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Studio Jewellery - Glossary
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The ring is one of the most common pieces of jewellery designed to be worn on the finger. A ring can be made from a precious material like gold, silver or platinum or from a common metal, plastic and even wood.

Rolled Gold
Rolled gold or gold fill is formed by having a layer of solid gold fitted onto a base metal using a procedure that involves heat and pressure. It is a thicker application than simple gold plate and therefore more valuable and will last a lot longer.

Rope Length Necklace
Tends to have a length exceeding that of 90cm or 35 inches and can be so long that ladies can double it around their neck. Very long pearl necklaces that wrap around the neck 2 or more times are good examples of this length.

Rope Necklace
A rope necklace is a chain item that has a very similar appearance to a rope thus the name, it can be fine to quite thick and is common in silver or gold, it is not to be confused with a rope length necklace which signifies an item with a length of at least 90 cms.

Rose Gold
24k gold which is virtually 99.9% pure is yellow in colour, however it is often mixed with other materials to reduce the cost and give it other properties and in fact it can take on virtually any colour. Rose gold tends to be mixed to obtain a pinkish hue and is very popular as a classic colour in fine jewellery.

Round Cut Diamond
The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular design of today due to its multi faceted aspect which reflects light in every direction giving that characteristic deep sparkle. It can be seen on rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

The ruby is a vivid red coloured transparent gemstone which gets its blood red color from the chromium element and it is one of the four precious stones along with the diamond, sapphire and emerald.

Russian Style Gold
Russian Style Gold pattern has had many meanings over the years but the most well known is the use of the 3 gold colours Rose, White and Yellow to form beautiful tri colour rings, earrings or necklace pendants.

A sapphire is a variety of the corundum mineral. It is considered one of the most beautiful and precious gemstones because of its splendid deep blue color. Sapphires can be found naturally in sediments and rock formations or they can be produced by industrial means

The shank of a ring is the body or band which does not include the head, it is often the part that wears over years due to rubbing on surfaces and can be replaced by cutting away the very bottom of the shank and adding another piece of the same metal.

Signet Ring
A signet ring is defined by a pattern or inscribing on the top or head of the item. It can be just a decorative piece or have a deeper meaning like signifying that one belongs to a club or is a person of standing in ancient society.

Silver is a precious metal of a grey-white color that is widely used in decorative art and jewellery making. It presents many unique attributes having the highest electrical conductivity, being the most reflective of all metals and has the highest thermal conductivity. Pure silver tends to be too soft for jewellery making so often 7.5% of copper and other materials are added to form sterling silver.

Simulant or Simulated
Whenever the term simulated is used in jewellery it refers to less expensive items that aim to look like much more expensive and exclusive items. High quality cubic zirconia's are often described as simulated diamonds or other precious gems.

Single Cut Diamond
A single cut is an old type of diamond faceting used primarily in the middle ages when technology did not allow for more intricate brilliants that we see today. It is also known as an eight cut and it involves giving the precious stone a relatively simple round form with 16-17 facets.

Sleeper Earrings
Virtually any earring style can be sleepers as long as they are thin and relatively small so as not to cause discomfort while the head is asleep on a pillow or bed. The most common tend to be small hoops that are thin and free of anything that may stick the skin or small studs.

Snake Chain
The snake chain is characterised by having a link design that imitates the skin of a serpent. The links have a curved round flat form that are tightly combined to give a sleek slithering appearance which can be used to make bracelets or necklaces.

Snap Bar Closure
The snap bar closure is a mechanism that consists of a hinged bar that can be lifted up and down and then inserted into a small u shaped enclosure in order to safely attach the item to the body.

Solitaire is a term used when a single gemstone is fitted on a piece of jewellery without any other add-ons. This setting allows a feature piece to shine with the maximum amount of light let in and then in turn reflected out.

South Sea Pearl
The south sea pearl is a variety of the baroque pearl, the irregular non-spherical pearl. It can be found in the shells of an oyster called Pinctada Maxima and it

The spectrolite is a variety feldspar, a mineral used in creating decorative art and is similar in look to opals in the way the colours shimmer. The spectrolite has a rich and beautiful play of colours ranging from blue to red and yellow.

Spring Ring Clasp
The spring ring clasp is a mechanism used for securing pieces of jewellery, usually 2 ends of a chain to form a fine necklace. It consists of a hollowed circular tube equipped with a spring loaded latch inside that can be pulled back to open then let go to close and secure the item.

Stack Ring
A stack ring or stackable are slim rings that can be worn alone or together to either form the appearance of one large decorative item or to hold another larger item in place. They can be ideal to hold an item that maybe just a tad too big to stay on by itself or of late they have become fashion items in their own right.

Stamping is a term used in jewellery making to describe the process of striking shapes, designs or messages into a metal piece. It is the process where personalised names or initials can be hammered into an object, this type of jewellery is very popular right now.

Step Cut
As the name suggest the step cut involves a gem being shaped in such a way that it has layers that go upwards towards its top as opposed to multi facets that go in all directions.

Strap Necklace
A strap necklace is a neck accessory that consists of a string or a strip of cloth, it may or may not have a medallion or pendant attached.

Stud Earrings
The most common stud type earrings are those that are attached to the ear via a post and butterfly clasp and the face does not protrude over the lobe. Studs can be ball type, diamond or cubic zirconia simulated stones to name but just a few possibilities.

The sunstone is a variety of the feldspar mineral with a translucent orange to pink hue that sparkles or shimmers when light hits it thus making it suitable for the use as a semi precious gemstone.

The table is a term used to describe the very top flat surface on a gemstone, its size can determine how well a stone will sparkle.

Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian or black pearls are found inside the black lip oyster and take about 2 years to grow. Like 99% of the worlds pearls they are cultivated, that is a bead is inserted with a piece of black tissue from the oyster to start the process of growing the layers of nacre that form this wonderful organic gem.

Tanzanite is a blue variety of the zoisite mineral and is a relatively new discovery being found in the 1980's in the only place that it is known to exist, Tanzania. The world famous Jewellery Company Tiffanys named and has promoted this gemstone since its discovery.

Tarnish refers to the process of lost lustre due to exposure to air, humidity or other factors. Unlike rust, tarnish only affects the very top layers and will actually protect the under layers from further deterioration. High end silver items can be coated in platinum or rhodium so the tarnish process is significantly delayed.

Tear Drop Earrings
Tear drop earrings are a type of drop or dangle design where the main feature is shaped like a drop of water falling from the sky. They can be made out of any design but are usually a hollow plain silver or gold material.

Tennis Bracelet
A tennis bracelet typically has an even row of gems, usually diamonds or cz's, attached to a number of links that go completely around to either end. It is a stunning item best worn on formal occasions and accompanied by an evening or designer dress.

Three Stone Ring
The three stone ring is often given as an engagement ring or an anniversary ring with each stone representing the past, present and future.

Toggle Clasp
The toggle clasp features a round ring and a elongated bar, once the bar passes through the circle it then turns sideways and the weight of the bracket or necklace is applied to keep the clasp closed.

Topaz is a gemstone that has been around for several thousand years, is very hard at 8 on the Mohs scale and comes in many colours from clear, to pale blue to yellow and pink, because of these wide variance in colours it is often mistaken for other gems.

The tourmaline is a gemstone that contains in its composition various elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium and sodium and therefore can come in many different colours ranging from black to shades of red, pink, blue, yellow or even lacking any color at all.

Trigger Fastener
A trigger fastener has a small lever that can be pulled back to open a head so a ring can be inserted and then closed to form a secure closure, types of triggers include the parrot or lobster clasps.

A Trillian gem cut has a triangular shape with slightly curved sides making the overall shape more rounded and with the many facets it will sparkle very brightly.

Turquoise is a precious mineral with an opaque blue green colour that in its finest form is quite rare and sort after. It has been used since Egyptian times and was named after the French word which literally means Turkish as they were the first people to bring it to Europe in great numbers in the 16th century.

(Gold) Is a particular type of gold plating over a solid sterling silver base. To be true Vermeil Gold it must have at least 10 carats and has to be applied at least 2.5 microns thick of pure gold, so if 10 carat gold is used it would need to be 6 microns thick.

Water Drop Earrings
Water drop earrings are pear shaped objects that dangle from the ear and can be made out of various materials but the most common is plain silver or gold, they are usually hollow to they are light and comfortable.

Wedding Ring
The wedding ring is one of the most popular and significant pieces of jewellery worn be either sexes, it is typically a band but can be adorned with gems, usually diamonds in a channel setting for the ladies.

White Gold
This metal has a silvery white appearance and is gold mixed with other precious metals which may include rhodium, silver and even platinum.

Yellow Gold
Yellow is the natural colour of pure gold, however when less than 24 karats is used in jewellery making the added metals may include copper or silver and this will alter its colour.

J Hoop Earrings
J Hoop earrings are accessories designed to be worn on the ear lobes that have a semi-circular shape, similar to that of the letter