Proglumide (Milid) is a drug that inhibits gastrointestinal motility and reduces gastric secretions. It acts as a cholecystokinin antagonist, which blocks both the CCKA and CCKB subtypes. It was used mainly in the treatment of stomach ulcers, although it has now been largely replaced by newer drugs for this application. An interesting side effect ...
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<chemical> 4-benzamido-n,n-dipropylglutaramic acid. A drug that exerts an inhibitory effect on gastric secretion and reduces gastrointestinal motility. It is used clinically in the drug therapy of gastrointestinal ulcers. ... Pharmacological action: anti-ulcer agents. ... Chemical name: Pentanoic acid, 4-(benzoylamino)-5-(dipropylamino)-5-oxo...
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