more must be heard of.

Mention (mĕn"shŭn) transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Mentioned (- shŭnd); present participle & verbal noun Mentioning .] [ Confer French mentionner .] To make mention of; to speak briefly of; to name.

I will mention the loving-kindnesses of the Lord.
Is. lxiii. 7.

Mentionable adjective Fit to be mentioned.

Mentomeckelian adjective [ 1st ment al + Meckelian .] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the chin and lower jaw. -- noun The bone or cartilage forming the anterior extremity of the lower jaw in some adult animals and the young of others.

Mentor noun [ From Mentor , the counselor of Telemachus, Greek Me`ntwr , prop., counselor. Confer Monitor .] A wise and faithful counselor or monitor.

Mentorial adjective [ From Mentor .] Containing advice or admonition.

Mentum noun [ Latin , chin.] (Zoology) The front median plate of the labium in insects. See Labium .

Menu noun [ French, slender, thin, minute. See 4th Minute .] The details of a banquet; a bill of fare.

Menuse intransitive verb See Amenuse . [ Obsolete]

Meow intransitive verb & noun See 6th and 7th Mew .

Mephistophelian adjective Pertaining to, or resembling, the devil Mephistopheles, "a crafty, scoffing, relentless fiend;" devilish; crafty.

Mephitic, Mephitical adjective [ Latin mephiticus , from mephitis mephitis: confer French méphitique .]
1. Tending to destroy life; poisonous; noxious; as, mephitic exhalations; mephitic regions.

2. Offensive to the smell; as, mephitic odors.

Mephitic air (Chemistry) , carbon dioxide; -- so called because of its deadly suffocating power. See Carbonic acid , under Carbonic .

Mephitis noun [ Latin mephitis : confer French méphitis .]
1. Noxious, pestilential, or foul exhalations from decomposing substances, filth, or other source.

2. (Zoology) A genus of mammals, including the skunks.

Mephitism noun Same as Mephitis , 1.

Meracious adjective [ Latin meracus , from merus pure, inmixed.] Being without mixture or adulteration; hence, strong; racy. [ Obsolete]

Mercable adjective [ Latin mercabilis , from mercari to trade, traffic, buy. See Merchant .] Capable of being bought or sold. [ Obsolete]

Mercantile adjective [ French mercantile , Italian mercantile , from Latin mercans , - antis , present participle of mercari to traffic. See Merchant .] Of or pertaining to merchants, or the business of merchants; having to do with trade, or the buying and selling of commodities; commercial.

The expedition of the Argonauts was partly mercantile , partly military.

Mercantile agency , an agency for procuring information of the standing and credit of merchants in different parts of the country, for the use of dealers who sell to them. - - Mercantile marine , the persons and vessels employed in commerce, taken collectively. -- Mercantile paper , the notes or acceptances given by merchants for goods bought, or received on consignment; drafts on merchants for goods sold or consigned. McElrath.

Syn. -- Mercantile , Commercial . Commercial is the wider term, being sometimes used to embrace mercantile . In their stricter use, commercial relates to the shipping, freighting, forwarding, and other business connected with the commerce of a country (whether external or internal), that is, the exchange of commodities; while mercantile applies to the sale of merchandise and goods when brought to market. As the two employments are to some extent intermingled, the two words are often interchanged.

Mercaptal noun [ Mercapt an + al dehyde.] (Chemistry) Any one of a series of compounds of mercaptans with aldehydes.

Mercaptan noun [ French, from New Latin mercurius mercury + Latin captans , present participle of captare to seize, v. intens. from capere .] (Chemistry) Any one of series of compounds, hydrosulphides of alcohol radicals, in composition resembling the alcohols, but containing sulphur in place of oxygen, and hence called also the sulphur alcohols . In general, they are colorless liquids having a strong, repulsive, garlic odor. The name is specifically applied to ethyl mercaptan, C 2 H 5 SH. So called from its avidity for mercury , and other metals.

Mercaptide noun (Chemistry) A compound of mercaptan formed by replacing its sulphur hydrogen by a metal; as, potassium mercaptide , C 2 H 5 SK.

Mercat noun [ Latin mercatus : confer Italian mercato . See Market .] Market; trade. [ Obsolete] Bp. Sprat.

Mercatante noun [ Italian See Merchant .] A foreign trader. [ Obsolete] Shak.

Mercator's chart See under Chart , and see Mercator's projection , under Projection .

Mercature noun [ Latin mercatura commerce.] Commerce; traffic; trade. [ Obsolete]

Merce transitive verb [ See Amerce .] To subject to fine or amercement; to mulct; to amerce. [ Obsolete]

Mercenaria noun [ New Latin See Mercenary .] (Zoology) The quahog.

Mercenarian (- a n) noun A mercenary. [ Obsolete]

Mercenarily adverb In a mercenary manner.

Mercenariness noun The quality or state of being mercenary; venality. Boyle.