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Illinois Brick - Brickwork terms
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Date & country: 24/09/2013, USA
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wall tie, veneer
A strip or piece of metal used to tie a facing veneer to the backing.

water retentivity
That property of a mortar which prevents the rapid loss of water to masonry units of high suction. It prevents bleeding or water gain when mortar is in contact with relatively impervious units.

water table
A projection of lower masonry on the outside of the wall slightly above the ground. Often a damp course is placed at the level of the water table to prevent upward penetration of ground water

Prevention of moisture flow through masonry due to water pressure.

weep holes
Openings placed in mortar joints of facing material at the level of flashing, to permit the escape of moisture.

with inspection
Masonry designed with the higher stresses allowed under EBM. Requires the establishing of procedures on the job to control mortar mix, workmanship and protection of masonry materials.

without inspection
Masonry designed with the reduced stresses allowed under EBM.

1. Each continuous vertical section of masonry one unit in thickness. 2. The thickness of masonry separating flues in a chimney. Also called withe or tier.