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Curry Printing
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A strong transparent paper.

Gloss Ink
Quick drying oil based inks with low penetration qualities, used on coated stock.

A carved as opposed to scripted typeface.

An orange colored paper with gridlines, used to assemble materials for exposure for platemaking.

Graduated Screen
An area of image where halftone dots range continuously from one density to another.

Direction of fibers in a sheet of paper governing paper properties such as increased size changes with relative humidity, across the grain, and better folding properties along the grain.

Grained Paper
A paper embossed to resemble various textures, such as leather, alligator, wood, etc.

An intaglio or recessed printing process. The recessed areas are like wells that form the image as paper passes through.

A series of metal fingers that hold each sheet of paper as it passes through the various stages of the printing process.

Gripper Edge
The grippers of the printing press move the paper through the press by holding onto the leading edge of the sheet; this edge is the gripper edge.

Low cost papers such as newsprint made by the mechanical pulping process as opposed to chemical pulping and refining.

The application of gum arabic to the non printing areas of a plate.

Space between pages in the printing frame of a book, or inside margin towards the back or binding edge. The blank space or margin between the type page and the binding of a book.

Hairline register
Printing registration that lies within the range of plus or minus one half row of dots. It is the thinnest of the standard printers' rules.

Tone graduated image composed of varying sized dots or lines, with equidistant centers.

Halftone Paper
A high finish paper that is ideal for halftone printing.

Halftone Screen
A sheet of film or glass containing ruled right-angled lines, used to translate the full tone of a photo to the halftone dot image required for printing.

Hard Dot
The effect in a photograph where a dot has such a small degree of halation that the dot shows quite sharp.

Head Margin
That space which lies between the top of the printed copy and the trimmed edge.

Imperfections in presswork due to dirt on press, trapping errors, etc.

High Bulk Paper
Paper stock that is comparatively thick in relation to its basis weight.

High Key Halftone
A halftone that is made utilizing only the highlight tones down through the middle tones.

Highlight Dot
The highest density of a halftone image.

The lightest tones of a photo, printed halftone or illustration. In the finished halftone, these highlights are represented by the finest dots.

That space on the spine of a case bound book between the block of the book and the case binding.

Hot melt
An adhesive used in the binding process, which requires heat for application.

House Sheet
This is a term that refers to a paper that a printer keeps on hand in his shop.

Inside back cover.

Inside front cover.

Image Area
That portion of the printing plate that carries the ink and prints on paper.

Image Setter
High resolution, large format device for producing film from electronically generated page layouts.

Arrangement of pages so that they print correctly on a press sheet, and the pages are in proper order when the sheets are folded.

Product resulting from one cycle of printing machine. The pressure of the image carrier, whether it be the type, plate or blanket, when it contacts the paper.

Index Bristol
A relatively thick paper stock; basis size---25 1/2 x 30 1/2.

Markings pre-printed on mailing envelopes to replace the stamp.

Industrial Papers
A term used to denote papers such as janitorial, sanitary or heavy packing papers.

Ink Fountain
The device which stores and meters ink to the inking rollers.

Ink Holdout
A quality of paper to be resistant to ink absorption, allowing the ink to dry on the paper surface.

Ink Mist
Any threads or filaments which protrude from the main printed letter body of long inks, as seen in newsprint.

Ink Setting
The inertial resistance to flow that occurs to ink as soon as it is printed.

A device used to measure the tack of ink.

Extra printed pages inserted loosely into printed pieces.

Integral Proof
A proof made by exposing each of the four-color separations to an emulsion layer of primary colors. These emulsion sheets are stacked in register with a white sheet of paper in the background. Types of integral proofs are cromalin, matchprint, ektaflex, and spactraproof.

Extra blank pages inserted loosely into book after printing.

Iridescent Paper
A coated stock finished in mother-of-pearl.

Text that is used to denote emphasis by slanting the type body forward.

Job Number
A number assigned to a printing project used for record keeping and job tracking. Also used to retrieve old jobs for reprints or reworking by customer.

To vibrate a stack of finished pages so that they are tightly aligned for final trimming.

Vibrating, sloping platform that evens up the edges of stacks of paper.

The narrowing of space between two letters so that they become closer and take up less space on the page.

Key Plate
The printing plate that is used as a guide for the other plates in the color printing process; it usually has the most detail.

The use of symbols, usually letters, to code copy that will appear on a dummy.

Lines that are drawn on artwork that indicate the exact placement, shape and size of elements including halftones, illustrations etc.

Kiss Impression
A delicate printed impression, just heavy enough to be seen.

A coarse unbleached paper used for printing and industrial products.

A clear gloss coating applied to printed material for strength, appearance and protection.

Laid Finish
A parallel lined paper that has a handmade look.

Laser Engraving
A paper cutting technique whereby laser technology is utilized to cut away certain unmasked areas of the paper. The cutting is a result of the exposure of the paper to the laser ray, which actually evaporates the paper.

Lay Edge
Edge of a sheet of paper being fed into a printing press.

A rendition that shows the placement of all the elements, roughs, thumbnails etc., of the final printed piece before it goes to print.

The dots or dashes used in type to guide the eye from one set of type to the next.

Space between lines of type; the distance in points between one baseline and the next.

One of a number of folds (each containing two pages) which comprises a book or manuscript.

Leaf Stamping
A metal die, either (flat, or embossed), created from the image or copy, which is then heated to a specific temperature which allows the transfer of a film of pigmented polyester to the paper.

Ledger Paper
A stiff heavy business paper generally used for keeping records.

The optimum length of a filament of ink.

Printing that utilizes inked raised surfaces to create the image.

The addition of space between typeset letters.

Line Copy
Any copy that can be reproduced without the use of halftone screens.

A paper that emulates the look and texture of linen cloth.

Lithocoated Paper
A paper that is coated with a special water-resistant material which is able to withstand the lithographic process.

The process of printing that utilizes flat inked surfaces to create the printed images.

A personalized type or design symbol for a company or product.

Machine Coated
Paper that has had a coating applied to either one or two of its sides during the papermaking process.

Machine Direction
An alternate term for grain direction.

Machine Finish
A paper finish that results from the interaction of the paper with the Fourdrinier process as opposed to post machine embossing. Reference, Fourdrinier

Magnetic Black
Black pigments containing black iron oxides, used for magnetic ink character recognition.

Make Rready
Process of adjusting final plate on the press to fine tune or modify plate surface.

Imprinted space around edge of page.

To write up instructions, as on a dummy.

(1) The blocking out of a portion of the printing plate during the exposure process.

(2) A photo negative or positive used in the color separation process to color correct. Reference, PRINTING, mask.

Match Print
Photographic proof made from all color flats and form composite proof showing color quality as well as accuracy, layout, and imposition before plates are made.

Matte Finish
A coated paper finish that goes through minimal calendaring. Reference, calendaring.

The width of type as measured in picas. Reference, picas.

A term used to describe finished artwork that is camera ready for reproduction, including all type, photos, illustrations etc.

Metropolitan Service Area
A group of ZIP codes usually in close proximity defining a large metropolitan area (e.g. New York City or Los Angeles).

Midtone Dot
Commonly taken as the area between highlight and shadow area of a subject's face in halftone image.

An undesirable halftone pattern produced by the incorrect angles of overprinting halftone screens.

A cotton fabric used on the dampening rollers of a printing press.

Molybdate Orange
An ink pigment made from precipitating lead molybdate, lead sulfate and lead chromate.

A term used to describe spotty or uneven ink absorption.

Coarse muslin glue placed on the back of book or pads for strengthening.

Mullen Testing
A specific test of tensile paper strength; an important factor if web presses are used for printing.

A term to describe papers that have a color similar to that of wood; also called cream, off-white or ivory.

Film that contains the same images as the original print, except that all colors and shades are reversed. Reference, positive.

A light, low cost groundwood paper made especially for newspapers. Reference, groundwood.

Nominal Weight
When the basis weight of paper differs from the actual weight, the term nominal weight is used.

OA Of Register
When two sheet passes on a press are misaligned.

Outside back cover.