= February 18 = == What`s the name of that movie? == Sounds like a game show...anyway, a physics teacher of mine told me about a mafia movie she had seen `10-15 years` ago. It was a B-movie, and included a scene where the good guys, presumably policemen or the like, synced a `sound gun` to the mafia men`s resonance frequency, while the mafia...
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AwakEVE is the 4th full album released by Japanese band Uverworld as well as the follow-up to their third album, Proglution. It was released February 18, 2009. A limited pressing of the album was also released on the same day which includes a DVD containing music videos of Roots, Gekidō, Koishikute and Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi as well as a vid...
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