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Superglossary - Ice Hockey
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Date & country: 11/12/2013, USA
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The player currently in possession of the puck.

Pulling The Goalie
When a team is down by one goal and they are running out of time, they might take the goalie off the

A player who is easy to get around due to lack of speed or skill.

Quick Whistle
A 'quick whistle' is a stoppage in play that occasionally occurs when an on-ice official whistles th

Rag The Puck
To retain control of the puck, without attempting to score, for a considerable period of time, usual

Retaining the puck by clever stickhandling; often used by a shorthanded team to kill time.

A defenseman.

A rebound occurs when the puck bounces off a goalie, a player, or the net (or occasionally, the back

Red Light
A light behind the goal cage, next to the green light, that is turned on by the goal judge to indica

Red Line
A line, 12 inches wide, that extends across the ice midway between the goal lines. Also known as the

The primary official(s) on the ice who makes sure that the rules of the game are followed. The refer

Referee�s Crease
A semi-circular area, with a 10 foot radius, marked in red on the ice in front of the timekeepers

Restraining Circle
A faceoff circle.

Right Defenseman
This is a player who plays along the right side of the rink on defense

Right Wing
The forward who lines up and operates primarily on the right side of the ice, usually a right-handed

Where an ice hockey game is played. A hockey rink is 200 feet (61 meters) long and 85 feet (25.9 met

Ripple The Twine
Scoring a goal.

Big hit

Rockered Blades
Used by professional ice hockey skaters; the gentle curve in a very sharp blade of an ice skate prod

A rookie.

A list of the players on a team.

This is when a player makes a check or a hit on a player that is considered harder or rougher then a

Hockey puck.

A rapid movement of the puck, by one or more players, into the attacking zone and toward the opposit

Saucer Pass
A saucer pass is an airborne pass from one player to another. It is called a saucer pass because the

The act, by a goaltender, in deflecting or stopping a shot on goal. As a verb, to make a save.

This is an off-ice official who keeps track of all the goals scored, which player scored the goal an

Several players from both sides close together battling for possession of the puck.

This is when a player will get in-between the puck and the goalie so the goalie can

Screen Shot
A shot on goal that the goalie cannot see because it was taken from behind one or more players from

Screened Shot
Goaltender's view is blocked by players between he and the shooter.

To cover an opponent, one on one, everywhere on the ice. As a noun, a player assigned to shadow a sp

The long part of the stick that is straight and is held by the player.

When players are substituted on and off the ice.

Shooting Angle
The angle determined by the position of the shooting player in relation to the goal at the moment he

Short Handed
When a team has fewer players on the ice than the opposition because a penalty is being served by on

Short Side
The side of the goal cage where the goaltender is playing; so called because there's a smaller area

Short-Handed Goal
A goal scored by a player whose team is short-handed. See also power play goal.

A team with one or more players off the ice in the penalty box when the opponent has its full comple

The side of the goal closest to the shooter.

Shot On Goal
A shot on goal is a shot that will enter the goal if it is not stopped by the goaltender. A shot on

Shoulder Deke
A quick move of the shoulder in one direction and the player in another to fake out the opponent.

Shut Out
To hold the opposition scoreless for an entire game or any specified period of time; e.g., 'the brui

The section of the boards along the side of the rink, between the goal lines.

Sin Bin
The penalty box.

Sixth Attacker
This is the extra skater who comes on the ice after the goalie has been pulled.

Any player who is not a goaltender.

Slap Shot
A shot in which the player raises his stick in a backswing, with his strong hand held low on the sha

A slapshot is a hard shot, usually with a big wind up, wherein the player bends his stick on the ice

This is when a player swings his stick at an opponent, whether contact is made or not. Non-aggressiv

An attacking player who slips into the center or neutral zone behind the attacking defensemen; same

An area immediately in front of the goal and extending about 10 yards out, considered the best area

Slow Whistle
A slow whistle is when an official waits to blow his whistle, usually due to a delayed offside or de

Smother The Puck
To cover the puck with the hands or body. The goaltender is allowed to smother the puck in the goal

Smythe Division
With the norris division made up the campbell conference until the 1992-93 season; renamed the pacif

Snap Pass
A quick pass made with a snap of the wrists, similar to a wrist shot.

Snap Shot
A slap shot is a like an abbreviated slap shot. The purpose of the snap shot is to combine the main

Snipe Show
A dirty goal.

A player with a powerful, accurate shot skilled at finishing plays. Snipers frequently score more go

A rush by a player without assistance from a teammate.

Spearing means stabbing an opponent with the point of the stick blade whether contact is made or not

Phrase coined by sportscaster danny gallivan to describe a player completing several tight circles w

Split The Defense
To skate between two defenders into or within the attacking zone.

Spot Pass
This is a pass that goes to a place on the ice rather than a pass to a specific player. Hopefully a

Stack The Pads
A save wherein the goaltender drops to one side and makes the save with his leg pads.

Stay-At-Home Defense Man
A defense man who plays very defensively. He doesn't rush the puck very often.

Stick Check
Checking an opponent with the stick. See hook check; poke check; sweep check.

Stick Deke
When a player

Stick Save
A save made with the goaltender's stick.

Stick Side
The side on which the goaltender holds the stick; the opposite of glove side.

The act of controlling the puck with one's stick, especially while manoeuvering through opponents.

The shaft of player's sticks are made of wood or aluminum and the maximum length can be 63 inches 5

Made a great save.

A save; as a verb, to make a save.

Occurs when a player comes off the bench to replace a player coming out of the game; can be made at

Sudden-Death Overtime
An overtime period that ends as soon as one team scores a goal, determining the winner and terminati

Sweep Check
A check made by a player with one hand on the stick, and one knee so low it is practically on the ic

Take The Body
To body check an opponent.

A hockey team has 15-20 players and 6 of these players will be on the ice playing at one time.

The Point
A player in the opponent's end zone at the junction of the blue line with the boards is said to be a

Third Man In
A player who gets involved in a fight between two other players; draws a game misconduct penalty.

Third-Man-In Rule
The third man in a fight gets a game misconduct penalty and is out of the game for its duration; cre

A type of break with three attackers coming in on one defenseman; this is a desperate situation.

A type of break with three attacking players skating against two defensive players.

Throwing Stick
When any member of the defending team, including any manager, coach or trainer, deliberately throws

Time Out
A 30-second stoppage of play during which a team and coach can discuss strategy. Each team is allowe

Toe Drag
Dragging the puck along the ice with the end (toe) of the stick blade on the ice as opposed to the b

Too Many Players On The Ice
An infraction that draws a bench minor penalty. It most often occurs when a team is trying to change

Top Shelf
Placing a shot in the top quarter of the net.

A player who follows his teammate on the attack seemingly out of the action but actually in a positi

A defense designed to slow down the opposition's offense by trapping the puck in the neutral zone, t

The defensive alignment generally used when a team is two players short because of penalties. The th

Tripping is a minor penalty and is imposed on any player who places his stick or any portion of his

When a team loses control of the puck to the opposition. Same term used in football.

Two-Line Pass
When a player passes the puck ahead to a teammate which crosses both a red and a blue line.

Two-Line Pass
A type of offside violation occuring when a player passes the puck from his defending zone to a team

Two-Man Advantage
The situation in which a team has two more players on the ice than the opposition. See also man adva

When two offensive players, who are attacking, have only one defender to beat before they reach the

A type of break with two attacking players skating against two defensive players.

A formation often used by a team on the power play to spread the defense; so named because it resemb