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Internationalism noun
1. The state or principles of international interests and intercourse.

2. The doctrines or organization of the International.

Internationalist noun
1. One who is versed in the principles of international law.

2. A member of the International; one who believes in, or advocates the doctrines of, the International.

Internationalize transitive verb To make international; to cause to affect the mutual relations of two or more nations; as, to internationalize a principle of law, or a philanthropic enterprise.

Internationally adverb In an international manner; from an international point of view.

Interne noun [ See Intern , adjective ] That which is within; the interior. [ Poetic] Mrs. Browning.

Interne noun [ French] ( F. pron. ăN`târn") (Medicine) A resident physician in a hospital; a house physician.

Interneciary, Internecinal adjective Internecine.

Internecine adjective [ Latin internecinus deadly, murderous, from internecare to kill, to slaughter; inter between + necare to kill; akin to Greek ... dead. See Necromancy .] Involving, or accompanied by, mutual slaughter; mutually destructive.

Internecine quarrels, horrible tumults, stain the streets with blood.

Internecion noun [ Latin internecio .] Mutual slaughter or destruction; massacre. [ Obsolete] Sir M. Hale.

Internecive adjective [ Latin internecivus .] Internecine. [ R.] Sydney Smith.

Internection noun [ Latin internectere to bind together; inter between + nectere to fasten.] Intimate connection. [ Obsolete] W. Montagu.

Interneural adjective (Anat.) Between the neural arches or neural spines. -- noun An interneural spine or cartilage.

Internity noun State of being within; interiority. [ R.] H. Brooke.

Internment noun [ French internement . See Intern .] Confinement within narrow limits, -- as of foreign troops, to the interior of a country.

Internodal adjective Of or pertaining to internodes; intervening between nodes or joints.

Internode noun [ Latin internodium ; inter between + nodus knot.]

1. (Botany) The space between two nodes or points of the stem from which the leaves properly arise. H. Spenser.

2. (Anat.) A part between two joints; a segment; specifically, one of the phalanges.

Internodial adjective Internodal. [ R.]

Internuncial adjective [ See Internuncio .]

1. Of or pertaining to an internuncio.

2. (Physiol.) Communicating or transmitting impressions between different parts of the body; -- said of the nervous system. Carpenter.

Internunciess noun A female messenger. [ R.]

Internuncio noun ; plural Internuncios . [ Latin internuntius ; inter between + nuntius , nuncius , messenger: confer Italian internunzio . See Nuncio .]

1. A messenger between two parties. Johnson.

2. A representative, or chargé d'affaires, of the pope at a foreign court or seat of government, ranking next below a nuncio.

» This title was formerly given also to the Austrian envoy at Constantinople.

Internuncioship noun The office or function of an internuncio. Richardson.

Internuncius noun [ Latin ] Internuncio.

Interoceanic adjective Between oceans; connecting oceans; as, interoceanic communication; an interoceanic canal.

Interocular adjective Between, or within, the eyes; as, the interocular distance; situated between the eyes, as the antennæ of some insects.

Interopercular adjective Of or pertaining to the interoperculum. -- noun The interopercular bone.

Interoperculum noun ; plural -la (-lȧ). (Anat.) The postero-inferior opercular bone, in fishes.

Interorbital adjective (Anat.) Between the orbits; as, the interorbital septum.

Interosculant adjective
1. Mutually touching or intersecting; as, interosculant circles.

2. (Biol.) Uniting two groups; -- said of certain genera which connect family groups, or of species that connect genera. See Osculant .

Interosculate intransitive verb & t.
1. To kiss together to touch. See Osculate .

2. (Biol.) To have the character of, or to lie between, two distinct groups.

Interosseal, Interosseous adjective [ Prefix inter- + osseous : confer French interosseux .] (Anat.) Situated between bones; as, an interosseous ligament.

Interpale transitive verb
1. To place pales between or among; to separate by pales.

2. To interweave or interlace. [ R.] Brende.

Interparietal adjective (Anat.) Between the parietal bones or cartilages; as, the interparietal suture. -- noun The interparietal bone or cartilage.

Interpause noun An intermission. [ R.]

Interpeal transitive verb To interpel. [ Obsolete]

Interpedencular adjective (Anat.) Between peduncles; esp., between the peduncles, or crura, of the cerebrum.

Interpel transitive verb [ Latin interpellare , interpellatum ; inter between + pellare (in comp.), akin to pellere to drive: confer French interpeller . Confer Interpellate .] To interrupt, break in upon, or intercede with. [ Obsolete]

I am interpelled by many businesses.

Interpellant adjective [ Latin interpellans , present participle See Interpel .] Interpelling; interrupting. -- noun One who, or that which, interpels.

Interpellate transitive verb [ See Interpel .] To question imperatively, as a minister, or other executive officer, in explanation of his conduct; -- generally on the part of a legislative body.

Interpellation noun [ Latin interpellatio : confer French interpellation .]

1. The act of interpelling or interrupting; interruption. "Continual interpellations ." Bp. Hall.

2. The act of interposing or interceding; intercession.

Accepted by his interpellation and intercession.
Jer. Taylor.

3. An act of interpellating, or of demanding of an officer an explanation of his action; imperative or peremptory questioning; a point raised in a debate.

4. A official summons or citation. Ayliffe.

Interpenetrate transitive verb To penetrate between or within; to penetrate mutually.

It interpenetrates my granite mass.

Interpenetrate intransitive verb To penetrate each the other; to penetrate between bodies or their parts.

Interpenetrating molding (Architecture) , in late Gothic architecture, a decoration by means of moldings which seem to pass through solid uprights, transoms, or other members; often, two sets of architectural members penetrating one another, in appearance, as if both had been plastic when they were put together.

Interpenetration noun The act of penetrating between or within other substances; mutual penetration. Milman.

Interpenetrative adjective Penetrating among or between other substances; penetrating each the other; mutually penetrative.

Interpetalary adjective [ Prefix inter- + petal .] (Botany) Between the petals of a flower.

Interpetiolar adjective (Botany) Being between petioles. Confer Intrapetiolar .

Interphalangeal adjective (Anat.) Between phalanges; as, interphalangeal articulations.

Interpilaster noun (Architecture) The interval or space between two pilasters. Elmes.

Interplace transitive verb To place between or among; as, to interplace a name. [ R.] Daniel.

Interplanetary adjective Between planets; as, interplanetary spaces. Boyle.

Interplay noun Mutual action or influence; interaction; as, the interplay of affection.