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Netfit - fitness glossary
Category: Sport and Leisure > Fitness
Date & country: 11/11/2007, UK
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Super Set
Alternating back and forth between two exercises until the prescribed number of sets is completed.

Sympathetic Nervous System
Part of the autonomic nervous system that prepares the body for activity by speeding up the heart rate.

A band or cord of strong, fibrous tissue that connects muscle to the bone.

Principle male hormone that accelerates tissue growth and stimulates blood flow.

Thick Skin
Smooth skin caused by too much fatty tissue between the layers of muscle and beneath the skin.

Time Dependant Ageing
The loss of function resulting from growing old.

Training Effect
Increase in functional capacity of muscles as result of increased (overload) placed upon them.

Training Straps
Cotton or leather straps around wrists, then under and over a bar held by clenched hands to aid in certain lifts (rowing, chin-ups, shrugs, dead lifts, cleans, etc.) where you might lose your grip before working muscle to desired capacity.

Training to Failure
Continuing a set until it is impossible to complete another rep without assistance.

Abbreviation for trapezius muscles, the largest muscle of the back and neck that draws the head backwards and rotates the scapula.

Tri Sets
Alternating back and forth between three exercises until a prescribed number of sets is completed.

Trigger Point
An irritable spot usually found in soft tissue injuries, such as a knot within the muscle.

Trimming Down
To gain hard muscular appearance by losing body fat.

Universal Machine
One of several types of machines where weights are on tracks or rails and lifted by levers or pulleys.

Upper Abs
Abbreviation for abdominal muscles above the navel.

Variable Resistance
Strength training equipment where the machine varies amount of weight being lifted to match strength curve for a particular exercise - usually with a cam, lever arm or hydraulic cylinder. Also referred to as 'ACCOMMODATING RESISTANCE.'

Increase in size and number of observable veins. Highly desirable in bodybuilding.

The maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilize per minute of work. Often written down as an evaluation of a persons cardiovascular efficiency.

Warm up
Light gradual exercises performed to get the body ready for physical activity, normally a slower version of the activity to follow. For example a light jog before a run. Often followed by stretching of the body.

Weight Training Belt
Thick leather belt used to support lower back. Used while doing squats, military presses, dead lifts, bent rowing, etc.

A herbal nutrient used to treat male impotence, bringing blood to the penis, and preventing blood flow back out. Studies are showing other medical benefits, including fatty acid mobilization, and a prevention in arteries becoming clogged. Never take any medication, without prescription.

More commonly known as the upper cheek bone.

P.H.A. - Peripheral Heart Action
A system of training where you go from one exercise to another, with little or no rest, preferably alternating upper body and lower body exercises. Designed for cardiovascular training and to develop muscle mass.

Internal view of the body, showing high density structures such as bones and teeth, using medical equipment.