Member of a Central Asian nomadic people who in the 6th century invaded the area of Russia north of the Black Sea previously held by the Huns. They extended their dominion over the Bulgarians and...
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Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
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abbreviation or symbol for the operation of taking the asymptotic variance of an expression, thus: avar(). Contexts: econometrics
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one of a people of undetermined origin and language, who, playing an important role in eastern Europe (6th–9th century), built an empire in the area ... [22 related articles]
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[animation variable] An avar or animation variable (or hinge) is a variable controlling the position of part of an animated object, such as a character. The character `Woody` in Pixar`s movie Toy Story uses 712 avars (with 212 in the face alone ). Successive sets of avars control all movement of the character from frame to frame. In develop...
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