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Isopepsin noun [ Iso- + pepsin .] (Physiol. Chem.) Pepsin modified by exposure to a temperature of from 40° to 60° C.

Isoperimetrical adjective [ Greek ...; ... equal + ... circumference: confer French isopérimètre . See Perimeter .] (Geom.) Having equal perimeters of circumferences; as, isoperimetrical figures or bodies.

Isoperimetry noun (Geom.) The science of figures having equal perimeters or boundaries.

Isopiestic adjective [ Iso- + Greek ... to press.] (Thermodynamics) Having equal pressure.

Isopiestic lines , lines showing, in a diagram, the relations of temperature and volume, when the elastic force is constant; -- called also isobars .

Isopleura noun plural [ New Latin See Iso- , and Pleura .] (Zoology) A subclass of Gastropoda, in which the body is symmetrical, the right and left sides being equal.

» The intestine terminates at the posterior end of the body, and the gills and circulatory and reproductive organs are paired. It includes the chitons ( Polyplacophora ), together with Neomenia and Chætoderma , which are wormlike forms without a shell.

Isopod adjective (Zoology) Having the legs similar in structure; belonging to the Isopoda. -- noun One of the Isopoda.

Isopoda noun plural [ New Latin See Iso- , and -poda .] (Zoology) An order of sessile-eyed Crustacea, usually having seven pairs of legs, which are all similar in structure.

» The body is usually depressed, with the abdominal segments short, and often consolidated in part. The branchiæ are on the abdominal appendages. The group includes the terrestrial pill bugs and sow bugs, with numerous marine forms. See Arthrostrata , Gribble .

Isopodiform adjective [ Isopod + -form .] (Zoology) Having the shape of an isopod; -- said of the larvæ of certain insects.

Isopodous adjective Same as Isopod .

Isopogonous adjective [ Iso- + Greek ... beard.] (Zoology) Having the two webs equal in breadth; -- said of feathers.

Isoprene noun [ Etymol. uncertain.] (Chemistry) An oily, volatile hydrocarbon, obtained by the distillation of caoutchouc or gutta-percha.

Isopycnic adjective [ Iso- + Greek pykno`s dense.] (Physics) Having equal density, as different regions of a medium; passing through points at which the density is equal; as, an isopycnic line or surface.

Isopycnic noun (Physics) A line or surface passing through those points in a medium, at which the density is the same.

Isorcin noun [ Iso- + orcin .] (Chemistry) A crystalline hydrocarbon derivative, metameric with orcin, but produced artificially; -- called also cresorcin .

Isorropic adjective [ Greek 'iso`rropos in equipoise; 'i`sos equal + "roph` downward inclination or momentum.] Of equal value.

Isorropic line (in a diagram) (Geom.) , the locus of all the points for which a specified function has a constant value. Newcomb.

Isosceles adjective [ Latin , from Greek ...; 'i`sos equal + ... leg.] (Geom.) Having two legs or sides that are equal; -- said of a triangle.

Isospondyli noun plural [ New Latin , from Greek 'i`sos equal + ..., ..., a vertebra.] (Zoology) An extensive order of fishes, including the salmons, herrings, and many allied forms.

Isospondylous adjective (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Isospondyli; having the anterior vertebræ separate and normal.

Isospore noun (Biol.) (a) One of the spores produced by an isosporous organism. (b) A zygospore.

Isosporic adjective [ Iso- + Greek ... fruit.] (Botany) Producing but one kind of spore, as the ferns and Equiseta. Confer Heterosporic .

Isosporous adjective [ Iso- + Greek ... fruit.] (Biol.) Producing but one kind of spore, as the ferns.

Isostasy noun [ See Iso- ; Stasis .] The state or quality of being isostatic. Specif. (Geol.) , general equilibrium in the earth's crust, supposed to be maintained by the yielding or flow of rock material beneath the surface under gravitative stress. By the theory of isostasy each unit column of the earth, from surface to center, has approximately the same weight, and the continents stand higher than the ocean beds chiefly because the material of the crust has there less density.

Isostatic adjective [ Iso- + static .] (Physics & Geol.) Subjected to equal pressure from every side; being in hydrostatic equilibrium, as a body submerged in a liquid at rest; pertaining to, or characterized by, isostasy.

Isostemonous adjective [ Iso- + Greek sth`mwn thread.] (Botany) Having exactly as many stamens as petals.

Isostemony noun (Botany) The quality or state of being isostemonous.

Isosulphocyanate noun (Chemistry) A salt of isosulphocyanic acid.

Isosulphocyanic adjective (Chemistry) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid, HNCS, isomeric with sulphocyanic acid.

Isotheral adjective Having the nature of an isothere; indicating the distribution of temperature by means of an isothere; as, an isotheral chart or line.

Isothere noun [ Iso- + Greek ... summer, ... to heat.] (Physics Geology) A line connecting points on the earth's surface having the same mean summer temperature.

Isotherm noun [ Iso- + Greek ... heat, from ... hot.] (Physics Geology) A line connecting or marking points on the earth's surface having the same temperature. This may be the temperature for a given time of observation, or the mean temperature for a year or other period. Also, a similar line based on the distribution of temperature in the ocean.

Isothermal adjective [ Confer French isotherme .] (a) Relating to equality of temperature. (b) (Physics Geology) Having reference to the geographical distribution of temperature, as exhibited by means of isotherms; as, an isothermal line; an isothermal chart.

Isothermal line . (a) An isotherm . (b) A line drawn on a diagram of energy such that its ordinates represent the pressures of a substance corresponding to various volumes, while the absolute temperature is maintained at a constant value. -- Isothermal zones , spaces on opposite sides of the equator having the same mean temperature, and bounded by corresponding isothermal lines.

Isothermobath noun [ Iso- + Greek ... hot + ... depth.] (Physics Geog) A line drawn through points of equal temperature in a vertical section of the ocean.

Isothermobathic adjective Of or pertaining to an isothermobath; possessing or indicating equal temperatures in a vertical section, as of the ocean.

Isotherombrose noun [ Iso- + Greek qe`ros summer + 'o`mbros rain.] (Physics Geog) A line connecting or marking points on the earth's surface, which have the same mean summer rainfall.

Isotonic adjective [ Iso- + tonic .] Having or indicating, equal tones, or tension.

Isotonic system (Mus.) , a system consisting of intervals, in which each concord is alike tempered, and in which there are twelve equal semitones.

Isotrimorphic adjective Isotrimorphous.

Isotrimorphism noun [ Iso- + Greek ... thrice + ... form.] Isomorphism between the three forms, severally, of two trimorphous substances.

Isotrimorphous adjective Having the quality of isotrimorphism; isotrimorphic.

Isotropic adjective [ Iso- + Greek ... a turning, from ... to turn.] (Physics) Having the same properties in all directions; specifically, equally elastic in all directions.

Isotropism noun Isotropy.

Isotropous adjective Isotropic.

Isotropy noun (Physics) Uniformity of physical properties in all directions in a body; absence of all kinds of polarity; specifically, equal elasticity in all directions.

Isouric adjective [ Iso- + uric .] (Chemistry) Pertaining to, or designating, a complex nitrogenous acid, isomeric with uric acid.

Israelite noun [ Latin Israëlites , Greek ..., from ..., ..., Israel, Hebrew Yisrā...l , i. e., champion of God; sārāh to fight + ...l God.] A descendant of Israel, or Jacob; a Hebrew; a Jew.

Israelitic, Israelitish adjective Of or pertaining to Israel, or to the Israelites; Jewish; Hebrew.

Issuable adjective [ From Issue .]

1. Leading to, producing, or relating to, an issue; capable of being made an issue at law. Burrill.

2. Lawful or suitable to be issued; as, a writ issuable on these grounds.

Issuable plea (Law) , a plea to the merits, on which the adverse party may take issue and proceed to trial.

Issuably adverb In an issuable manner; by way of issue; as, to plead issuably .

Issuance noun The act of issuing, or giving out; as, the issuance of an order; the issuance of rations, and the like.

Issuant adjective (Her.) Issuing or coming up; -- a term used to express a charge or bearing rising or coming out of another.