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Irp (ẽrp) adjective Making irps. [ Obsolete] B. Jonson.

Irp, Irpe (ẽrp) noun [ Etymol. uncertain.] A fantastic grimace or contortion of the body. [ Obsolete]

Smirks and irps and all affected humors.
B. Jonson.

Irradiance (ĭr*rā"dĭ* a ns), Ir*ra"di*an*cy (- a n*sȳ) noun [ From Irradiant .]

1. The act of irradiating; emission of rays of light.

2. That which irradiates or is irradiated; luster; splendor; irradiation; brilliancy. Milton.

Irradiant adjective [ Latin irradians , -antis , present participle See Irradiate .] Irradiating or illuminating; as, the irradiant moon. Boyse.

Irradiate transitive verb [ imperfect & past participle Irradiated ; present participle & verbal noun Irradiating .] [ Latin irradiatus , past participle of irradiate. See In- in , and Radiate .]

1. To throw rays of light upon; to illuminate; to brighten; to adorn with luster.

Thy smile irradiates yon blue fields.
Sir W. Jones.

2. To enlighten intellectually; to illuminate; as, to irradiate the mind. Bp. Bull.

3. To animate by heat or light. Sir M. Hale.

4. To radiate, shed, or diffuse.

A splendid façade, . . . irradiating hospitality.
H. James.

Irradiate intransitive verb To emit rays; to shine.

Irradiate adjective [ Latin irradiatus , past participle ] Illuminated; irradiated. Mason.

Irradiation noun [ Confer French irradiation .]

1. Act of irradiating, or state of being irradiated.

2. Illumination; irradiance; brilliancy. Sir W. Scott.

3. Fig.: Mental light or illumination. Sir M. Hale.

4. (Opt.) The apparent enlargement of a bright object seen upon a dark ground, due to the fact that the portions of the retina around the image are stimulated by the intense light; as when a dark spot on a white ground appears smaller, or a white spot on a dark ground larger, than it really is, esp. when a little out of focus.

Irradicate transitive verb To root deeply. [ R.]

Irrational adjective [ Latin irrationalis : confer French irrationnel . See In- not, and Rational .]

1. Not rational; void of reason or understanding; as, brutes are irrational animals.

2. Not according to reason; absurd; foolish.

It seemed utterly irrational any longer to maintain it.
I. Taylor.

3. (Math.) Not capable of being exactly expressed by an integral number, or by a vulgar fraction; surd; -- said especially of roots. See Surd .

Syn. -- Absurd; foolish; preposterous; unreasonable; senseless. See Absurd .

Irrationality noun The quality or state of being irrational. "Brutish irrationaliity ." South.

Irrationally adverb In an irrational manner. Boyle.

Irrationalness noun Irrationality.

Irrebuttable adjective Incapable of being rebutted. Coleridge.

Irreceptive adjective Not receiving; incapable of receiving.

Irreclaimable adjective Incapable of being reclaimed. Addison. -- Ir`re*claim"a*bly , ad....

Irrecognition noun [ Prefix in- not + recognition .] A failure to recognize; absence of recognition. Lamb.

Irrecognizable adjective Not recognizable. Carlyle.

Irreconcilability noun The quality or state of being irreconcilable; irreconcilableness.

Irreconcilable adjective [ Prefix ir- not + reconcilable : confer French irréconciliable .] Not reconcilable; implacable; incompatible; inconsistent; disagreeing; as, irreconcilable enemies, statements. -- Ir*rec"on*ci`la*ble*ness , noun -- Ir*rec"on*ci`la*bly , adverb

Irreconcile transitive verb To prevent from being reconciled; to alienate or disaffect. [ Obsolete]

Irreconcilement noun The state or quality of being unreconciled; disagreement.

Irreconciliation noun Want of reconciliation; disagreement.

Irrecordable adjective [ Prefix ir-- not + record : confer Latin irrecordabilis not to be remembered.] Not fit or possible to be recorded.

Irrecoverable adjective Not capable of being recovered, regained, or remedied; irreparable; as, an irrecoverable loss, debt, or injury.

That which is past is gone and irrecoverable .

Syn. -- Irreparable; irretrievable; irremediable; unalterable; incurable; hopeless.

-- Ir`re*cov"er*a*ble*ness , noun -- Ir`re*cov"er*a*bly , adverb

Irrecuperable adjective [ Latin irrecuperabilis : confer Old French irrecuperable . See In- not, and Recuperate .] Irrecoverable. -- Ir`re*cu"per*a*bly , adverb

Irrecured adjective Incurable. [ Obsolete]

Irrecusable adjective [ Latin irrecusabilis ; prefix ir-- not + recusabilis that should be rejected, from recusare to reject: confer French irrécusable .] Not liable to exception or rejection. Sir W. Hamilton.

Irredeemability noun The state or quality of being irredeemable; irredeemableness.

Irredeemable adjective Not redeemable; that can not be redeemed; not payable in gold or silver, as a bond; -- used especially of such government notes, issued as currency, as are not convertible into coin at the pleasure of the holder. -- Ir`re*deem"a*ble*ness , adverb

Irreducibility noun The state or quality of being irreducible.

Irreducible adjective
1. Incapable of being reduced, or brought into a different state; incapable of restoration to its proper or normal condition; as, an irreducible hernia.

2. (Math.) Incapable of being reduced to a simpler form of expression; as, an irreducible formula.

Irreducible case (Alg.) , a particular case in the solution of a cubic equation, in which the formula commonly employed contains an imaginary quantity, and therefore fails in its application.

-- Ir`re*du"ci*ble*ness , noun -- -- Ir`re*du"ci*bly , adverb

Irreflection noun Want of reflection.

Irreflective adjective Not reflective. De Quincey.

Irreformable adjective Incapable of being reformed; incorrigible. Joseph Cook.

Irrefragability noun The quality or state of being irrefragable; incapability of being refuted.

Irrefragable (ĭr*rĕf"rȧ*gȧ*b'l) adjective [ French irréfragable , Latin irrefragabilis . See Refragable .] Not refragable; not to be gainsaid or denied; not to be refuted or overthrown; unanswerable; incontestable; undeniable; as, an irrefragable argument; irrefragable evidence. -- Ir*ref"ra*ga*ble*ness , noun -- Ir*ref"ra*ga*bly , adverb

Syn. -- Incontrovertible; unanswerable; indisputable; unquestionable; incontestable; indubitable; undeniable; irrefutable.

Irrefrangibility noun The quality or state of being irrefrangible; irrefrangibleness.

Irrefrangible adjective Not refrangible; that can not be refracted in passing from one medium to another. -- Ir`re*fran"gi*ble*ness , noun

Irrefutable adjective [ Latin irrefutabilis : confer French irréfutable . See Refute .] Incapable of being refuted or disproved; indisputable. -- Ir`re*fut"a*ble*ness , noun -- Ir`re*fut"a*bly , adverb

Irregeneracy noun Unregeneracy.

Irregeneration noun An unregenerate state. [ Obsolete]

Irregular adjective [ Prefix ir- not + regular : confer French irrégulier .] Not regular; not conforming to a law, method, or usage recognized as the general rule; not according to common form; not conformable to nature, to the rules of moral rectitude, or to established principles; not normal; unnatural; immethodical; unsymmetrical; erratic; no straight; not uniform; as, an irregular line; an irregular figure; an irregular verse; an irregular physician; an irregular proceeding; irregular motion; irregular conduct, etc. Confer Regular .

Mazes intricate,
Eccentric, intervolved, yet regular
Then most when most irregular they seem.

Leading the men of Herefordshire to fight
Against the irregular and wild Glendower.

A flowery meadow through which a clear stream murmured in many irregular meanders.

Syn. -- Immethodical; unsystematic; abnormal; unnatural; anomalous; erratic; devious; crooked; eccentric; unsettled; uneven; variable; changeable; mutable; desultory; disorderly; wild; immoderate; intemperate; inordinate; vicious.

Irregular noun One who is not regular; especially, a soldier not in regular service.

Irregularist noun One who is irregular. Baxter.

Irregularity noun ; plural Irregularities . [ Confer French irrégularité .] The state or quality of being irregular; that which is irregular.

Irregularly adverb In an irregular manner.

Irregulate transitive verb To make irregular; to disorder. [ Obsolete] Sir T. Browne.

Irregulous adjective Lawless. [ Obsolete] Shak.

Irrejectable adjective That can not be rejected; irresistible. Boyle.