If you stop a block of clay long enough in a design studio, someone will drop a 3.8 in it. —Former Oldsmobile General Manager John Rock explaining why he wanted Olds to have its own 3.5 L DOHC V6 instead of relying on the ubiquitous Buick V6 ...
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[gene] In molecular biology, Yar (yellow-achaete intergenic RNA) is a long non-coding RNA found in Drosophila. It is located within a neuronal gene cluster between the yellow and achaete genes. It is found in the cytoplasm of cells and is required for the regulation of sleep. ...
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YAR is an abbreviation for Yemen Arab Republic
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Yemen Arab Republic Yemen (Sanaa) or North Yemen; used for information dated before May 22, 1990 or CY91
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