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Muggins noun [ Etym. unknown.]
1. A game of dominoes in which the object is to make the sum of the two ends of the line some multiple of five.

2. A game at cards which depends upon building in suits or matching exposed cards, the object being to get rid of one's cards.

Muggins transitive verb In certain games, to score against, or take an advantage over (an opponent), as for an error, announcing the act by saying "muggins."

Muggish adjective See Muggy .

Muggletonian noun (Eccl. Hist.) One of an extinct sect, named after Ludovic Muggleton , an English journeyman tailor, who (about 1657) claimed to be inspired. Eadie.

Muggy (mŭg"gȳ) adjective [ Compar. Muggier (-gĭ*ẽr); superl. Muggiest .] [ Confer Icelandic mugga mist, mugginess. Confer 4th Mold .]
1. Moist; damp; moldy; as, muggy straw.

2. Warm, damp, and close; as, muggy air, weather.

Mughouse (mŭg"hous`) noun An alehouse; a pothouse. Tickel.

Mugiency noun A bellowing. [ Obsolete]

Mugient adjective [ Latin mugiens , present participle of mugire to bellow.] Lowing; bellowing. [ Obsolete] Sir T. Browne.

Mugil noun [ Latin , a sort of fish.] (Zoology) A genus of fishes including the gray mullets. See Mullet .

Mugiloid adjective (Zoology) Like or pertaining to the genus Mugil, or family Mugilidæ .

Mugweed noun (Botany) A slender European weed ( Galium Cruciata ); -- called also crossweed .

Mugwort noun [ Anglo-Saxon mucgwyrt . Confer Midge .] (Botany) A somewhat aromatic composite weed ( Artemisia vulgaris ), at one time used medicinally; -- called also motherwort .

Mugwump noun [ Confer Algonquin mugquomp a chief.] A bolter from the Republican party in the national election of 1884; an Independent. [ Political Cant, U.S.]

Mugwumpery, Mugwumpism noun The acts and views of the mugwumps. [ Political Cant, U.S.]

Muhammadan, Muhammedan adjective & noun Mohammedan.

Muhammadanism noun Mohammedanism.

Mulada noun A moor. [ Scot.] Lockhart.

Mulada noun [ Spanish Amer., from Spanish mulo , mula , a mule.] A drove of mules. [ Southwest. U.S.]

Mulatto noun ; plural Mulattoes . [ Spanish & Portuguese mulato , masc., mulata , fem., of a mixed breed, from mulo mule, Latin mulus . See Mule .] The offspring of a negress by a white man, or of a white woman by a negro, -- usually of a brownish yellow complexion.

Mulattress noun A female mulatto. G. W. Gable.

Mulberry noun ; plural Mulberries . [ Middle English moolbery , murberie , Anglo-Saxon murberie , where the first part is from Latin morum mulberry; confer Greek ..., .... Confer Murrey , Sycamore .]
1. (Botany) The berry or fruit of any tree of the genus Morus ; also, the tree itself. See Morus .

2. A dark pure color, like the hue of a black mulberry.

Mulberry mass . (Biol.) See Morula . -- Paper mulberry , a tree ( Broussonetia papyrifera ), related to the true mulberry, used in Polynesia for making tapa cloth by macerating and pounding the inner bark, and in China and Japan for the manufacture of paper. It is seen as a shade tree in America.

Mulberry-faced (-fāst`) adjective Having a face of a mulberry color, or blotched as if with mulberry stains.

Mulch noun [ Confer mull dirt, also Prov. German mulsch , molsch , rotten, soft, mellow, as fruit.] Half-rotten straw, or any like substance strewn on the ground, as over the roots of plants, to protect from heat, drought, etc., and to preserve moisture.

Mulch transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Mulched ; present participle & verbal noun Mulching .] To cover or dress with mulch.

Mulct noun [ Latin mulcta , multa .]
1. A fine or penalty, esp. a pecuniary punishment or penalty.

2. A blemish or defect. [ Obsolete]

Syn. -- Amercement; forfeit; forfeiture; penalty.

Mulct transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Mulcted ; present participle & verbal noun Mulcting .] [ Latin mulctare , multare .]
1. To punish for an offense or misdemeanor by imposing a fine or forfeiture, esp. a pecuniary fine; to fine.

2. Hence, to deprive of; to withhold by way of punishment or discipline. [ Obsolete]

Mulctary, Mulctuary adjective Imposing a pecuniary penalty; consisting of, or paid as, a fine.

Fines, or some known mulctuary punishments.
Sir W. Temple.

Mule (mūl) noun [ French, a she-mule, Latin mula , fem. of mulus ; confer Greek my`klos , mychlo`s . Confer Anglo-Saxon mūl , from Latin mulus . Confer Mulatto .]
1. (Zoology) A hybrid animal; specifically, one generated between an ass and a mare, sometimes a horse and a she-ass. See Hinny .

» Mules are much used as draught animals. They are hardy, and proverbial for stubbornness.

2. (Botany) A plant or vegetable produced by impregnating the pistil of one species with the pollen or fecundating dust of another; -- called also hybrid .

3. A very stubborn person.

4. A machine, used in factories, for spinning cotton, wool, etc., into yarn or thread and winding it into cops; -- called also jenny and mule-jenny .

Mule armadillo (Zoology) , a long- eared armadillo (Tatusia hybrida) , native of Buenos Aires; -- called also mulita . See Illust. under Armadillo . -- Mule deer (Zoology) , a large deer ( Cervus, or Cariacus, macrotis ) of the Western United States. The name refers to its long ears. -- Mule pulley (Machinery) , an idle pulley for guiding a belt which transmits motion between shafts that are not parallel. -- Mule twist , cotton yarn in cops, as spun on a mule; -- in distinction from yarn spun on a throstle frame.

Mule killer Any of several arthropods erroneously supposed to kill live stock, in the southern United States, by stinging or by being swallowed; as: (a) A whip scorpion. [ Florida] (b) A walking- stick insect. [ Texas] (c) A mantis. (d) A wheel bug.

Mule-jenny noun See Mule , 4.

Muleteer noun [ French muletier , from mulet a mule, dim. from Latin mulus .] One who drives mules.

Mulewort noun (Botany) A fern of the genus Hemionitis .

Muley noun (Sawmills) A stiff, long saw, guided at the ends but not stretched in a gate.

Muley axle (Railroad) , a car axle without collars at the outer ends of the journals. Forney.

Muley noun See Mulley .

Muliebrity (mū`lĭ*ĕb"rĭ*tȳ) noun [ Latin muliebritas , from muliebris belonging to a woman, from mulier a woman.]
1. The state of being a woman or of possessing full womanly powers; womanhood; -- correlate of virility .

2. Hence: Effeminancy; softness.

Mulier noun [ Latin , a woman.]
1. A woman.

2. (Law) (a) Lawful issue born in wedlock, in distinction from an elder brother born of the same parents before their marriage; a lawful son. (b) (Civ. Law) A woman; a wife; a mother. Blount. Cowell.

Mulierly adverb In the manner or condition of a mulier; in wedlock; legitimately. [ Obsolete]

Mulierose adjective [ Latin mulierosus .] Fond of woman. [ R.] Charles Reade.

Mulierosity noun [ Latin mulierositas .] A fondness for women. [ R.] Dr. H. More.

Mulierty noun (Law) Condition of being a mulier; position of one born in lawful wedlock.

Mulish (mūl"ĭsh) adjective Like a mule; sullen; stubborn. -- Mul"ish*ly , adverb -- Mul"ish*ness , noun

Mull (mŭl) noun [ Perh. contr. from mossul . See Muslin .] A thin, soft kind of muslin.

Mull noun [ Icelandic mūli a snout, muzzle, projecting crag; or confer Ir. & Gael. meall a heap of earth, a mound, a hill or eminence, W. moel . Confer Mouth .]
1. A promontory; as, the Mull of Cantyre. [ Scot.]

2. A snuffbox made of the small end of a horn.

Mull noun [ Prob. akin to mold . √108. See Mold .] Dirt; rubbish. [ Obsolete] Gower.

Mull transitive verb [ Middle English mullen . See 2d Muller .] To powder; to pulverize. [ Prov. Eng.]

Mull intransitive verb To work (over) mentally; to cogitate; to ruminate; -- usually with over ; as, to mull over a thought or a problem. [ Colloq. U.S.]

Mull noun An inferior kind of madder prepared from the smaller roots or the peelings and refuse of the larger.

Mull transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Mulled (mŭld); present participle & verbal noun Mulling .] [ From mulled , for mold , taken as a past participle ; Middle English mold -ale funeral ale or banquet. See Mold soil.]
1. To heat, sweeten, and enrich with spices; as, to mull wine.

New cider, mulled with ginger warm.

2. To dispirit or deaden; to dull or blunt. Shak.

Mulla noun Same as Mollah .

Mullagatawny noun [ Tamil milagu-tannīr pepper water.] An East Indian curry soup.

Mullah noun See Mollah .