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Macrodiagonal noun [ Macro- + diagonal .] (Crystallog.) The longer of two diagonals, as of a rhombic prism. See Crystallization .

Macrodome noun [ Macro- + dome .] (Crystallog.) A dome parallel to the longer lateral axis of an orthorhombic crystal. See Dome , noun , 4.

Macrodont adjective [ Macro- + Greek 'odoy`s , 'odo`ntos , a tooth.] (Zoology) Having large teeth. -- noun A macrodont animal.

Macrofarad noun [ Macro- + farad .] (Electricity) See Megafarad . [ R.]

Macroglossia noun [ New Latin See Macro- , and Glossa .] (Medicine) Enlargement or hypertrophy of the tongue.

Macrognathic adjective [ Macro- + gnathic .] (Anthropol.) Long-jawed. Huxley.

Macrograph noun [ Macro- + -graph .] A picture of an object as seen by the naked eye (that is, unmagnified); as, a macrograph of a metallic fracture.

Macrography noun Examination or study with the naked eye, as distinguished from micrography .

Macrology noun [ Latin macrologia , Greek ...; ... long + lo`gos discourse: confer French macrologie .] Long and tedious talk without much substance; superfluity of words.

Macrometer noun [ Macro- + -meter .] An instrument for determining the size or distance of inaccessible objects by means of two reflectors on a common sextant.

Macron noun [ New Latin , from Greek ... long.] (Pron.) A short, straight, horizontal mark [ -], placed over vowels to denote that they are to be pronounced with a long sound; as, ā , in dāme ; ē , in sēam , etc.

Macropetalous adjective [ Macro- + petal .] (Botany) Having long or large petals.

Macrophyllous adjective [ Macro- + Greek ... a leaf.] (Botany) Having long or large leaves.

Macropinacoid noun [ Macro- + pinacoid .] (Crystallog.) One of the two planes of an orthorhombic crystal which are parallel to the vertical and longer lateral (macrodiagonal) axes.

Macropod noun [ Macro- + -pod .] (Zoology) Any one of a group of maioid crabs remarkable for the length of their legs; -- called also spider crab .

Macropodal adjective Having long or large feet, or a long stem.

Macropodian noun A macropod.

Macropodous adjective (Zoology) Having long legs or feet.

Macroprism noun [ Macro- + prism .] (Crystallog.) A prism of an orthorhombic crystal between the macropinacoid and the unit prism; the corresponding pyramids are called macropyramids .

Macropteres noun plural [ New Latin , from Greek ... long + ... feather, wing.] (Zoology) A division of birds; the Longipennes.

Macropterous adjective [ See Macropteres .] (Zoology) Having long wings.

Macropus noun [ New Latin See Macropod .] (Zoology) A genus of marsupials including the common kangaroo.

Macropyramid noun [ Macro- + pyramid .] (Crystallog.) See Macroprism .

Macroscopic, Macroscopical adjective [ Macro- + Greek ... to view.] Visible to the unassisted eye; -- as opposed to microscopic . -- Mac`ro*scop"ic*al*ly , adverb

Macrosporangium noun [ New Latin See Macro- , and Sporangium .] (Botany) A sporangium or conceptacle containing only large spores; -- opposed to microsporangium . Both are found in the genera Selaginella , Isoctes , and Marsilia , plants remotely allied to ferns.

Macrospore noun [ Macro- + spore .] (Botany) One of the specially large spores of certain flowerless plants, as Selaginella , etc.

Macrosporic adjective (Botany) Of or pertaining to macrospores.

Macrotone noun [ Greek ... stretched out. See Macro- , and Tone .] (Pron.) Same as Macron .

Macrotous adjective [ Macro- + Greek o"y^s , gen. 'wto`s , the ear.] (Zoology) Large-eared.

Macroura noun plural , Ma*crou"ral adjective , etc. (Zoology) Same as Macrura , Macrural , etc.

Macrozoöspore noun [ Macro- + zoöspore .] (Botany) A large motile spore having four vibratile cilia; -- found in certain green algæ.

Macrura noun plural [ New Latin , from Greek ... long + ... tail.] (Zoology) A subdivision of decapod Crustacea, having the abdomen largely developed. It includes the lobster, prawn, shrimp, and many similar forms. Confer Decapoda .

Macrural adjective (Zoology) Same as Macrurous .

Macruran noun (Zoology) One of the Macrura.

Macruroid adjective [ Macrura + -oid .] (Zoology) Like or pertaining to the Macrura.

Macrurous adjective (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Macrura; having a long tail.

Mactation noun [ Latin mactatio , from macture to slay, sacrifice.] The act of killing a victim for sacrifice. [ Obsolete]

Mactra noun [ New Latin , from Greek ... kneading trough, from ... to knead.] (Zoology) Any marine bivalve shell of the genus Mactra , and allied genera. Many species are known. Some of them are used as food, as Mactra stultorum , of Europe. See Surf clam , under Surf .

Macula noun ; plural Maculæ . [ Latin , spot, stain, blot. See Mail armor, and confer Mackle , Macule .]
1. A spot, as on the skin, or on the surface of the sun or of some other luminous orb.

2. (Zoology) A rather large spot or blotch of color.

Maculate transitive verb [ Latin maculatus , past participle of maculare to spot. See Macula , and confer Macule , v. ] To spot; to stain; to blur.

Maculate the honor of their people.
Sir T. Elyot.

Maculate adjective [ Latin maculatus , past participle ] Marked with spots or maculæ; blotched; hence, defiled; impure; as, most maculate thoughts. Shak.

Maculated adjective Having spots or blotches; maculate.

Maculation noun [ Latin maculatio .] The act of spotting; a spot; a blemish. Shak.

Maculatory adjective Causing a spot or stain. T. Adams.

Maculature noun Blotting paper. [ Obsolete]

Macule noun [ French macule . See Macula .]
1. A spot. [ Obsolete]

2. (Print.) A blur, or an appearance of a double impression, as when the paper slips a little; a mackle.

Macule transitive verb [ Confer French maculer . See Maculate , v. ] To blur; especially (Print.) , to blur or double an impression from type. See Mackle .

Maculose adjective [ Latin maculosus .] Of or pertaining to spots upon a surface; spotted; maculate.