Yn ({Slavonic|Ꙟ ꙟ}) is an archaic Cyrillic letter. It looks like the Cyrillic letter Psi (Ѱ ѱ) turned upside down. It was used in the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet, where it represented the sounds [ɨn], [ɨm], and [ɨ] at the beginning of words. In the modern Romanian alphabet it is replaced by {angbr|în}, {angbr|îm}, or {angbr|î}. ==Comput...
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[Cyrillic] To request an A-Class review of an article: If an article is nominated a second (or third, and so forth) time, either because it failed a prior nomination, or because it may no longer meet the standards and may thus need to be demoted: There is no limit on how quickly renominations of failed articles may be made; it is perfectly ...
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[digraph] This is for players of the `Appleton Foxes` minor league baseball team, that played in the Midwest League in 1962 and 1967-1994. ...
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why not
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Yttrium(III) Nitride Molar mass: 102.91255
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