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Golden Glow Paints - glossary of painting colours and terms
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Date & country: 16/11/2010, USA
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The ability of a paint to be easily cleaned without wearing away during cleaning.

water emulsions
Mixture of pigment and synthetic resin in water with low solvent emission, low fire hazard and toxicity and good durability and chemical resistance.

water spotting
A paint appearance defect caused by water droplets.

The effect of exposure to weather on paint films.

wet edge
Length of time a wall paint can stand and be brushed back in to the next stretch without showing a lap.

Withering a loss of gloss is sometimes caused by varnishing open-pore woods without filling pores, use of improper undercoating or applying top coat before undercoat has dried.

wood filler
There are two kinds of fillers-paste and liquid. Paste fillers are something like a very thick paint and are composed of some solid powdered substance, usually silica or powdered quartz, mixed with linseed oil or varnish thinned with turpentine or benzine.

Development of ridges and furrows in a paint film when the paint dries.

Development of a yellow color or cast in white, a pastel, colored or clear finishes.

zinc chromate
Rust-inhibiting pigment, greenish-yellow in color that is used with a high-hiding pigment.

zinc oxide
Substance used as a white pigment for high-hiding power hardness and gloss. Reduces yellowing, increases drying; provides resistance to sulfur fumes and mildew. Used with linseed oil for self-cleaning exterior paints.