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Bibliolatry (-trȳ) noun [ Greek bibli`on book + latrei`a service, worship, latrey`ein to serve.] Book worship, esp. of the Bible; -- applied by Roman Catholic divines to the exaltation of the authority of the Bible over that of the pope or the church, and by Protestants to an excessive regard to the letter of the Scriptures. Coleridge. F. W. Newman.

Bibliological adjective Relating to bibliology.

Bibliology noun [ Greek ... book + -logy .]

1. An account of books; book lore; bibliography.

2. The literature or doctrine of the Bible.

Bibliomancy noun [ Greek ... book + -mancy : confer French bibliomancie .] A kind of divination, performed by selecting passages of Scripture at hazard, and drawing from them indications concerning future events.

Bibliomania noun [ Greek ... book + ... madness: confer French bibliomanie .] A mania for acquiring books.

Bibliomaniac noun One who has a mania for books. -- adjective Relating to a bibliomaniac.

Bibliomaniacal adjective Pertaining to a passion for books; relating to a bibliomaniac.

Bibliopegic (-pĕj"ĭk) adjective [ Greek bibli`on book + phgny`nai to make fast.] Relating to the binding of books. [ R.]

Bibliopegist (bĭb`lĭ*ŏp"e*jĭst) noun A bookbinder.

Bibliopegistic (-ŏp`e*jĭs"tĭk) adjective Pertaining to the art of binding books. [ R.] Dibdin.

Bibliopegy noun [ See Bibliopegic .] The art of binding books. [ R.]

Bibliophile noun [ Greek ... book + ... to love: confer French bibliophile .] A lover of books.

Bibliophilism noun Love of books.

Bibliophilist noun A lover of books.

Bibliophobia noun [ Greek ... book + ... to fear.] A dread of books. [ R.]

Bibliopole noun [ Latin bibliopola , Greek ... ; ... book + ... to sell: confer French bibliopole .] One who sells books.

Bibliopolic, Bibliopolar adjective [ See Bibliopole .] Of or pertaining to the sale of books. " Bibliopolic difficulties." Carlyle.

Bibliopolism noun The trade or business of selling books.

Bibliopolist noun Same as Bibliopole .

Bibliopolistic adjective Of or pertaining to bibliopolism. Dibdin.

Bibliotaph, Bibliotaphist noun [ Greek ... book + ... a burial.] One who hides away books, as in a tomb. [ R.] Crabb.

Bibliothec noun A librarian.

Bibliotheca noun [ Latin See Bibliotheke .] A library.

Bibliothecal adjective [ Latin bibliothecalis . See Bibliotheke .] Belonging to a library. Byrom.

Bibliothecary noun [ Latin bibliothecarius : confer French bibliothécaire .] A librarian. [ Obsolete] Evelin.

Bibliotheke noun [ Latin bibliotheca , Greek ... ; ... book + ... a case, box, from ... to place: confer French bibliothèque .] A library. [ Obsolete] Bale.

Biblist noun [ Confer French bibliste . See Bible .]
1. One who makes the Bible the sole rule of faith.

2. A biblical scholar; a biblicist. I. Taylor.

Bibracteate adjective [ Prefix bi- + bracteate .] (Botany) Furnished with, or having, two bracts.

Bibulous adjective [ Latin bibulus , from bibere to drink. See Bib , transitive verb ]
1. Readily imbibing fluids or moisture; spongy; as, bibulous blotting paper.

2. Inclined to drink; addicted to tippling.

Bibulously adverb In a bibulous manner; with profuse imbibition or absorption. De Quincey.

Bicalcarate adjective [ Prefix bi- + calcarate .] Having two spurs, as the wing or leg of a bird.

Bicallose, Bicallous adjective [ Prefix bi- + callose , callous .] (Botany) Having two callosities or hard spots. Gray.

Bicameral adjective [ Prefix bi- + camera .] Consisting of, or including, two chambers, or legislative branches. Bentham.

Bicapsular adjective [ Prefix bi- + capsular : confer French bicapsulaire .] (Botany) Having two capsules; as, a bicapsular pericarp.

Bicarbonate noun [ Prefix bi- + carbonate .] (Chemistry) A carbonate in which but half the hydrogen of the acid is replaced by a positive element or radical, thus making the proportion of the acid to the positive or basic portion twice what it is in the normal carbonates; an acid carbonate; -- sometimes called supercarbonate .

Bicarbureted, -retted adjective [ Prefix bi- + carbureted .] (Chemistry) Containing two atoms or equivalents of carbon in the molecule. [ Obsolete or R.]

Bicarinate adjective [ Prefix bi- + carinate .] (Biol.) Having two keel-like projections, as the upper palea of grasses.

Bicaudal adjective [ Prefix bi- + caudal .] Having, or terminating in, two tails.

Bicaudate adjective [ Prefix bi- + caudate .] Two-tailed; bicaudal.

Bicched adjective [ Of unknown origin.] Pecked; pitted; notched. [ Obsolete] Chaucer.

Bicched bones , pecked, or notched, bones; dice.

Bice, Bise noun [ French bis , akin to Italian bigio light gray, tawny.] (Paint.) A pale blue pigment, prepared from the native blue carbonate of copper, or from smalt; -- called also blue bice .

Green bice is prepared from the blue, by adding yellow orpiment, or by grinding down the green carbonate of copper. Cooley. Brande & C.

Bicentenary adjective [ Prefix bi- + centenary .] Of or pertaining to two hundred, esp. to two hundred years; as, a bicentenary celebration. -- noun The two hundredth anniversary, or its celebration.

Bicentennial adjective [ Prefix bi- + centennial .]
1. Consisting of two hundred years.

2. Occurring every two hundred years.

Bicentennial noun The two hundredth year or anniversary, or its celebration.

Bicephalous adjective [ Prefix bi- + cephalous : confer French bicéphale .] Having two heads.

Biceps noun [ Latin , two-headed; bis twice + caput head. See Capital .] (Anat.) A muscle having two heads or origins; -- applied particularly to a flexor in the arm, and to another in the thigh.

Bichir noun [ Native name.] (Zoology) A remarkable ganoid fish ( Polypterus bichir ) found in the Nile and other African rivers. See Brachioganoidei .

Bichloride noun [ Prefix bi- + chloride .] (Chemistry) A compound consisting of two atoms of chlorine with one or more atoms of another element; -- called also dichloride .

Bichloride of mercury , mercuric chloride; -- sometimes called corrosive sublimate .

Bicho noun [ Spanish ] (Zoology) See Jigger .

Bichromate noun [ Prefix bi- + chromate .] (Chemistry) A salt containing two parts of chromic acid to one of the other ingredients; as, potassium bichromate ; -- called also dichromate .