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Studio Jewellery - Glossary
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Is a variety of quartz commonly associated with volcanic rocks. It presents itself as a hard stone and has a wide range of colors

An alloy is a material obtained by combining two or more metals, or metal with other elements. The mixture has properties that are usually far enhanced than those of the individual raw materials that were originally used. For example steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and it is far stronger and more durable than iron.

Amber Bracelet
Is a beautiful accessory fit for elegant wardrobes and casual attires as well, it adorns the wrist and is manufactured using pieces of a this wonderful hardened resin of a brown-golden colouring.

Amber Necklace
An amber necklace is a fashionable accessory designed to be worn around the neck and is popular with women, men or it is even for babies during teething. It is made up of either round amber beads of varying colour from light to dark brown or it can also be adorned with less regular shaped chips.

Amber is a resin originally produced by trees in the Tertiary period and can be found today in a petrified translucent form that is classified as a gem. The typical color of amber is honey-yellow but it can also present itself in red and brown nuances or pale yellow. Some pieces of amber can also contain fossilised insects or small creatures. Amber has been polished and used in jewellery making for centuries, if not 1000's of years.

Amethyst is a semi precious variety of quartz that is often used in jewellery making and has a purple to violet colour. It was once classified as a gem equal to the big four (diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald) but with the recent discovery of large deposits in Brazil and other countries it has been downgraded to a semi precious gem.

Anklet or Ankle Bracelet
An ankle bracelet or chain, commonly referred by the name anklet is a piece of jewellery very similar to that of the classic wrist bracelet with the only exception that it is created to be worn around the ankle. It can be a plain link chain or with charms.

Anniversary Band
An anniversary band is a special type of ring that is used as a traditional gift between couples for celebrating milestones in their matrimony or relationship. Constructed small stones fitted on a band made from a precious metal, the anniversary ring is usually worn along with the wedding ring.

Is a blue-green semi transparent stone used for ornaments or jewellery. A relative to the famous emerald, the aquamarine stone is a variety of a mineral named beryl and is one of the official birthstones for those born in March.

(Diamond Cut) The baguette cut diamond has long rod like rectangular facets that are often stepped and was a very popular gem cut popular during the Art Deco period. With better technology allowing brilliant cuts the baguettes popularity has decreased but is still prevalent.

Ball Stud Earrings
Ball Stud Earrings, like the name suggests are orb like ornaments that appear to float on the lobe and can be worn by both men and women. The studs penetrate the ear and are held in place by a removable clutch that can often be tightened to secure the items.

(Ring) A ring band is a type of adornment usually made from a precious metal designed in a circular form to be worn on ones finger. The band is often used in ceremonies, as a token of love and commitment or to establish the social status or rank of a certain person. They are often plain without stones or crystals.

The bangle is an accessory that can be worn around the wrist and is usually constructed without a clasp or a fixed opening, although some items have hinges that allow for easy fitting. A bangle can be manufactured from all types of materials, from rare and expensive ones like gold, silver and ivory to common glass and plastic.

Baroque Pearls
Baroque Pearls have an irregular, non-spherical shape that is caused by Nacre layers growing around the tissue nuclear in what some could say in a failed way, while the object in most cultured operations is to achieve a perfect sphere there is still good demand for Baroques.

Barrel Clasp
The Barrel clasp is a very popular type of clutch used in jewellery for securing usually chains or chords. It usually consists of two metal ends that can be fastened together and it

A bead is a term used in jewellery to describe a small ornament that is usually spherical in shape but can take on any form. A bead can be made from various materials like glass, stone, plastic or wood and can be threaded with other beads to form a necklace, a bracelet ,a rosary or can be sewn on to a fabric for ornamental purposes.

Belcher Chain
Characterised by having a link, usually round or oval, which is wider than it is thick. Thought to be English heritage from the 18th century and popular for women's bracelets and necklaces

A bevel setting is essentially a square with the sharp edge shaved off. It can be in any length and have multi bevels around an edge to form a distinctive shape.

Bezel Setting
A bezel involves a metal setting where a gem or other item can sit in it and the rim of that metal extends up, over and encircles it to hold the object in place.

A birthstone is a gem associated with a person

Bling or

Blister Pearls
Is a type of pearl formed by sitting directly on the shell of a mollusc and is therefore an irregularly disc shaped item that can make great earrings or a flat type necklace. The blister pearl's irregular round form has a very natural look and its iridescent colour gives off all spectrums of the rainbow.

Bolt Ring Fastening
The usual form of this fastener is a hollow ring that contains a spring loaded bolt, when both ends of a chain or perhaps a cord is connected the bolt closes inside the tube and stays shut securing the jewellery item.

Boulder Opal
A Boulder opal tends to have more browns in it than the common form and is often more valuable with tints of green, blue, orange and yellow colours also present. As the name suggests it tends to be found in smaller rounder deposits of rocks and the final gem often still represents this shape.

Box Chain
A box chain, which can also be known as a Venetian chain, is an item that is made up of distinctive square or rectangular interlocking links that are most commonly used as a necklace. It can be worn on its own or it can also be used to hold a pendant, it is a strong secure link chain

The bracelet is a classic type of jewellery used to decorate the wrist and hand. The bracelet can be fashioned from almost any type of material from precious metals like gold and silver to plastic, wood and leather and appears in many forms including a band, chain or hoop.

Brazilian Hoops Earrings
These tend to be large hoop earrings that are 70mm or larger and quite fine at only 2mm in width. Studio Jewellery is a frequent visitor to Brazil and always tend to bring back fashionable large earrings in varying sizes and styles.

Brilliant Cut
Is a cut of a gemstone designed to maximise light entering the setting them redirecting to exit through multi facets to give a brilliant sparkle that is the signature of many diamonds. The shape tends to be conical with a circular head that is bevelled usually once and the face has many cuts or facets to bounce light off in every direction.

Brooch or Pin
A brooch or a pin is a piece of jewellery that is designed to be worn attached to the front of a dress, a coat or suit. The earliest brooches were worn in the Bronze Age, usually to keep the clothes in place, but more recent pins have been used for decorative purposes and even to testify certain status or membership to a specific group.

Brushed Finish
The term brushed finish refers to a metallic surface that has been polished and softened to have a less reflective finish. The metal loses some of its lustre but gains a unique pattern that can be applied to various jewellery items that aim to be more understated.

Butterfly Clasp
A butterfly clasp is a type of closure commonly used in earring studs where the back is held in place by friction which is generated by the relatively large surface area of the shape that resembles the insects namesake. They are simple yet very effective ways to secure the post through the lobe and would probably be the most common clasp for this type of earring.

Button Earrings
Button earrings represent a playful and fun type of adornment designed to be worn on the ear lobe, they were originally made out of real buttons but now are mostly made from metal that resembles that shape.

The term cabochon refers to a gemstone that has been polished rather than cut or faceted and therefore has a rounded top which is often seen in rings or as pendants.

Carat versus Karat
Carat refers to the weight of gems, where 1 carat=200 milligrams. Karat refers to the purity of gold, where 24 karat gold is 100% pure, 18 K is 75% pure.

Carat is a unit of mass for precious stones like diamonds and pearls (1 carat = 200 milligrams). It is not the same as Karat which is a measure of purity for gold.

Carnelian or cornelian is an opaque mineral of a brownish-red color. As a semi-precious gemstone, the carnelian has been used to create beautiful decorative items since the Minoan Age. The relative softness of this material has allowed jewellers to engrave various designs on its surface and work with it in a more creative way, including by producing near round beads.

Chain Bracelet
Is a popular accessory for women and men that can be worn around the wrist or ankle. Unlike the one piece bangle it is semi flexible and can be made from several chain links tied together.

Chain Necklaces
Necklaces can be made from virtually any material but the majority are made from metal links joined together to form a chain.

Chandelier Earrings
Are a type of drop earring that is quite ornate and resembles the elaborate light of the same name, the primary part of the dangle sits below the ear lobe under the weight of gravity and hangs like fruit from a branch.

Channel Setting
The channel setting is a design embedded in rings that fits multiple precious stones of the same size and shape in a canal, without any spaces or metal separators in-between. Such a layout is usually found in wedding rings and anniversary bands.

Charm Bracelet
A bracelet can be a simple chain or cord item or it may have pendant like objects that attach to it, these are charms have become very popular of late and can be purchased with the original item or seperately as add ons.

Charms can be simple items that add to a jewellery piece or can be in the form of an amulet that has the alleged magical power of protecting its owner from danger or bad luck. They can be added to necklaces or even bracelets.

Choker Necklace
A choker necklace fits tightly around the neck thus its apt name, its length of course depends on the individual, but as a guide it should be around 2 cms or an inch wider than the neck. The most common lengths are 14 to 18 inches or 35 to 45cm.

Chunky Necklace
A chunky necklace is the name attributed to a type of neck adornment that distinguishes itself through size and shape. Unlike other types of the necklaces, the chunky design is bigger and thicker, whether we are talking about the pendants hanging on the chain, or the chain itself and it can be solid as favoured by men or hollow for less weight which is favoured more by women.

The citrine is a variety of quartz crystal that earns its name by possessing a yellow-orange taint. Translucent and vividly coloured some darker citrine crystals can be easily mistaken with fine polished pieces of amber. Along with Topaz it is a birthstone for November.

The clarity is an attribute of precious stones or a grading scale. Whether a gemstone has a higher or lower level of clarity can make a big difference in establishing the value of the said gemstone. Diamonds have a slightly different scale than other gems.

Claw Setting
The claw setting is a construction mechanism used in jewellery to set a stone in place via a series of metal

Clip on Earrings
Clip on earrings are pieces of jewellery that hang on the ear lobe as opposed to items that go through it, they are designed especially for people that do not have pierced lobes or may even be irritated by certain metals. The method of attachment for these earrings is a clip-on mechanism that makes putting them on and taking them off extremely simple.

Cluster Setting
The cluster setting is a model used in jewellery and decorative arts, where a large stone is surrounded by a multitude of other smaller stones to give an greater overall brilliance. It is seen on rings, bracelets and necklaces and the most common stone used is a diamond or simulant.

(Earrings) The clutch is a mechanism or design that is made to hold an earring in place and prevent its loss. This mechanism accomplishes its purpose by using a post or notch to secure stability by friction.

Collar Necklace
The collar necklace is by definition a very tight fitting item, so tight that there is little or no room between the neck and the collar, hence the name. It is usually around 30cms depending upon the size of the wearer.

Continous Hoop
(Earring Clasp) The continuous hoop fastening is mostly used on the large circular items and the method of attachment is constructed with a metal tubing being pierced by a thin wire that penetrates through the lobe and into the casing.

Costume Jewellery
Are commonly inexpensive items that can look and feel just like the real item at a fraction of the cost. Studio Jewellery tends to deal in quality costume or fashion items that are virtually indistinguishable from items that can cost several thousand dollars.

Cross Pendant
A cross pendant is a piece of jewellery hanging on a necklace that symbolises Christ or that the wearer is a Christian and usually has a closer connection to the person than a simple fashion item. It can be just a simple solid silver item or possibly more decorative covered with gems.

The crown refers to the very top piece of a gem stone or ring, it is the part that is usually most visible or in some cases the only part visible.

A crystal, as it pertains to gems, is a hard type of mineral that has the atoms arranged in a perfectly ordered pattern that can extend in any direction. Several crystals in a rock is known as crystalline.

Cuban Link Chain
A Cuban link chain is a relatively large type of necklace that has oval links tied closely together in an ordered interlinked rope like pattern.

Cubic Zirconia
(CZ) CZ is a synthesized material that is hard, flawless, can come in any colour and often simulates the look of diamonds in jewellery at a fraction of the cost of the real item. A cubic Zirconia is so flawless that under a microscope that is the telling difference between real diamonds that contain tiny flaws.

Cuff Bracelet
A cuff bracelet is a wrist adornment made from a single piece of rigid material. The shape is curved with a narrow opening that allows the wearer to put the item on or off as opposed to a bangle which would have no break.

Cultured Pearl
A cultured pearl is created under special controlled conditions by a pearl farmer, they are usually nucleated in that the centre is added to the mollusc which then forms the shell around it. This type of pearl usually has a spherical regulated form and is used in pearl necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets.

Curb Chain
The curb chain is one where the links interlocks into themselves when laid completely flat and these make some of the most popular chains for all jewellery, particularly for items that have thicker widths. A figaro is a subset of a Curb.

Cushion Cut Diamond
A cushion cut diamond mainly features rounded corners and large multi-faceted cuts for the highest possible refraction, It can be square or rectangular in shape and resembles a pillow, therefore, it is sometimes referred to as pillow cut.

Dangle Earrings
Dangle or drop earrings hang below the earlobe and can be anything from simple solitaire items to elaborate long shimmering chandelier items. These type of earrings are usually worn more for special occasions or other events as opposed to studs which are worn for comfort.

Demi Hoop Earrings
These items are similar to standard hoops except the circle is not completely closed, in fact it is usually more or less half a circle and has a stud like fastening with a push on back butterfly closure which gives the illusion of wearing a full hoop.

Designer Jewellery
Is a term associated with non-standard, exquisite pieces of adornments. Apart from the cheaper day to day accessories, a piece of designer jewellery is a statement of fashion, taste and wealth, a social distinction worn by the connoisseurs.

Dew drop jewellery gets its name from the similarity with a droplet of water, these elements can be used in a bracelet or a necklace pendant but the most common use are in earrings.

Despite its suggestive name, diamante jewellery is not made with real diamonds but with pieces of glass that are cut and polished to resemble a diamond. The diamante style offers an economic alternative to the luxurious and expensive pure sets while at the same time capturing some of its glamour.

Diamond Accent
Diamond accents are small stones applied on a piece of jewellery to create a sparkling effect. Even though the stones used are real diamonds, their combined weight measures less than one fourth of a carat and therefore provide an affordable way to create a lot of effect.

Diamond Bracelet
The diamond bracelet is a beautiful accessory created to adorn the wrist, it is normally a very expensive and luxurious item and is best worn out during the night on special occasions.

Diamond Cut
There are numerous diamond cuts which are designed to bring out the best possible item from the raw stone. The diamond can be shaped, faceted and polished in a wide range of ways that ultimately aim to improve its lustre, clarity and value.

Diamond Earrings
Diamond earrings are exquisite pieces of jewellery that can range from a diverse collection of shapes, sizes and models from simple studs to very expensive drop or dangles.

Diamond Necklace
A diamond necklace is an exquisite piece of adornment designed to be worn around the neck and fitted with a singular or multiple diamonds. Such an elegant and luxurious piece of jewellery is perfect for special nights and formal attires.

Diamond Ring
The diamond ring is probably one of the most popular types of jewellery to signify a relationship or marriage and is one of the most desired gifts by women all over the world.

A diamond is a very rare and precious stone used for jewellery and industrial purposes. It is the purest form of carbon and also the hardest substance that can be found in nature. The majority of diamonds are transparent and colourless although there are some varieties of diamonds that have a slight hue.

Diamonte is a term used to describe a glass or rhinestone crystal that simulates the look and sparkle of diamonds. With the advance of technology some diamontes are so well made that without a magnifying glass it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between them and a real gemstone.

Dog Collar
The dog collar is an accessory dating from the Edwardian period and is designed to be worn tightly around the neck and can be made from fabric or a combination of jewels held by fabric.

Door Knocker Earrings
Door knocker earrings are defined by pieces where the heaviest part tends to hang below the lobe with a distinct shape that at least gives off the impression of being solid with the ability to swing, where in reality most are hollow and light for comfort.

Drop Earrings
Also known as dangle earrings these items tend to be more formal or dressed up pieces ideal for going out or attending special events. They are characterised by the clasp acting as supports for more intricate decorations dropping down under gravity.

Earring Clasps
Is a part of an earring that holds the jewel attached to the ear lobe. There are multiple types of clasps used in jewellery such as posts and findings, stabilizer guards, hooks and hinged earring clasps.

Earring Jacket
Is an accessory for a stud earring, it has a hole in it that is inserted through the post to give the item a whole new look. It can be decorated with precious stones such as diamonds and it can be worn with different post earrings.

Earring Post
Are metal pieces that fixate the stud earrings onto the lobe thus making them look like the front decorative piece is floating on the ear. The earring posts penetrate through the ear lobe and fixate themselves onto the earring jacket.

An earring is an ornament designed for the ear that is usually attached to the lobe but can also sit higher up. They can be made from virtually any material but the most common are made from precious metals.

Electroplating is a process in which a metal object is dissolved onto the surface of another metal, using electrical energy. The purpose of this process is to change the properties of an item

Emerald Cut Diamond
An emerald cut diamond has a rectangular shape with each corner cut off, the layers step up much like a raw pyramid . This rectangular faceted design is usually chosen for cutting or representing an emerald.

An emerald is a rare and precious gemstone that is semi transparent and has a bright green colour. They have been mined for over 3000 years and are one of the classic big 4 gem stones of the world.

Enamel is a glass-like substance transparent and glossy often applied to the surface of ornaments as a protective and enhancing element. Enamel is obtained by fusing powdered glass at very high temperatures and it has been used in the decorative arts since ancient times.

Engagement Ring
An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of never-ending love, fidelity and devotion. It is a symbol of betrothal, indicating that a woman is bound to be married and is traditionally worn on the left hand on the third finger because of the vein that runs directly to the heart. After marriage, the engagement ring is worn in front of the wedding finger.

Engraving is a process in which a shape, a text or a design is cut or carved into a hard surface. This is very common in personalised jewellery where a name or initial is written onto a tag, bracelet or even a ring face,

European Cut
The European cut is a classic design employed for shaping a diamond with large multiple facets, it became less popular when technology allowed for better designs that had more facets and gave much better brilliance.

Is an attribute of a processed gemstone that has been cut and polished in order to have multiple flat surfaces. This is a process usually reserved for hard stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, materials that are unlikely to be scratched.

A facet is a flat small surface found on a cut gemstone. Faceting a stone can raise its value considerably as this process enhances some of the most appreciated attributes, such as transparency and clarity, allowing light to refract in the most appealing way possible.

Refers to a flat polished surface on an ornament or a piece of stone. Hard stones and gems like diamonds and rubies are cut and polished in order to have multiple facets ( or faces) thus increasing their beauty, sparkle and value.

Fancy Cut Diamonds
There are several famous or fancy cuts that can be applied to Diamonds, including: - Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart and the Cushion. They have been designed to use the cut surfaces or facets to reflect light in such a way as to maximise the beauty and the value of the stone.

Fashion Jewellery
Also known as costume, fashion jewellery represents items that can appear quite real at a fraction of the cost of the pure item. With today's technology high quality fashion items are virtually indistinguishable from the very expensive items that they imitate.

Faux is a term originating in France and it

Figaro Chain
This chain is characterised by having short standard links, usually 3 but can be more or less, then followed by one elongated link of the same style. They are very popular as bracelets and necklaces of either sex, with the bigger items in favour with men.

Filigree is an ornamental decorative jewellery pattern made from wire or beads they imitates lacework. It can be made from any metal and is often seen in gold or silver.

Fine Jewellery
Fine Jewellery is a term applied to pieces of adornment that have high quality and beauty, they are usually made from precious materials like silver, gold, gemstones or pearls.

Fish Hook Earring Clasp
The fish hook earring clasp is a method of attaching an earring by using a shaped wire that penetrates the lobe and returns through the back far enough so that the total weight is balanced and the item is therefore well secured.

Flaw is a term used in jewellery to describe an imperfection in a precious or semiprecious stone. An example of a common flaw can be an inclusion that affects the stone clarity or resistance. Imperfections make precious stones unique, but they also decrease their value.