==Perhexiline metabolism== The major route of perhexiline metabolism in humans is hydroxylation by microsomal CYP2D6. The two main metabolites of perhexiline are the cis and trans isomers of hydroxyperhexiline. CYP2D6 accounts for only a small percentage of total hepatic CYP450s but it is one of the main pathways for phase one metabolism of xenobi...
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<chemical> 2-(2,2-dicyclohexylethyl)piperidine. Coronary vasodilator used especially for angina of effort. It may cause neuropathy and hepatitis. ... Pharmacological action: calcium channel blockers, cardiovascular agents, vasodilator agents. ... Chemical name: Piperidine, 2-(2,2-dicyclohexylethyl)- ... (12 Dec 1998) ...
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