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Superglossary - Ice Hockey
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Date & country: 11/12/2013, USA
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Adams Division
With the patrick division made up the wales conference until the 1992-93 season; renamed the northea

All-Star Game
A mid-season exhibition game pitting selected stars of north american origin against selected stars

Alternate Captain
Each team has to have two alternate captains. They take over the duties of the captain when he is of

The pass or passes which immediately precede a successful scoring attempt; a maximum of two assists

Attack Zone
The opposing team's end of the ice, as determined by the blue line.

Attacking Line
Consists of two wings (right and left) and a center; these three players play nearer the opponent

Attacking Zone
Is that portion of the rink farthest from the defended goal. So that area closest to your opponent

Back Checking
When a forward helps out the defense by going back into his own zone to try and take the puck away f

Back Line
A team's defensemen, as a unit.

An attempt by a player, on his way back to his defensive zone, to regain the puck from the oppositio

Rushing back to the defensive zone in response to an opposing team's attack.

A shot or pass made from the side of the body opposite the stick hand.

Backhand Shot
When a shot is taken with the back of the stick, and the shot is a reverse motion from the normal mo

A shot that is taken from the backside of the blade.

A goaltender.

Bad Language
Players will not use obscene gestures on the ice, (sure they won

Hockey arena.

Beat The Defense
To get by one or both of the defensemen.

Beat The Goalie
To score a goal, usually by faking out or outsmarting the opposing goaltender.

Behind The Net
The area of ice behind the goal cage is legal territory.

Bench Minor Penalty
A two-minute penalty assessed against someone in a team's bench area rather than a player on the ice

Bench Penalty
When a player of the offending team must send a player to the penalty box.

Someone who can't skate well.

The puck.

Biscuit In The Basket
Scoring a goal.

Hockey puck.

Bisquit In The Basket
The puck hitting the back of the net on a goal.

The flat section of a hockey stick that contacts the puck.

Blind Pass
When a player passes the puck but can

This is the padded glove that a goaltender holds his stick with. He will also use it to stop shots.

Blocking Glove
A large glove worn by the goalie on the stick hand, which has a rectangular pad attached to the back

Blue Lines
Two blue, 12-inch wide lines running parallel across the ice, each 60 feet from the goal; they divid

A defenseman.

Board Wall
A wooden or fiberglass wall 3 1/2 to 4 feet high which surrounds the rink to keep the puck and playe

Sending an opponent violently into the boards by any method, including a body check, elbowing, and t

This is when a player checks another player into the boards in a very vicious manner and the player

The wall around the ice that is topped with plexiglas or other clear material. It is also referred t

Body Check
When a hockey player bumps or slams into an opponent with either his hip or shoulder (the only legal

1) a defensive formation, when a team is short-handed, in which the four remaining skaters form a sq

A chance to start a rush when the opposing forwards are caught out of position.

A fast break in which an attacker with the puck skates in alone on the goalie, having gotten past or

Breaking Pass
A pass to a teammate who is trying for a breakaway.

A method of moving the puck out of the defensive zone and beginning an attack.

Breakout Pass
This is a pass made to another player who is moving for a breakaway.

The top end of the hockey stick.

A major penalty which occurs when a player jabs an opponent with the shaft of his hockey stick.

This is a goaltending technique where goalie will keep his knees together but his feet slightly apar

Another name for the net.

Campbell Conference
Was one of the two conferences in the nhl that contained the norris and smythe divisions until 1992-

A rebound of the puck off the boards or any other object.

Catching Glove
The glove worn by the goalie on the non-stick hand.

Caught Up Ice
When a player is in his team's offensive zone while the puck and the other players are in his team

The player in the center of a team's forward line. He takes most of the faceoffs and often leads an

Center Circle
The faceoff circle, 30 feet in diameter, surrounding the center ice spot, where faceoffs are held to

Center Face-Off Circle
A circle, measuring 30 feet in diameter, at the center of the ice where the puck is dropped in a fac

Center Faceoff Spot
The faceoff spot inside the center ice circle, marking the exact center of the rink.

Center Forward
Old name for the center.

Center Ice
The area between the two blue lines, also called the neutral zone.

Center Ice Circle
The faceoff circle, 30 feet in diameter, surrounding the center ice spot, where faceoffs are held to

Center Ice Spot
The faceoff spot inside the center ice circle, marking the exact center of the rink.

Center Line
A red, 12-inch wide line across the ice midway between the two goals.

Center The Puck
To pass the puck from near a corner in the attacking zone into the area in front of the goal cage.

Center Zone
The neutral zone.

Centering Pass
A pass from an attacking player towards the middle of the ice to a teammate with a better angle at t

Change On The Fly
This means that players are entering the game and leaving the game while the game is being played.

This means that a player violently checks an opponent in any manner. A 'charge' may be the result of

Any contact initiated by a defending player against an opponent to get the puck away from him or slo

This is a term that refers to a player whose job it is to try and keep the other team from scoring.

Any contact initiated by a defending player against an opponent to get the puck away from him or slo

Checking From Behind
This is an illegal check. A check delivered on a player who is not aware of the impending hit, and t

Checking Line
A line made up of players known primarily for defense, not scoring.

Cherry Picking
When a player, generally a forward, hangs out behind the play waiting for a outlet pass so that he c


Players are getting irritated with one another.

To pass, poke, or deflect the puck away from one's own goal cage, or out of the defensive zone. As a

Clear The Zone
When a defenseman moves the puck out of the defending zone before it can be shot on goal.

Getting the puck out of your defensive zone, so the other team can

Clearing The Zone
When a defending player sends the puck out of the opponent's attacking zone, all the attacking playe

This is when a player throws his body, from any direction, across or below the knees of an opponent.

Coast To Coast
When a player carries the puck from his own end into the offensive end.

Coincidental Penalties
When penalties are given out to opposing players at the same time. The result is that neither team w

An area of the rink near one of the four rounded sections where the sideboards and endboards meet.

When a player stays close to an opponent to prevent him from receiving a pass or making a play on of

When a defensive player guards an offensive player very closely, so closely that the offensive playe

This is the area directly in front of the goal. This area is marked out by a semicircle that has a r

Crease Lines
The red lines that form the semi-circular area with a 6-foot radius in front of the goal called the

Crisscross Attack
This describes when two wingman switch sides of the rink when they are attacking the opposing teams

Cross Bar
The 6-foot-long horizontal bar that connects the tops of the goal posts.

A minor penalty which occurs when a player holds his stick in both hands and drives the shaft into a

Cycling The Puck
This is when two offensive players, while in the offensive zone, move the puck along the boards.

When a player handles the puck or himself in such a manner to fool the opponent into moving out of p

The small ledge at the top of the boards.

When the puck can

Dead Puck
A puck that flies out of the rink or that a player has caught in his hand.

Defending Zone
Is that portion of the ice rink where the goal is located, and so each team

Two players who make up a team

Defensive Line
Consists of two defensemen.

Defensive Zone
The area in a team's own end of the ice, between the blue line and the goal line.

A shot or pass that changes direction when it strikes a player, skate, or stick. While often acciden

When a player handles the puck or himself in such a manner to fool the opponent into moving out of p