Benomyl (also marketed as Benlate) is a fungicide introduced in 1968 by DuPont. It is a systemic benzimidazole fungicide that is selectively toxic to microorganisms and invertebrates, especially earthworms. Benomyl binds to microtubules, interfering with cell functions, such as meiosis and intracellular transportation. The selective toxicity of be...
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<chemical> Methyl 1-(butylcarbamoyl)-2-benzimidazolecarbamate. A systemic agricultural fungicide used for control of certain fungal diseases of stone fruit. ... Pharmacological action: anthelmintic, fungicides, industrial. ... Chemical name: Carbamic acid, (1-((butylamino)carbonyl)-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)-, methyl ester ... (12 Dec 1998) ...
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