Peurion is a traditional French variety of white wine grape that is a sibling of Chardonnay. Once quite popular, not much is still grown in France these days. ==History== Peurion was popularized by the Augustinian monks at Langres north of Dijon and was widely grown before the phylloxera epidemic. DNA fingerprinting has shown that it is one of man...
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The white grape comes from France, Synonyms include Blanc Pinot, Co Doux, Gueuchette Blanc, Gueuchette Blanche, Lyionnais, Menu Blanc, Meslier Vert, Milleron, Milleron Troyen Blanc, Peurichion, Pouriette, Pourrisseux, Purion and Troyen Blanc. It is not allowed to use the two varieties because of the synonym Meslier Saint-François (Meslier Vert) or...
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