Marina Sergeevna Abrosimova (Марина Серге́евна Абросимова; born 10 June 1983), better known under her stage name MakSim (Russian: МакSим; earlier - Maxi-M) is a successful Russian singer, with an international following. In October 2008 she married the sound producer Aleksei Lugovtsov in Bali, and in March 2009 their...
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Maksim is a Russian name for boys. The meaning is `greatest` The name Maksim is most commonly given to English and Welsh boys. (2 times more often than to American boys.) What do they use in other countries? Maxime (French) Mahina Max (English, German) Maxence (French) Maxie Maxx (English) Mex Mexx Maxim (Russian) Maximus (English) The name sounds ...
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