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Superglossary - Ice Hockey
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Date & country: 11/12/2013, USA
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A decoying or faking motion by the puck-carrier; the art of making a defensive player think you are

Delay Of Game
An infraction that covers several different offenses. The most common is when a player, most often t

Delayed Offside
An apparent offside on which the linesman doesn't blow the whistle immediately because a defending p

Delayed Offside
This happens when an attacking player is offside but the game continues because the defending team h

Delayed Penalty
1) a penalty that isn't called immediately because the non-offending team has control of the puck in

Delayed Whistle
When an official raises his arm but does not blow his whistle, waiting to see the outcome of a play

A defensive formation, used when a team is short-handed, in which the four remaining skaters form in

When a player uses their body or stick in an attempt to get the puck away from an opposing player. T

Dirty Player
There are some players, both current and historical, whose style of play and history of penalties ch

A dive is when a player embellishes contact made against him in order to draw a penalty, however, so

Double Minor
A type of minor penalty given for certain accidental infractions that result in an injury to another

Getting the puck to a teammate during the face off.

Drop Pass
When a player passes the puck directly behind him to a teammate. If executed properly, the puck stop

Dropping The Mitts
A fight.

Dump And Chase
A style of hockey where a team shoots the puck into one of the corners of the offensive zone and the

Eastern Conference
The renamed wales conference beginning with the 1993-94 season which contains the atlantic, northeas

Elbowing is when a player uses an extended elbow in a manner that may or may not cause injury. This

Empty Net
A net that's unprotected, because the goalie is out of position or because he's off the ice in favor

Empty Net Goal
A goal scored when the net is not guarded by the goalie, usually because he's been pulled to get an

End Zones
The area behind the each of the goals.

A section of the boards at an end of the rink.

The player on the team who protects the players on his team. Enforces have been known to fight to pr

Exhibition Game
A game not included in the regular-season schedule and which does not count in the standings; the al

The addition of teams to the nhl.

Expansion Draft
A special arrangement to assist new franchises in obtaining players, where expansion teams choose pl

Expansion Team
A team that has been recently added to the nhl.

Extra Attacker
A player who has been substituted for the team's goaltender on the ice.

Extra Skater
A player, usually a forward, who is on the ice to replace the goalie, either during a delayed penalt

Face Mask
The protective mask worn by the goalie.

Face Wash
A face wash is when a player rubs his hockey glove over the face of an opponent.

Face-Off Circles
The various circular spots on the ice where an official and two players will hold a face-off to begi

The method of starting play at the beginning of a period or of restarting after play has been stoppe

Falling On The Puck
An infraction, incurring a minor penalty, that occurs when a player other than a goalie deliberately

A fan is when a player misses the puck when attempting to play or shoot it.

To make a pass that sets a teammate up for a shot.

Passing the puck.

Fighting can be a minor (roughing) penalty or a major penalty and a game misconduct. This is at the

A fight.

Five Hole
Placing a shot between the goalie's legs.

Five On Five
Full strength (also called 5-on-5) refers to when both teams have five skaters and one goaltender on

Five On Three
Five on three (also called two-man advantage) is when one team has had two players sent to the penal

Flat Pass
When a player passes the puck to a teammate along the surface of the ice.

Flip Pass
A pass by a player to a teammate that lifts the puck from the ice and sends it through the air, usua

Flip Shot
A shot in which a player cups the puck in his stick, then flips it with his wrists up off the ice to

To check or harass an opponent who has the puck in his defensive zone and keep the opponents in thei

Checking in the offensive zone in order to gain control of the puck and set up a scoring opportunity

A shot or pass taken from the right side of a right-handed player or from the left side of a left-ha

Forehand Shot
This just means to shoot the puck in a forward motion. This is the most common way to shoot a puck i

There are three forwards on a hockey team and they are the main offensive players. Their job is to s

Forward Line
Consists of two wings (right and left) and a center; these three players play nearer the opponent

The three players who make up the attacking line or forward line of a team

Any infraction of the rules that will draw a penalty.

A team; the legal arrangement that establishes ownership of a team.

Freeze The Puck
To hold the puck against the boards or the back of the net with the skate or stick, in order to stop

Freezing The Puck
When a player pushes the puck against the boards so that it can

Frozen Rubber
Hockey puck.

Full Strength
Full strength (also called 5-on-5) refers to when both teams have five skaters and one goaltender on

A hockey game is made up of three periods of 20 minutes each. There are various methods of dealing w

Game Misconduct
A penalty on which a player is ejected for the rest of the game, assessed for a serious violation su

Game Misconduct Penalty
When a player has a game misconduct penalty called against him, he must leave the game for the remai

Game Timekeeper
An official who is responsible for everything involved in timing the game

Garbage Goal
A goal that takes little talent to score. Most such goals are scored from right in front of the net,

The penalty box (sometimes called the sin bin or bin) is the area where a player sits to serve the t

Get The Jump
To move fast and thereby get a good start on the opponents.

A play on which a player passes to a teammate, then skates past him, ready for a quick return pass.

The plexiglas sheet on top of the boards, which protects spectators and players on the bench from th

Glove Hand
The hand that the goalie catches the puck with, in contrast to his stick hand, which is the hand tha

Glove Save
A save made with the catching glove.

Glove Side
The side on which the goaltender wears the catching glove; the opposite of stick side.

Provides one point; scored when a puck goes between the goalposts from the stick of an attacking pla

Goal Cage
A 6 foot wide by 4 foot high tubular steel frame consisting of a cross bar and two goalposts to whic

Goal Crease
An area in front of the goal cage. In the national hockey league, the crease is a rectangle 8 feet w

Goal Judge
One of two officials who are responsible for determining whether the puck has passed between the goa

Goal Light
A light behind the goal cage, next to the green light, that is turned on by the goal judge to indica

Goal Line
This is a red line that is painted across the ice and it marks the front edge of the goal and the pu

Goal Mouth
The opening at the front of the goal cage formed by the goal posts and the crossbar, plus the ice ar

Goal Post
One of the two vertical metal bars that, with the crossbar, frame the goal cage.

The goaltender.

The heavily padded player who guards the goal; prevents opponents from scoring by stopping the puck

The heavily padded player who guards the goal; prevents opponents from scoring by stopping the puck

The metal bars that frame the area to which the net is attached which rests on the center of the goa

Goals Against
The total number of goals given up by a goaltender or a team within a given period of time.

Goals Against Average
The average number of goals given up per 60-minute game by a goaltender or a team within a given per

The defensive player normally stationed directly in front of the goal cage, whose primary job is to

A player who has little other purpose on the ice then to try and get players to fight.

Gordie Howe Hat Trick
A gordie howe hat trick is when one player scores a goal, notches an assist and gets into a fight al

Green Light
A light behind the goal cage, next to the red light, that goes on when time has expired in a period.

Gross Misconduct
A kind of all-purpose category for extreme misbehavior by a player, coach, manager, or trainer. The

Gross Misconduct Penalty
Like a game misconduct penalty the player must leave the game for the remainder of the game. However

Hand Pass
The act of batting, deflecting, or throwing the puck toward a teammate, resulting in stoppage of a p

Hash Marks
The straight lines emerging from the two big circles in front of both nets. These lines direct playe

Hat Trick
When a player scores three goals in a single game. It is a tradition for fans to throw their hats on

Head Deke
When a player drops his head as though moving one way and quickly moves in another to fake out the o

Head Man
To pass the puck ahead to a teammate, especially on a rush; as in, 'jagr head mans the puck to gretz

The section of a hockey stick where the blade is attached to the shaft.

Heel Of The Stick
This is the part of the stick where the handle ends and the blade begins. It is the curved part of t

High Stick
This is when a stick is carried above the height of the opponent's shoulders. A player is permitted

A minor penalty which occurs when a player carries his stick above the normal height of his opponent

Hip Check
A check on which the defensive player bumps the opponent with the hip. As a verb, to execute such a

Hip Checking
Using your hips to block or hit an opponent and knock them off stride.