[EVS] XS is the studio production server of the Belgian company EVS Broadcast Equipment. It has been inspired from the XT3 server but can be controlled by dedicated controllers from EVS for the studio environment: Xsense, IPDirector, Xscreen, Insio or by non-EVS controllers such as automation systems, linear or hybrid editors, switchers and...
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[Perl] XS is an interface through which a program written in the Perl programming language can call a C or C++ language subroutine. The letters stand for eXternal Subroutine, or xsub, where external means external to Perl, i.e. written in some other language. It may be desirable for a Perl program to invoke a C subroutine in order to handle...
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[radio] XS was a community radio station serving the Neath Port Talbot county borough. The station was owned and operated by Neath Port Talbot Broadcasting CIC and provided a range of dance and alternative music together with information services, primarily for 11-25 year-olds, from studios in the Water Street Business Centre in Port Talbot...
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XS is an abbreviation for Cross-strap
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