Omertà Retaliation against informers is common in criminal circles, where said informers are known as `rats` or `snitches`. ==The code== Omertà implies `the categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been victim of a crime`. A person should absolutely avoid interfering in th...
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(from the article `Mafia`) despotic that they alienated the island`s inhabitants and made tolerable the Mafia`s peculiar system of private justice, which was regulated by ...
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noun a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about criminal activities
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[video game] Omerta is a browser-based text MMORPG that launched in 2003. In this game the player is a gangster in the 1930s. Omerta players rank up by stealing cars, committing crimes, breaking people out of prison and dealing alcohol and narcotics. == Development == Omerta was launched publicly on 26 September, 2003 with the first version...
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the code of silence and one of the premier vows taken when being sworn into the Family. Violation is punishable by death.
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